Hello world!

This blog is for the benefit of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula, Gods Country!

My name is Bruce and I live just spittin distance from Hoggs Corner, one section over from the big tree at Cider Hill on the edge of Kepple bordering on Wiarton.

This makes me by some estimates a hick from the sticks!

 I am semi retired wishin I was younger, albeit am pretty content as I am, cause I ain’t got no say anyway.

I can tell you that my life to date has bee a little magic, a little tragic but generally a great ride.

The great thing about aging on the Bruce is that you can do or say pretty much anything and folks generally just say you’re getting senile and look the other way . Godda love that about folks up here.

So I decided to use this blog’n thing to expand my sphere of influence and point out to the world what an old man in the middle of no  where does to entertain himself. Hopefully someone will read it and smile understanding my rambling.



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