Just gots ta thinkin!



Old Marj and I been whatcha call antrapenoors fer da better part of fifty years.

We ain’t got much and will end up as broke as we is now collectin dat der Canada Pension plan.

Marj, she uses da egg money fer fixins, I uses da money I make ta pay da bankers , lawyers and thieves.

Last night aftta  milkin, while Marj was a makin da corn bread fer taday’s meal and while I was setin down ta write my blog I noticed dis here add on da innernet and it gots me ta thinkin.

 Now I ani’t the sharpest knife n da drawer but for years I  managed what money we’s got and pertiner gots the mortgage paid off. We don raised r kids and gots a liitle money in the coffee can fer a rainy day.

Tween, Marj n myself , we ave scratch out an xistance, keep da chickens in line, da three cows n a goat all gitin long.

Da Add I saw:

Chief Administrative Officer-Town Of South Bruce Peninsula ON

Expiry Date: 2010-05-14


Nestled between the sandy shores of Lake Huron and the white limestone cliffs on Georgian Bay, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula offers a perfect destination for recreation and outdoor activity, a vibrant urban centre surrounded by prime agriculture land and sandy beaches with spectacular sunsets and a peaceful countryside that will surpass all expectations.

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is located at the gateway to Ontario’s spectacular Bruce Peninsula. A lower tier municipality located in the County of Bruce, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula was created in 1999 as a result of the amalgamation of the former Townships of Albemarle, Amabel, the Village of Hepworth and the Town of Wiarton (home of world’s most famous weather prognosticating groundhog Wiarton Willie).

We are seeking a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to lead the Town of South Bruce Peninsula with vision and integrity. The CAO will provide effective advice and support to the Council in developing and implementing policy, strategy and objectives that address the unique qualities and needs of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula. A devoted leader, the CAO will direct and coordinate with department managers to ensure successful implementation and administration of the objectives, policies and programs as established and approved by Council.

To succeed in this role, you must have demonstrated experience in supporting, enhancing, and facilitating the work of Elected Officials/Board of Directors. You exhibit a collaborative approach to building partnerships and relationships with community partners and external stakeholders.

With a passion for inspiring and motivating top-performing, customer-focused staff, you are a skilled negotiator with a track record of exceeding expectations and delivering service excellence.

As a seasoned executive, you will have a sound knowledge of corporate municipal administration and municipal government operations to ensure the efficient, economical and effective organization of all departments. Knowledge pertaining to by-laws and related legislation/regulations is also essential. You will ensure effective financial and administrative systems are in place to meet the goals and objectives established by Council.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, seeking an exceptional quality of life and an opportunity to provide vision and direction to a spectacular town, submit your resume in confidence by May 14, 2010 to


Phelps Talent and Executive Search
401 Bay Street, Suite 1400, Box 14,
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4
Electronic: sbp@phelpsgroup.ca
Fax: 416-364-5643

So’s I gots ta thinkn, dem der simple serpants gots it all figerd out. Dey gets da job, work fer as coupla years. picka a fight wit  da bosses, gets canned, den stays home an  gits a pay check for a couple a years wit out goin ta work.

Now, I figer,dat since I don so well managin da kids, da farm and Marj, I shuould be plyin fer dat der job.

Managin a bunch a kids fer 20 years, along with da animals an Marj, done qualifies me I figer.

Hell I’d giv up the big pension the feds giv me, cause dat $150,000 grand a year wood keep me goin fer say 12 years fer each year Ihad the job once I gots fired. Be savin the tax payers a bundle on my pension.

Far as I kin tell ain’t much difference in manigin a bunch a kids and runin da town hall.

Yup could sav da town lots a money too cause Icould brin da goat inta town and he could eat most da stuff deys recyclin. I could get a few more and we’d not be needin ta charge fer dem garbage bags.

Dat empty space down ats da new medical center would be a fin milikin shed.

Dey’s only hafta pay my wages fer a cuppala years an de n I’d stay home fer a cupala more years.

Da feds wouln’t hafta pay me da pension an Marj wood sur preciate da break from me.

On da down side I’d hafta polish up my good tooth every day and wear granpa’s suit cause I know how every body in town wants ya look purdy.

Sounds ta me like one a dem win win situachins. I kno dat I kin pic a fight wit da bosses dats really easy cause da Mayor’s bin doin it fer years.

So’s I’s gonna  rit up my resamay an send er in cause I’m likin da idea a whole lot, I kno’s I kin be xzecutive matrieal wit a bit a practice.

I’m thinkin maybe I dust up gramps suit, polish up my good tooth, an practive in the barn fer a cuppala days case I git an enterview. It’l be good timin as I clean out da stalls an I can practice shovelin so I’ be in shape fer da first meetin caus as best as I can figer da job is just a bunch a what comes outta da horses business end.

Sides I ‘m liken dat neslted ideer as Marj is usaly too tired n I ben surpassin alla my xpectations fer years. I’s got lotsa passion n can’t be dat hard ta make da groundhog work a day a year.




5 thoughts on “Just gots ta thinkin!

  1. mxyzptlk says:

    Hey Bruce,
    Send in yur resamay, if wud be gud fer a laff if nuttin else. unfurtunatly i think da cao is sposed ta do wut dem concilrs tell um to.

  2. 2censworth says:

    Go for it Bruce. If you’ve survived working in the barn for all these years you should be able to stand the horse-s%$t. And since we’ve been surviving the existing kiddies for 3 1/2 years we should be able to stand you 🙂

  3. purplevalleyfisher says:

    The posting didn’t seem to indicate the need for a lack of integrity, the willingness to follow the red bay bandits every whim nor the fact that you will be thrown in the midst of a fractious and vendetta driven group hell bent on running the mayor and one of the councilors out of town rather than actually doing their jobs.

    By the way BRUCE i noticed the picture of the denim clad man with the rotund belly….has sheep cloning come to the county? The pic looks like a dead ringer for bootleg Wray Lamont!


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