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The following is a posting by the Martian, a regular contributor to this page. I might point out that the Martian is an adamant none supporter of Mayor Gwen Gilbert and Councilor Art King to say the least.

“Thursday, April-9-2009

Formal Complaint to Mayor Gilbert and Council

The aggressive verbal behaviour in the work place towards myself by Councillor Art King started in the fall of2008 and continues to the present day. This aggressive verbal behaviour of Councillor Art King is not only affecting my health, but also my performance to carry on the duties as elected official and it is on or bordering harassment in the workplace. His behaviour towards myself was observed and commented on by several Councillors, on several prior occasions. However, the latest incident on the 8th of April, 2009, at the COW meeting came to a head when Councillor Art King in the heat of his own unprovoked anger called me a “nitwit” (stupid). When I indicated to the Mayor this was not acceptable, that I have taken great offence to the remarks of Councillor Art King, instead of addressing this in a serious manner, as the Chair of the meeting, and applying the Town of South Bruce Peninsula policy #C4.2 Mayor Gilbert laughed and asked Councillor Art King to apologize. The laughing conduct of the
Mayor, in this situation, did not help but rather encouraged the inappropriate behaviour. The behaviour of Councillor Art King that I experienced and inappropriate action of Mayor Gilbert in my work place is not acceptable and down right illegal.
Therefore I ask Mayor Gilbert and the Council to implement the Town of South Bruce Peninsula’s harassment policy #C-4.2 accordingly, and if you choose not to and if verbal aggressive behaviour of Councillor Art King continues, I will not have any other choice but alternative routes to protect my value and dignity.

councillor Ana Vukovic

The Martian said:                                                                                                  

Now please keep in mind that Ana can sometimes be difficult to understand because of her ethnicty and she is many things, but she is not a “nitwit”! The worst I can say about her is: there are those who listen and those who wait to speak and she’s not a great listener.”

 When I read the letter posted, I knew there was another side of the story and contrary to my usual boorish, crass, eighth grader mentality, I went into town and had a chat with several people, who in fact witnessed the event described in Vukovic’s complaint.

Now before I go into this matter, I want to say that Anna Vukovic, has served this community for a long time. She has the best of intentions and truly believes in what she is doing most of the time. I believe that in her time she was a powerhouse, that did indeed make significant contributions to her community and society as a whole. However, even the best horse you have must at some point be put to pastureI am afraid that Anna’s time has come. She has failing health and is in over her head. The trials and tribulations of the last three years have left her bitter and confused

The fact of the matter is that Mr. King did not call Ana a “nitwit”! He called her a “Half-wit” subsequent to her calling Mr. King a “Shit-Bag” and an “Asshole” at the Council table. I believe Mr. Wunderlick can attest to what was said. What comes to mind is: “if you can’t take it don’t dish it out!”

I have watched Anna perform in Council and wondered who signed her geriatric pass.

The Mayor chuckled at the situation, when Ana wanted King censured. So would I quite frankly. It seems what is good for the Goose is not so good for the Gander. The mayor did instruct King to apologize, which was appropriate.

Now I  don’t condone the actions of King, things could have been handled in a much better way. However, given the history of the last three years in general, there is probably no better way at this point in time.

To suggest that Vukovic, may bring a lawsuit to enforce her position, is lunacy! Should she do so, it would end up costing her not the town. A suit of this nature would be considered “Frivolous and Vexatious” by any sane Court.

I have had, and I use the term loosely, the privilege of viewing the House of Commons on several occasions. Our illustrious leaders there, make these clowns look like Choir Boys. Suffice to say, name calling and mockery appears to be part of the game.

To paint the kettle black is a clear indication that Ana, has past her prime and is ready for pasture. Quite frankly, Anna if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

Maybe that is her intent and she intends to bring an action to supplement her retirement.That being the case “FILL YOUR BOOTS!  BUT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU PUT OUT, YOU GET BACK”.

To ask the Mayor to support your position is just wrong. To write a letter complaining of harassment simply proves Mr. Kings point.





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22 thoughts on “Ana the Banana

  1. 2censworth says:

    Why are we going over stuff that’s a year old??

