South Bruce Bootleggers (boot licker) Paradise

It ceases to amaze me that certain members of council can paint the kettle black!

Mr. Lamont, supporter of Mr. Close the up and coming candidate for Mayor, maintains butter won’t melt in his mouth. Accusing Mr. King of fraud. GET A GRIP!

While Mayor Gwen Gilbert was in Haiti doing Gods work and helping those devastated in the earthquake, Mr. Lamont, started beating on Mr. King for of all things mileage over charge.

Guess he figured that he couldn’t justify attacks on Mayor Gwen Gilbert so may as well stir the pot shooting at Art King.

I cannot believe that Yvonne Harron, who at times seems to be somewhat coherent, would allow this nonsense. Maybe she is joining the bootleg crowd and supporting the Red Bay Bandits in their quest for a coup detat next October.

I have watched Lamont, Kerr, Heath, Harron and Betty the Beauty Hall supported by Vukovic and Wunderdick manipulate the system to get their way far too long. To think that they are supporting Lamonts bum buddy in the next election is just plain scary.

Think the pipe line was beaten, just wait and see if these bozo’s are let loose without the commonsense approach of Mayor Gwen Gilbert.

Hell I can see it now Wiarton Willie taking up office with Lamont doling out shots of vodka, with his mileage meter in hand,  in cool February air, with Hall , Betty the Beauty and Vukovic all dolled up in cheer leading outfits and Wunderdick leading the band. Kerr will not be  there, cause he will be off in the back room cutting a deal with some of the old boys on how to build the pipe line to Sauble, making everyone else pay for it. They will all have Blackberry’s in hand beating the drum and selling us all down the road. Willie will be the only one making sense, although he screwed up saying there is six more weeks of winter cause if these clowns are driving the bus it will be a long cold four years.

What a thought! Ponder this while you try to balance your cheque book this month.

On a brighter note, the Wiarton Willy Festival led by Mayor Gwen Gilbert was a smashing success! What an outstanding job! Made me proud to be a part of the Bruce.

Mayor Gwen Gilbert, played a big role in getting the right people in place to make us all proud of our little town while it had its five minutes of fame. I applaud her and her efforts.

My hats off to Gwen Gilbert for having the ability to be so positive at this event given she was trapped in Haiti helping people in such a mess and was able to be back to lead the band so to speak at the Wiarton Willy festival. It must of been very hard for her to smile and be a leading force knowing that her friends in  Haiti remained there still trying to scratch out an existence.

It is hard I am sure for Mayor Gwen Gilbert to walk arround with a smile with all those knives in her back!

Three cheers for Art King who held the fort while Gwen was gone. Without his integrity, I am sure that a lesser man would have thrown in the towel, unless of course the lesser man was using his towel to wipe up the spilled vodka he was doling out, not to mention any names like Lamont.

Hopefully the people of South Bruce Peninsula will see the goings on of the Rad Bay Bandits for what it is. I know that I will continue to monitor and expose things for what they are in the months to come.


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39 thoughts on “South Bruce Bootleggers (boot licker) Paradise

  1. molly444 says:

    You are simply an idiot who has drank too much of Gwen’s Kool-Aid.

    • Again I thank you molly444!
      You should really work on your writing skills as I am sure you have more words of wisdom to share with the world.
      It appears that you have been dippin into the Redbay Jungle juice as your coment certainly indicates that you must be impaired as you are repeating yourself!

  2. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Do you wnt to leave the post up this time?

    Oh “Bruce”, you really are losin it! This kind of obnoxious drivel is unworthy of internet space.
    I thought you said you would rather die fighting than live on your knees; well you must be living on them while worshiping at the alter of Gwen who actually did all she could to prevent the hiring of the guy that ran the festival.(apparently she promoted one of her pals for the job but ultimately could only get her a driving gig)
    You seem to be on those knees too when it comes to defending a councilor who falsified expense claims for mileage charged to the taxpayers all the way back to 2007 then lied about paying it back! Get a grip yourself!
    But then, when it comes to local politics, the truth has never been your strong point.
    For a guy who makes so much sense about so many other things, things that any thinking reader can agree with, things that have made a hardnose like me want to offer applause, when it comes to defending the indefensible Queen Gwen and King Arthur, you become nothing more than a bully with a keyboard, a forum, and a bad attitude!
    Your collection of half-truths, inuendo, outright lies and personal attacks on people who are sick to death of dealing with, as some believe, Gwen’s almost bi-polar antics, goes way beyond disturbing and enters the realm of sickening.
    As a matter of fact it reminds me of the way Gwen deals with people she doesn’t like, and that comes from someone who has had to bear the brunt of her displeasure for disagreeing with her ONCE.
    So the old Martian is offering you a bit of advice: get out of that pew you’re sharing with Art and Gwen, turn your keyboard away from the dark side, pick up your lightsabre and trust in the force, before you lose all credibility in the eyes of those who believe you have something relevant to say.

