A Really interesting comment!!

elan23 said,

March 17, 2010 at 1:01 pm · Edit

Hey Bruce:

Interesting blog site! I’m glad to see that somebody is actually paying attention to the minutia of our local government.

I’m not actually sure what the libel and slander laws are here in Canada, however, as both US and Canadian law are derived from English common law, I assume that they are both fairly similar. Therefore, expressing one’s “opinion” with regards to “public figures” is a right of free speech, no matter how caustic those opinions might seem to the readers.

However, should this analysis not be the case, it might be appropriate to know that Wray Lamont has expressed that he is in the process of tracking down who exactly “Bruce on the Bruce” is. He has also made noises about engaging the FBI through his contacts to chase down the identity of the author.

One tiny but glaring point that will completely upset his apple cart, that is unless he engages in illegal activity, is that the identity of a subscriber/user of an Internet service is protected by privacy laws in the United States, unless that individual is suspected of being engaged in some type of criminal activity. Should criminal activity be suspected, there is a long and drawn out process by which law enforcement agencies must petition the service provider to release information of interest. Case precedent set by numerous actions brought against service providers has shown that this is a very difficult and challenging task to accomplish if the investigators are staying inside of the legal boundaries. If not, then they are criminals themselves…

Wray very well may be upset by some of the entries that have been made, however, he is a big boy and should be able to take criticism gracefully. That is unless he openly declares his membership in the fascist Nazi party… which then would of course serve anyone warning that he is going to bulldoze his way through anything that he finds not to his liking and we would be warned to take cautions against such petty retributions.

Keep on keeping them honest!

  • March 18, 2010 at 9:19 pm · Edit

    Thank you for the heads up elan23!
    The moment it is a crime to express your opinion, then it is time to get out of this country!
    IT would be really interesting to see how anyone can trace a NATed address
    If one is so upset by what I write it only means they are worried!
    And they should be!
    Thanks again


2 thoughts on “A Really interesting comment!!

  1. msusan says:

    What’s fascinating is the politico’s here tried that tactic recently using the local media. Of note, local quietly noted in an online forum that its Editor is married to the Chief of Staff of the Mayor.

    The paper’s columnist love to rail on “bloggers” as naysayers, doomsdayers. Laughable.

    But it became a little more serious when they blamed bloggers for spreading a false rumour about a senior administrator. The senior administrator threatened to sue for libel in the paper. It’s a tactic called libel chill. To the uninformed, this would be enough to shut down one’s blogsite.

    But the bloggers here haven’t. They know the emporer wears no clothes.

    But that hasn’t stopped the local paper. All they attempt to do is discredit; but all it does is raise the credibility of the local bloggers driving more hits to the blog sites to see for themselves the scene of the “accident.”

    Keep it up. The responses of the politicians in your town is not surprising and very predictable. If your local media is like our own, they are simply a mouthpiece for the local government. Which is why social media such as this; are becoming increasingly popular.

    They can control the local media – to a large extent – but can’t control the bloggers. So they threaten and intimidate – a form of intellectual terrorism.

    • Thank you for the the support msusan!
      The local old boys are cleaning up on the public purse, up here and their time has come.
      I am not surprised by their response nor am I intimidated.
      Bloggers are a gift and people like you an inspiration.
      Thank you

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