    • The Martian posted it to prove a point.
      It had to be addressed.
      His inference was that King was not of good character.
      It is good to review history a means to learn.
      It is clear the Sheep are uncontent but yet refuse to react. Tuesday night there were only six people show at Council. Three of the Council members did bother.
      Harping on what has happened may inspire some into action. But then again I am only a crass boor in the eight grade.

  2. crassboor says:

    did someone call me?

  3. slaponthewrist420 says:

    The difference is Martian, Anna spoke the truth ,Art king is a shitbag and an asshole, and while we are on the topic so is Wray…….

    • Could be so but I think Art was right in this situation.
      I think it is wrong for any of the player to be acting like 12 year olds in public.
      You’d think they were writting on this page.

    • mxyzptlk says:

      pelvic affiliates maybe?
      kinda like the geese in the river, my dog goes after them, the goose lets out the distress call, and the gander comes to her defence. doesn’t stop my dog from barking or chasing them though. he’s smart but has absolutely no education.
      who let the dogs out?

  4. amartiannamedsmith says:

    I would bet you won’t name your “several people”, so I assume that it was a quick call to Mr and Mrs Gwen with a side order of Mr and Mrs Art.

    Research shows that last Tuesday Ana was dealing with a very ill husband, Mr Wunderlich was in New York and Art….. well he just didn’t show up! Maybe he had a flat on one of those new tires that screwed up his mileage claims? I know they didn’t take his phone!

    One councilor who was present, said he did not hear Ana make the comments you suggest but admits the possibility. He did however hear Art and he backs Ana’s letter on “Nitwit!
    Another, said: ‘ Which time – I stopped getting between those two a long time ago”.
    When I suggested that the mayor laughing might trigger a futher memory of the incident, I was told that it’s quite common for Gwen to laugh when Art does his thing! I guess that’s better than her screaming and calling the cops! (and you thought I had nothing good to say about her)

    I inferred nothing about Art’s character! I merely presented a document dealing with bad behaviour, sent formally to council, to be dealt with. You have presented another, undocumented, version of events! If yours is correct then Art’s reaction is understandable while remaining deplorable.

    It is a fact though that the ONLY councilor to be censured and removed from the council chamber for using improper language is ………
    Art King!

    I did infer from the letter that Ana, looking for redress, might sue. She has, to this point, chosen not to and may have taken another road! Conversation with Ana is difficult as neither of us speaks the other’s native tongue

    When you say Ana”s time has come, would that be because, like many others since the last election, she has become disillusioned with the performance of the mayor and no longer supports her? It can’t be her age – Art is as old! It can’t be illness – Art qualifies there as well! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    For a guy in the “eight grade”, you do pretty well with computer and internet technology as well as development! My hats off to you “Bruce”!

    your biggest booster
    the Martian

    • Hell I never made it to eighth grade.
      The Internet for Dummies is a great book.
      As for development, you’ve seen my picture and the development I keep up front is thanks to Marj’s good cooking.
      I did speak to all the above and a couple of folks who atend regularly.
      Anna stopped shy of saying she was going to sue but definitely inferred it, she has been smart not to.
      You are right you didn’t directly say Art was of of Bad character, I conceed on that point.
      I am waiting for a document that when and if receive will present the rest of that story and will post it.
      There are a few on Council with selective hearing a point which I think you will agree.
      I am sorry to hear Ana’s husband is ill, and I appologize to her for the timing of my rant.
      I expect the one who didn’t hear was a certain guy that sleeps a lot.
      The last time I saw Ana she could hardly stand up, was flustered and agrivated. I think, yes she is disillusioned as well as frustrated and is taking things far to personally. I think she has a lot on her plate and has reached a point where it is affecting her abilities to comprehend and be effective.
      Yes Art is old but so is my volkswagon.

  5. thedodge says:

    A year ago there was enough frustration and anger to show in the open at Council table.

    I have recent reports that credit Mayor Gilbert with ruling with a firmer hand on decorum around the table than perhaps was evident in the past. I take that to mean that things are somewhat better in that things are civil around the table.

    What happened a year ago was not an isolated event but should be seen as a trend in which all parties were somewhat guilty. Perhaps Ana saw a way to reverse the trend. As I mentioned the trend seems somewhat better today and I give credit around the table for that. At least what is boiling below the surface is not visible.

    Anyway the past is water under the bridge.