    • The Glove doesn’t fit!

      My half truths pale to yours my friend .
      We can agree to disagree on certain points.

      Thats what make life great here in United Socialist REpublic of Ontario!


  3. amartiannamedsmith says:

    To paraphraze another Johnnie:
    If the glove don’t fit, then you should quit!

    Prove me wrong, no, half wrong on even one thing I’ve EVER posted and I’ll show up in a UFO to polish your truck.

    You can only agree to disagree when you respect the person if not the opinion. I have found this to be true when dealing with more than a few of our current and former councilors and mayors and continue to berate them when I believe, and in some cases prove, them to be wrong. Agreeing to disagree, when you know the other guy is wrong, will cancel your invite to Galt’s Gulch and you’ll never get to see the $ hanging there, or understand it.

    Lack of respect breeds contempt and while I am at times guilty of that particular piece of truth, you have raised it to an artform! I’m sure Gwen would tell you that a good Christian would turn that contempt to pity. If only she could remember how to do it herself!

    How many times to I have to correct your half truths? It’s the United Facist Socialist Republic of Ontario!

    the Martian

    • Everyone has to be good at something!
      It appears I am good at half truths! In the world of a Martian!
      If I had a truck you could posih it, but the 93 VW don’t cut it as a truck.
      A mutual disrespect is a good thing. Abeit I have never suggested I disrespect you in thie form.

      I don’t accuse you of half truths, the words that come to mind are misunderstood and perhaps overly as one sided as I am, which I freely admit.
      We do agree on a number things, although, Gwen and Art are two that we are on opposite ends of the universe, you being closer to Uranus than Mars in my opinion.
      I do so look forward to your coments though, as it does challange mind small little one sided brain.
      I amy not be liked but I am disliked in some sectors, lucky for me I have a dog and I am not a sheep.

  4. amartiannamedsmith says:

    the words that come to mind are misunderstood and perhaps overly as one sided as I am
    Naw! I have praised both Art and Gwen on the odd occasion when they deserved it! Just like Fox News, I’m “fair and balanced” – you should try it.
    You think I’M misunderstood; or is it that you think I misunderstand your goals and motives? Sorry to disappoint but when dealing with local issues you’re pretty transparent!

    you being closer to Uranus than Mars in my opinion.
    Good one, “Bruce”!! I wonder if anyone else got it? At least you grant that I am in this Solar System and if we are a Universe apart then you must be the one way out there,relativity-ly speaking!(with apologies to Albert)

    I do so look forward to your coments though, as it does challange mind small little one sided brain.
    I’ll do my best not to disappoint you, but you really should remove your tongue from your cheek before you end up licking your foot! Being able to raise your game to meet the challenges of playing in this sandbox should be accepted as a given!

    I amy not be liked but I am disliked in some sectors,
    It seems you have a gift for understatement!
    You should try pithy, it goes like this: which Sector – the Kling on?

    lucky for me I have a dog and I am not a sheep.
    But “Bruce”, anyone who follows your blog is bound to think you’re one of Gwen’s flock and any time now, you’ll be heading home, “wagging your tail behind you”.

    It’s always fun
    the Martian

    • Very good Martian!
      You thrust your verbal sword like that of a master.
      If I wanted to be liked I would be a bootlegger or some such thing.
      If I want another friend I will get another dog.
      There is no accounting for taste, I happen to like both Gwen and Art whereas you don’t, thank god it’s a just pretend free country.
      If you took some time to talk to Gwen or Art, you would find them to be refreshing frank and open. They are not in the sand box to fill their pockets like some.
      You woould have to have an open mind though, something I know you would have a hard time with.
      But its okay cause I still enjoy your frontal asaults.

  5. amartiannamedsmith says:

    “You thrust your verbal sword like that of a master”
    On Mars, I am only an egg.

