Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!




Maybe this?

Maybe this?

or Perhaps This

or we could do this

Personally I prefer this

Our fearless leaders prefer this

Like the Hip Concert, the stump carvings have disappeared.

Again, Wiarton stumbled upon a great idea, and let it go!

I am told that it cost $1,500 to take down a tree and about $2,200 to remove the stump.

I am told it costs $1,300 to carve a trunk after the tree has been cut down.

A stump is a stump, art is priceless.

This is a tourist town! We depend on the money the tourists spend. unfortunately, we don’t have a reason for the 85,000 cars carrying the 285,000 tourist to the ferry each year to stop, other than Willie or gas and maybe an ice cream cone.

The artist does a great job and I think the carvings add much to our little town. The Town of Orangeville has done 50 or 60 of their tree stumps and turned them into works enjoyed by many.

Ted’s Diner over in Meaford has an outstanding display in the front of his place that I enjoy.

Wiarton now has stumps.

We have the opportunity to capitalize on a moving market that passes through here every year. If they have a reason so stop and look arround, they will spend money.

In this day and age where everyone is chasing the tourist dollars, we have to provide a reason to keep the here. The park and the water front are nice but the more that is offered the more that is gained.

I don’t why the carvings have stopped but I think it is a mistake. Not only because of the loss to tourism but because the carvings are positive end for the trees that once stood there.

I have taken visitors to Orangeville just to look at their carvings. We wander arround the town and spend an afternoon and a few dollars just enjoying what was created.

I think we should carry on carving as it adds so much, saves us few buck and gives the the visitors to our town a nother reason to stay.


Asleep at the Switch?????


Last June the Wiarton Airport hosted the Hip Concert. An outstanding display of what good can happen when a few like minds work together.

Hat’s off to Dwight Burley, who worked diligently with many long hours to achieve  the best event this town has seen in its history in terms of economic activity. Isn’t he the Deputy Mayor of Georgian Bluffs as well as the chair for the Airport Committee?

The fact that over 15,000 people attended the concert at $58.00 per, add in accommodation, food, fuel , booze and what ever else they fancied was a boom to our economy.

Yes ,the airport lost money, a few of the neighbours were upset, but to have what equates to 3.5 million dollars dumped into your community over a few days is a home run.

On the down side you couldn’t buy breakfast in Wiarton on the following morning. The lineup at Timmys was a two hour wait.

The OPP in Wiarton made themselves 30 grand bonus doing their job.

This event went so well that the Promoter, Big Music  moved it to Owen Sound this year!

Way to go Wiarton!

It seems that the OPP, you know that Provincial Force that we pay to Protect and Serve didn’t have the manpower available the weekend the Promoter wanted to hold the event. Gez , at time and a half for each officer assigned life must be good.

Gee whiz I guess we don’t need the money up here. We all make enough. Those dam pesky tourists  just cut in to our drinking time anyway. They even have the nerve to tye us up at Tim Hortons!

We will just eat the looses for all the capital cost spent last year. The new road into the site makes it easier for the deer to walk. It was only 50 some odd thousand anyway. Spent on the anticipation of doing concerts for the next ten years.

It is only about 2 dollars per resident lost there. They have lots more where that came from.

What the hell is going on here?

We stumble upon a winner and fold like a cheap tent! The Business development committee, the Chamber and an economic development officer let this slip through their fingers. Get a grip!!!

Wiarton looses a couple of million dollars in its economy, Georgian Bluffs still benefits and Owen Sound makes out like a bandit.

Your tax dollars at work.

But just think we are going to own a beautiful Medical Clinic in Sable by default. Oh yeah and Dwight gets his lien paid off! That will take a couple of million glasses of Kool-aid to pay off.

Oh well maybe we will get another concert for next year.

I guess pioneers take arrows!