    Two points:

    1. Bruce I know you are smarter than you claim.
    2. I learned in politics never to burn bridges. This site has a great future and you never know who will be at the table a year from now.


  6. mxyzptlk says:

    Hear, hear Mr Speaker! 🙂

    I had to read the post a few times before I realized that the martian’s part was in red and the rest was yours.

    At any rate, I agree, it is time for Anna to go and probably more than a few of the others to boot.


  7. slaponthewrist420 says:

    Defintely time to clean house at town hall, maybe the martian could use his tractor beam and take these councillors far away, either that or just blast the place while the C.O.W is in session.

    • mxyzptlk says:

      Ok, regardless of what you are smoking, I agree. We just need to find some ‘new blood’ to run for councilor and/or mayor.

  8. amartiannamedsmith says:

    I offer you some pretty dry reading. I have marked nothing in bold or italics so all eighth graders will have to look carefully. Sound the words out if you must or ask mommy G___ to put the pills away and help you.

    The bracketed numbers 1 through 9 mark the events attended by the mayor.
    Please note that the column for Report Received is blank in all 9 cases for the mayor – and for others as well.
    Mayor, councilors and senior staff may attend 3 events paid by town and must then get permission from majority of council for any more.
    CAO can not produce any record to prove the mayor received permission for events 4 through 9.

    I was personally present when the mayor stated to council and the public, her reports were made- where are the written reports?
    She told the media, the public and the council she had approval for extra conferences. Show the minutes of council granting approval!

    I swear on the drive system of the UFO (wouldn’t want to be trapped here) that this Martian did NOT use any form of beaming or ray to make those reports and minutes disappear!
    They do not exist – they never did!

    For the life of me I do not understand why the “bandits” and “backroom good old boys” you love to hate, have not had her charged with theft by conversion in the apparently fraudulent use of taxpayer money!

    For those of you who won’t even skip to the end to see how things turn out:
    The last part of this post is a small (redacted of course) sample of the over 10,000 emails on the computer of the exCAO. I have dedcided to respect the wishes of one of my sources and not show any more at this time.
    Another factor in the decision is you “Bruce”!
    You think I don’t respect the things you say, (OK mostly I don’t) but you’re right about one thing – your sheep have short memories!
    I prefer to hold the documents in reserve for Bandits, bum buddies, bastards, boobs, exmayors, minions, good old boys, backroom dealers, anyone not named Art and maybe, just maybe a few top notch new candidates, to release come election time! Now if I can just find my copy of the letter from the lawyer that named Gwen for harrasment …..

    Rhonda Cook. CMO CIeIkIActing CAO.
    The Corporation of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula P.O. Box 310,315 George Street
    Wiarton, On
    Telephone: (519) 534-1400 ext. 121 Fax: (519) 534-4862
    Toll Free 1-877-534-1400 a-mail:
    RECOMMENDATION:THAT the report from the Clerk! Acting CAO regarding Council conferences and training be received for information only.
    BACKGROUND:At the November 10, 2009 meeting of Council, resolution R-472-2009 gave direction for a repOlt to be prepared regarding the number of conferences and training sessions attended by Council, if written repOlts on said conferences and training sessions were received and whether or not Policy 1.7 was being adhered to. The new policy manual, adopted on April 14, 2009, Policy Number CO.6.1 Training and Development – Council has been attached for reference.
    In response to this resolution, I offer the following. I have prepared a chmt which outlines courses, training and seminars attended as reflected by GL account 10-01-432 Conventions and Seminars. I realize that the Mayor and Councillors have most likely attended Committee meetings or other meetings (which may not have had expenses associated) throughout the year and as such, those meetings m’e not reflected in this report.
    To the best of my knowledge, I have captured reports presented to the Committee of the Whole in regard to conferences attended by Council. I have also included any reports which were included loose for consideration by COW. Please accept my apologies if reports were presented and are not reflected in the chart.
    Conference/coW’se dates have been included to the best of our ability with some course dates not being available for reporting however, the course registration was included in the GL account listing.
    Please be advised that this information is inclusive to November 4, 2009 only.
    Name Conferencelfraining Date Cost Report
    Dan Kerr Saturday Series April 25, 2009 350.00
    MMAH Conference November 25, 214.29
    Gwen Gilbert FEO March 4, 2009 882.60 ‘”:'””‘ (1)
    Phra~mites Workshop April 3, 2009 20.00 (2)
    Name Conference/Training Date Cost Report
    Gwen Gilbelt Clean Air Council March 11, 2009 125.00 ( 3 )
    Beyond City Limits April 28, 2009 71.43 (4)
    Shrinking Budgets 139.00 (5)
    SatlU’day Series 350.00
    Phragmites Workshop 20.00]
    Heads of Council 675.00
    AMO August 16,2009 1(131.42)
    BEM September 22, 7-s:utr
    (8 )
    MMAH Conference November 25, 214.29 9)