    If you want to be liked shoot a meth dealer – it’s a fine redneck pastime and bootlegging will get you talked about.
    If you want another friend join Facebook – it’s full of people seeking the aproval of others and costs less to feed than a dog.

    “There is no accounting for taste, I happen to like both Gwen and Art”
    You said it! There IS no accounting for taste!(too good an opening to pass up)

    I’m sure you realize I’ve talked to both of them at length over many years and about many things! I would never form opinions as strong as those I hold, solely by listening to others.
    Gwen is refreshing like getting smacked upside the head with a baseball bat is refreshing – it’s a new experience but not one to try again cause you KNOW it’s gonna hurt. Frankly her record as a councilor was bad enough that I KNEW she would be a disaster as mayor. For all her righteous indignation over Mr. Noble’s arrogance, she fails to see that she herself is just Carl with teats! That whole “I’m the mayor, I’m in charge and if you don’t like it, too bad” attitude is not the kind of refreshing this town needs!
    She’s too busy being Gwen to be Frank, and if she’s open she should close!
    Now Art, on the other hand may have reached his dotage or be suffering some health issues that have dulled a once fine mind that now shines rarely.
    He rants and raves, hurles accusations he knows are unfounded, violates priviledged communications, falsifies documents and then blames his wife for making a mistake doing HIS job. I know you don’t seem concerned with a couple of hundred dollar overcharge on expense sheets when thousands are being ill spent, but for God’s sake “Bruce”, aren’t you concerned that he admitted cheating then lied about payback, and the records prove it?
    Wrap your open mind around that!

    And finally – “But its okay cause I still enjoy your frontal asaults.”
    I’m betting you’d be mighty upset if I came at you from the rear!

    the Martian

    • I have not doubt, but I prefer a dog, they don’t talk back.
      Meth dealer bootlegger same thing drugs are drugs.
      So you are intimidated by a girl poor guy!
      Oh a politition tells a lie imagine that!
      A rear attack, hmm, sounds homophobic to me.

  6. rundgrenknows says:

    Oh heck why not post it.

    Date: February 16, 2010
    REPORT NO: FS #8 – 2010Councillor
    SUBJECT: 2009 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses
    In accordance with the Municipal Act 2001

    Art King – $2,782.33
    Wray Lamont – $3,874.40

    Guess which Councillor charged the taxpayers the most on mileage expences?
    Guess whose overall total expence was only second to Wunder$@%^?

    It’s not Art King.

  7. rundgrenknows says:

    I’m thinking the taxpayers of this Town need to subsidize the internet service and printer ink costs of a Councillor(s).
    It’s not Art King.

  8. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Why not post it??? It was published in the paper weeks ago.

    Councilors charge back mileage when they are doing town business using their own vehicles..
    Guess who’s doing more for the town?

    It’s not Art King!
    (Now you see, if I wanted to slam Art with half the information available I would leave it at that, like you did. I believe it to be entirely possible that Art’s charges are lower because he has good reasons not to be driving.
    Hate to quote “Bruce” but there are 3 sides to any story!”

    Taxpayers already subsidize the internet for councilors AND were bought laptops too. How many of them understand, let alone use what was supplied?

    It’s not Art King!
    (Or Mrs. H for that matter, IF you’re looking for the whole truth)

    Wunder$@%^? Wise up rundgre$%@#*&^ See, it looks dumb no matter who does it. Take a lesson from “Bruce” as well as half the other people in this town, and call him Wunderdick, then we’ll know WHO you’re talking about, even if we don’t follow WHAT you’re talking about.

    the Martian

    • A CA I once worked with explained to me that “Mileage was the greatest employee trap you could possibly set!” Pitty, we spend valuable time dinking arround with bullshit, when there are so many real items being overlooked.

      The Medical Center, the old school, the wood carvings, the bad roads, the park and the list goes on.

      Nab Art for the $200 bucks but sign a mortgage for 1.2 million!

      Penny wise pound foolish!

    • mxyzptlk says:

      yeah we subsidize their internet but some councillors (well at least one) do not have a public email address. this should not be allowed. if i were a councillor i would not want my private email address published but there is absolutely no reason the town could not establish public email addresses for correspondence with our councillors. having public email addresses at the town hall would provide a record of communications and could be monitored for harrassing content … but then i suppose some do not want an e-paper trail

  9. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Let’s try again!

