The Milkman’s being milked and we’re being suckered!

Being Milked

A lot of folks believe that raw milk is bad and big brother should ban it and anyone drinking it, processing it or dare to say anything good about it.

Put them in Chains , is the battle cry of our protectors and those who do all for the common good!

A lot of folks think the attack by big brother against Michael Schmidt is about Raw Milk well guess again!

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Schmidt’s quest is all about your right to choose, its about freedom of choice, its about property rights its about your right to contract,  its about your right to decide what you can feed your self and or your children, ITS ABOUT THE RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING!

Our illustrious Simple Serpents (civil servants) are justifying their existence by making this issue about Raw Milk, it is not about Raw Milk!

Look at who is arguing against our freedom…

“Dr. Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health, Grey /Bruce Health Unit (Owen Sound, Ont.), is committed to the public health policy that is in place to protect the public from any unsafe food products, even if it may does infringe on their individual rights.”

Dr. Mansel Griffiths from the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety at the University of Guelph present scientific arguments about pathogens and milk

The Ontario Minister of Agriculture is determined to stick with the status quo – the science seems irrefutable and the politics unmovable.

Just a minute here boys and girls, either Raw Milk is bad or it’s not. Read on..

The sale of raw milk directly to consumers is prohibited in under the Food and Drug Regulations since 1991.

Section B.08.002.2 (1)

“no person shall sell the normal lacteal secretion obtained from the mammary gland of the cow, genus Bos, or of any other animal, or sell a dairy product made with any such secretion, unless the secretion or dairy product has been pasteurized by being held at a temperature and for a period that ensure the reduction of the alkaline phosphatase activity so as to meet the tolerances specified in official method MFO-3, Determination of Phosphatase Activity in Dairy Products, dated November 30, 1981 ”

However, like the United States, Canada permits the sale of raw milk cheeses that are aged over 60 days. In 2009, the province of Quebec modified regulations to allow raw milk cheeses aged less than 60 days provided stringent safeguards are met.

The truth of the matter is the Milk Marketing Boards don’t get their share of the swag if they don’t control production and the market. How much milk gets dumped every day because the farmer has met his quota and has no market for the extra? How many farmers are farming something less profitable because they can’t get quota??

How many low income families do without milk because they can’t afford to buy it??

No matter which side of the raw versus pasteurized milk debate you’re on, the question remains; “should Canadians have the legal right to choose the foods they want to eat?” And, “do parents have the right to choose the foods their children eat – even if there’s a safety risk?”

Reality check my friends Mr. Schmidt won! He jumped the bars and met the standard. He did so by once being convicted   and changed his ways to conform to the rule, the Simple Serpents couldn’t have that, so they entrapped him yet  again, recharged him, under different rules, lost and now are appealing their loss.

After the charges were dismissed our friend Hazel Lynn said “Oh well it was huge waste of taxpayer money anyway”

Now the Province is appealing! What the hell is this?

McDinky had the balls to go an television and state that the Province has to look our for any miscarriage of justice, so the Province is bound to appeal.

Let’s get a grip people. How much are we going to spend beating this dead horse?

Why is Michael Schmidt forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending his right to make a living and for your right to h,ave freedom of choice.

Are the Ontario people so stupid that they can’t decide what they want to eat or drink on their own? Evidently, they are as we the people of this Province are paying tax dollars to Simple Serpants to fight us from making our own decisions.

In the early part of this century the Simple Serpants told us that alcohol was bad and banned it, prostitution was bad and they made it illegal, gambling was bad and they banned it, drugs were bad so they outlawed them, today they are generating their revenue controlling those same things. H E L L O !!!!

Wake up Ontario smell the milk! The Simple Serpants are using raw milk to strip mine your rights under your nose and using your money to do it!

Send some money to Schmidt to help him fight them for you!!

Go to get the other side of the story.


Stick your head back in the sand and understand you will be referring to each other as comrade!


Has Hell Frozen Over????

And the Winner is

I cannot believe ny eyes and or ears!

Mayor Gwen Gilbert actually got support from the Red Bay Bandits in appointing Shane Sargent as the new events coordinator!!

 I don’t know how she did it!!

Bootlegger Ray, Betty the Beauty, Dan the Man, Wunderdick, Yvonne the Wonderful, Stan the unman and Ana the Bannana, must of had too much of Ray’s Special blend, they actually voted for something that made sense, without calling the cops or seizing somebody’s computer.

The efforts of Mayor Gwen Gilbert to get recognition of Shane in the first place, was a challenge but to make it official, my God!  There must be an election coming or something! I am sure ,they figure if they follow the true leader for a few months,  maybe the electorate will forget their stupidity of the last three and one half years.  N O T!!!!

 The Willie Festival was outstanding! The festival was dying a slow death until this year thanks to the efforts of Mayor Gwen Gilbert and of course Shane and all those that helped her!!

We can tell it was going well when The Red Bay Bandits arranged through, Dan the man Kerr to have Mr. Close selling tickets at the front door with none other than Dan the Man himself. I guess Mr. Noble sanctioned the appearance cause I don’t think Dan the man could have figured that one out by himself.

Interesting to note that Dan the man isn’t registered to run in the next election. Hmmm? Guess Mr. Close is officially getting his endorsement. I wonder how much Red Bay second hand booze, Bootlegger Ray had to pour down him to get that kind of support.

Mr. Noble must be so proud!

I am waiting for the numbers to see how much money the local economy got pumped into it as a result of this event. I know that all the press received audda boost this summers tourism numbers dramatically.

I know that Mayor Gwen Gilbert, as per usual takes second place to all the people that organized this event, its her nature.

The fact remains that given the adversity she has had to deal with, I am truly amazed that she got support of Council to hire Shane. Good work Gwen!!

As the existing Council enters the winter of their term, I only hope they give Mayor Gwen continued support that she deserves. Maybe even allow her to use her office and Blackberry (did I write that down) Naw, they wouldn’t do that , it might prove she was right in the first place. Couldn’t hope for that. Hell if Mayor Gwen Gilbert, had tools to work with she might be able to do her job effectively and achieve more. Can’t happen! The Red Bay Bandits might look bad!

The notorious Red Bay Bandits are going to have a hard time, beating down a true winner if they do their jobs! Without picking at Mayor Gwen Gilbert in the press how are they going to have anything to say?? They can’t condemn her for the Wiarton Willie Festival.

The truth of the matter is that the Wiarton Willie Festival made the town shine in the eyes of the world and Mayor Gwen Gilbert shone with it, much to dismay of some.