    Mark OGRA FeblUary 22, 735.50 March 24, 09
    Wunderlich 2009
    MMAH Conference November 25, 214.29
    Stan Hoath OSUM May5,2009 832.10 May 19,09
    MMAH Conference November 25,09

    Art King BEM September 22, 09 75.00

    Yvonne Halron MMAH Conference November 25, 09 214.29

    WrayLamont MMAH Conference November 25, 09 214.29

    At this point, I cannot ascertain whether Council approved all additional training courses and seminars prior to registration. It would appear that all Councillors are in compliance with Policy CO.6.1 in the attendance category. It would also appear that unless Council had approved all supplementary conferences and courses, the Mayor would not be in compliance with the policy in the attendance category.
    Section 5 of the policy outlines that Councillors attending a conference shall be required to make a written report. It would appear that this item has not been adhered to in all instances.
    Respectfully submitted.
    ~4L .d/{~
    Rhonda Cook, C.M.O. Clerk / Acting C.A.O. November 23,2009
    Section: Council Sub-section: Conferences
    Sub’ ect: Trainin and Develo ment
    Polic Number: CO.6.1 Effective Date:
    Revision Date:
    Pa e 1 of 1
    To support Council member training and development as an opportunity to improve understanding of the municipal environment, to meet future needs and to establish a network of contacts.
    1. All members of Council including spouses will be allowed to attend one elective conference per year. Companion programs will be paid for by the Town as well as meals for companions attending conferences with a member of Council. (for one elective conference per year)
    2. All members of Council will be permitted to attend the Annual Southwestern Municipal Affairs Conference in addition to the one elective conference. Companion expenses are not included and will not be covered by the town.
    3. All members of Council will be permitted to attend one elective training seminar per year.
    4. Additional conference/training seminars may be attended at Town expense only with permission of Council.
    5. Councillors attending a conference shall be required to make a written report following each conference.
    6. The Town will pay expenses related to registration, accommodation, including incidentals (parking, taxi, telephone), mileage and meal allowance as per current by-law.
    7. Senior Staff will be treated in the same fashion unless their contract permits additional conference/training sessions. Once they have reached their limit of elective conferences/training sessions they shall seek permission of Council to attend additional conference/training sessions. Senior staff attending conference/training session shall be required to make a written report to Council of each conference.

    Rhonda Cook
    Annette Robson [] Wednesday, December 02,20092:12 PM ‘Rhonda Cook’
    FW: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Annette Robson [mailto:arobson@bmts.comj Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 10:06 AM
    To: ‘Malcolm McIntosh’
    Subject: RE: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    I have reviewed the Council Conventions and Seminars account. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// has been spent. Currently 6 members of Council are scheduled to attend ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1400.00, registration has not beenposted at this time)
    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////in the amount of $ 675.00

    Annette Robson
    Co-ordinator, Accounting/Revenue
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Malcolm McIntosh [] Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 9:40 AM
    Subject•~ FW: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Hi Annette: The Mayor has indicated ////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////:~
    We would cover /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Is there sufficient funds in the council conference budget for this to be covered?
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Gwen Gilbert [] Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 9:00 AM
    To~ Malcolm McIntosh
    Subject: Re: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. Is there money in the budget for this?
    —~- Original Message —–
    From: “Malcolm McIntosh” To: ‘” Gwen Gilbert ‘” Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 8:38 AM
    Subject: RE: A//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    >1 would encourage you to ///////////////////////////////////
    > Thanks >
    > Malcolm

    It’s been a little slice of Heaven – but Martians hibernate

    the Martian

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