    “A rear attack, hmm, sounds homophobic to me”
    Not at all, I was just pointing out that I thought you preferred face to face. Besides, Miss Daisy Mae and I were invited guest to the wedding of the boys at the Waterview and:
    no homophobes there,
    not even the mayor.
    she had nothing to wear
    must look bad when she’s bare
    but you see, we don’t care… Oh what the hell you don’t appreciate my poetry anyway.

    “Oh a politition tells a lie imagine that!”
    No imagination needed. But I think that when you catch one doing it he no longer deserves your support or respect!

    “So you are intimidated by a girl poor guy!”
    Did my auto-translator fail? How did you get that from what I said? You should know by now that this Martian is incapable of being intimidated by a small mind!

    OK. Go shoot a bootlegger – but I warn you again – it will get you talked about.

    Is your dog a mime?

    the Martian

  10. rundgrenknows says:

    Marvin would poke K-9 at rest too.

  11. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Thanks, kids! You’ve finally given me enough data to answer the question: who IS “Bruce”?
    Are you giddy with anticipation, rundgrenknows? Are your little fingers just itchin to pop up that toaster? Have patience all will be revealed!

    I wondered how the person who posted “Bruce County Blunders Broadband” and said he always had tried to live by the Objectivist principles laid down by Ayn Rand, could be the same person who isn’t objective about much and whose fingers can’t type a coherent, error free reply to a post on any given day. A dichotomy to be sure!

    The answer didn’t lie in the I’m jest a hillbilly callin em as I sees em of “Just so’s ya know”, an obvious attempt at humor and misdirection, so I looked further.

    My first thought was “it’s not the same guy doing all the writing” but I shelved that idea as too simplistic and an indicator of dishonesty.

    The early data seemed to indicate “Bruce” had a drinking problem but an old Earth saying: “in VINO, VERITAS” seemed to disprove that theory. Then as I learned a little more about humans, I came to understand that too much VINO brings very little VERITAS, so that idea showed promise.

    Then I remembered a movie, “The Three Faces of Eve” and given the behavior of the town’s elected leader, I thought that maybe multiple personality disorder was quite common “on the Bruce” and that was the answer! But no, it turns out to be a fairly rare mental illness, even among bloggers.

    I input the last bit of the data I had accumulated into the UFO computer, (it’s the one I used to predict that a little known dufus named Al Gore would become very wealthy lying about the warming of your planet, so you know it’s a great little calculator) and guess what it spit out?

    There’s an intelligent, thinking member. There’s one who is not quite as smart but makes sense sometimes. There is another member with a religious bent and intolerant to boot. Another who is so dedicated to preaching “truth as he knows it and the facts be damned”, that the computer added the comment, “DOES PAVLOV RING A BELL”! Then there’s the beer swilling moron member who can’t spell, makes no sense, stoops to sexual innuendo and whose favorite saying is “I know you are but what am I?”!
    Every once in a while the committee lets him loose, or he steals the keyboard while they’re not looking, posts drivel and makes dumb replies to other people’s posts.
    The computer predicts the committee is concerned that the moron may be gaining a following because people like rundgrenknows are starting to post incoherent replies and the blog is starting to look bad!

    So it turns out my first thought was the correct answer after all!
    It seems I must learn to trust my first impressions if I’m to blend in around here!

    the martian

    P.S. The final bit of data was, “I think he’d do a rock pile if he thought there was a snake in it!” when the obvious reference should have been to phone books and girls names!

    • Gees the Doctor told me that if I took my medication I would be normal!!
      Guess he was wrong!
      Maybe I should let Bill write now!
      Or maybe Harry would be better, but he has a drinking problem sometimes.
      You have to be looking from in here to see whats out there!

  12. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Don’t you just hate it when I’m right?

    But take comfort “Bruce” – bi-polars are people two!

    the Martian

  13. rundgrenknows says:

    Harry and I agree most times.
    A Martian named Marvin never let his dog just lie. Any wonder K-9 always carried an air of superiority over him.

    • Very Good rundgrenknows!
      We all know why the Martian has a really big dog and those little pills, it gives him something to do all day, besides writing comments on Blogs.
      Besides the cruelty to animals thing, it gives the dog some satifaction to know he is superior.

  14. amartiannamedsmith says:

    “Would be a good thing if it were consistant and not something that occurs dailey.”
    What? That I’m right – or that you’re two?
    I believe it’s “Let he who is WITHOUTsin cast the first stone” – and I am! Or is it “People who live in stone houses shouldn’t throw glass”

    I guess there was no lifeguard on duty at your gene pool, since everyone but rundgrenknows the other Martian was Martin not Marvin! Can’t you get anything right?

    OOPS! Looks like the moron member boosted the keyboard again!
    “Bruce” you really have to learn to control Harry! I found his comments quite cruel considering the only reason I have time to write comments is that my big dog died in a boating accident on the Grand Canal.
    Since my little dog (we call them bouncers) is still in the hospital back home, if you’re suggesting that I can screw the pooch over that distance, it’s no wonder you Earth guys feel inadequate!
    Raise the level “Bruce”, raise the level!

    the Martian

    • Geez Martian, you keep changing IP addresses makes it hard to keep track.
      Sorry to hear about your big dog! I hope the little on comes out al right.
      Nowcome on, you have been know to throw a little mud which draws reaction. That is why we write.
      You have to expect a little come back now and again!
      rundgrenknows is entitled to his view as is Harry as are you!
      As for screwin the pooch, sounds to me like a personal preference and we can’t comment on the as Mr. Trudeau made that sacred ground.

  15. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Ole Pete never commented on people with pooches – unless of course you are referring to those who keep them in the bedroom where the government has no place being.

    An old friend of mine, a deserter from the US Marines and a devout Liberal, once gave me a framed picture of Trudeau. I gave it a place of honor in my bathroom – keeps me regular – every time I look at it I have to crap!

    I really don’t mind that rundgrenknows has his say. I just wish he didn’t post in code – his lowbrow comments are hard to follow at the best of times! Harry seems to get him, even when he’s loaded, so next time the committee meets would you ask him to translate for me?

    You forget where I’m from! We don’t have enough water to make mud so we toss sand, and a little sand in the gears of government is never a bad thing!

    The big dog – took a crane to get him out of the canal. Everything is bigger on Mars! Little Willis is doing well. Thanks for asking.

    As for this IP addresses thing of which you speak – I just hover the UFO over any place that has an open network and log in. Right now I’m over the bank in Wiarton and I have 3 to choose from. Don’t be surprised if you find I’m on yours one day!

    By the way, you said that you told “Johnnie Boy” I thought you were him.
    How did you know which “Johnnie Boy” to tell?

    the Martian

    • An old friend of mine, a deserter from the US Marines and a devout Liberal, once gave me a framed picture of Trudeau. I gave it a place of honor in my bathroom – keeps me regular – every time I look at it I have to crap!
      That make 4 of us!
      I really don’t mind that rundgrenknows has his say. I just wish he didn’t post in code – his lowbrow comments are hard to follow at the best of times! Harry seems to get him, even when he’s loaded, so next time the committee meets would you ask him to translate for me?
      Thast would spoil all the fun!

      By the way, you said that you told “Johnnie Boy” I thought you were him.
      How did you know which “Johnnie Boy” to tell?

      I just asked Lamont, they took his name out of his letter to the editor.

  16. rundgrenknows says:

    amartiannamedsmith said “…since everyone but rundgrenknows the other Martian was Martin not Marvin! Can’’t you get anything right?”

    Martin the Martian?? I think your “everyone” only includes your other personalities and a few other Martians.

  17. amartiannamedsmith says:

    “I just asked Lamont, they took his name out of his letter to the editor.”
    Huh? I need a translation for that one “Bruce”!
    And before you suggest it, I called Mr. Lamont and he said not only does HE not know what you’re talking about but YOU don’t know what you’re talking about either! I don’t think he likes you “Bruce”. Maybe it has something to do with bandits and bum buddies?

    No translation needed on THAT one from rundgrenknows, and now that I understand him, I have to ask if he’s ever considered changing his handle to rungrenknowsjack?

    I’m not the one with the multiple personalities, that’s “Bruce”!

    Old TV series staring Ray Walston as – are you ready for it – MARTIN the MARTIAN! He had retractable antennae like mine that we use when we call home!
    You need to get out more rundgrenknows! If you practice, you’ll soon be able to tell the difference between real people and cartoon characters!

    A few other Martians? There are so many of us here right now that you should be looking over your shoulder when you walk down the street! Too bad you can’t tell who we are. We don’t wear funny Roman Centurion hats, we don’t talk wierd and we keep our blasters in our tourist fanny-packs. When the antennae are down we look just like you! (Well, not YOU rundgrenknows, but real people, ones who get things right once in a while).

    Yours understandingly
    the Martian

    • “I just asked Lamont, they took his name out of his letter to the editor.”
      Huh? I need a translation for that one “Bruce”!
      And before you suggest it, I called Mr. Lamont and he said not only does HE not know what you’re talking about but YOU don’t know what you’re talking about either! I don’t think he likes you “Bruce”. Maybe it has something to do with bandits and bum buddies?

      Surprise Surprise!

      Wave away Ray, doesn’t like anybody that does bow to his call. He can dish it out in the back rooms of the county but sure doesn’t like it when it is put out front for all to see. Of course he doesn’t have a blog to hide behind or does he?

      The Red Bay Bandits and their bum buddies are really the Centurions of the Bruce! You know Martian the Guys that lead the parade set the example.
      I am waiting to see the Coliseum in October I expect it will be Christians 1 Lions no score!
      I can see it now Wave-away Ray leading the charge, Mr. Close cutting the Lions loose, Anna the Banana waving her flag. Carl and the boys out front with Wave-away. A glorious day in Mudville!
      Hey Jimmy, sorry I mean Martian, ya think you can drive the UFO up front at the paraade??
      You could attach a rope to Gwen and Art and drag them behind to the Colisiem.
      All the Martians could wave their blasters, no need to hide them in your fanny packs. Thier funny hats could hide their antenna though, wouldn’t want to scare the kiddies.
      The rest of the crew could sell Kool Aide and Mark could juggle pool balls. We could take the wood from the stumps make a big Bar-B-Cue and roast Willie! You know cause there aren’t gonna be any Chip Wagons allowed.
      We could finish the day with a big party at the Medical Center, Wave-away will supply the booze.

      Sorry, Bill got carried away there. Its a little early for him.

      rundgrenknows isn’t that far off track, a little tightly wound but really a straight up guy! If you tried I am sure you two could be friends.


  18. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Geez “Bruce”. I thought your problem with Wave-away was that he brought too much out front for all too see!

    I believe Mr. Close is a Rotarian, not a Lion.

    “Christians 1 Lions 0”, I sure hope so! Both Art and Gwen are Lions and the voters realize now that just attending a church won’t make you a Christian. Come to think of it “Bruce” weren’t you the one down on Muslims for wanting the rules changed? No real difference between religions on this planet when it comes to wanting things done their way, is there?

    The UFO has been at every parade in this town for years. I do polarize the hull so as not to scare the adults – the kids, on the other hand, think it’s great! . (That mockup of the Enterprise in a couple of the Christmas Parades was a real treat for my buddy Jim Kirk)

    Drag them behind on a rope? Do you mean rope – a – dope? No need! I’ve got a TRACTOR-beam! Borrowed it from Larry!

    I said we don’t wear funny hats and leave Mark’s balls out of this – he has as much trouble finding them as Stan does!

    Wave-away’s out of stock – you’ll have to supply the Christall! (Don’t know if I spelled that right. You’re a great speller – help me out)

    You forgot to mention the others in the parade. Patty-the-chipmunk, Bow-woman and, I think, Lyttlegirl! Oops, I forgot VivyMac who showed the courage to admit she was wrong about the Queen.

    Stop trying to con the old Martian “Bruce”, you forgot your meds and let Harry loose again!

    If rundgrenknows is a standup guy, (and all of us could use an extra friend that doesn’t bark), maybe a coffee at the secret meeting table is an idea. Does he know enough to find the way? I’ll put on a funny hat and wave the blaster around so he’ll recognize me since there’s no K-9s allowed! Please unwind him first though, would you?

    And PLEASE “Bruce”, take your meds and leave Harry behind when you go visit the Coast Guard! Don’t think the 93VW will make it all the way to Trenton – and back – so unless you’re thinking of joining up, take the truck! I’m sure “Johnnie Boy” would lend it to you!

    the Martian

  19. amartiannamedsmith says:

    I forgot to warn you “Bruce”. If you speak to VivyMac at any of the council or COW meetings she attends to keep abreast of things, DON’T refer to her as a “Redbay Bandit”! She’s proudly from Howdenvale and you know those people north of the checkerboard. I once referred to her as just BEING from Red Bay and she hit me so hard I fell into the UFO and left a dent!
    Just so’s ya know.

    the Martian

  20. amartiannamedsmith says:

    I do try. (See On Clearview lane)
    If that’s your idea of fun, I know a girl in Colpoy who’s into S&M and bondage. Need to be hooked up?

    the martian

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