A New Leaf!

Okay boys and girls, it is time to take a new approach to things.

I understand that there have been some problems with Council over the last few years, some big and some small. We have focused on the negative pretty well on this site to date.

The Martian has been making his points very effectively without any real interference as have many others.

We all know we have an election coming and the tide of change will address the players who have not kept their promises and or have caused grief in one form or another.

I want to take this opportunity to point out some of the positive events.

Since December, the month this page was put up, to now, there has been only one or two maybe three incidents of Council beating up on each other in the Sun Times. This in itself is a huge accomplishment. The bickering has stopped. Amazing!

Albeit we may not like some of the results, but since the bickering has subsided they are actually getting some work done as a team.

Mayor Gwen Gilbert has, in my opinion, handled things inclusive of Council meetings in a professional manner regardless of the infighting between members and or staff.

The Redbay Bandits seem to have calmed and albeit there has not been new CAO hired, I understand they are getting close to qualifying one.

I am aware of three major developments, that may come to fruition as a direct result of the Mayor Gwen’s Gilberts efforts in the not too distant future.

The Willey Festiville was a smash hit this year and the Sewers in Sauble are being, much to the dismay of some, addressed sort of.

 Imagine that, even though Mayor Gwen Gilbert doesn’t have an office or a cell phone!

The old Mill is getting put together quite nicely, WiFi is being deployed in town and yes we had a tax increase but, it wasn’t 20%.

The Medical Center hasn’t been back looking for final signatures as of yet, and oh yes, the events man got a 50% pay cut sort of.

I am a little pissed about the Shit Hawks that the Pinko’ are trying to protect for what ever reason and not to happy that Joe is being messed with. But I think that the FOSB have gotten a wake up call that indeed the natives are getting restless.

The truth of the matter is that being involved with politics is a thankless job. You cannot win for trying.

Now if we can take a moment and deal with the Politicians themselves, I think it would be good for all of us to write something positive about each member of Council here as I know there is going to be a whole lot of negative in the coming months.

I will begin with my positive note on each member as I see it and I ask that everyone take this opportunity to point out something positive to kick things off for the forthcoming election just for fun!

Dan the Man Kerr

Dan always is a gentleman that believes in what he is doing! Albeit I may not agree with his position with respect to the Medical Center Dan believed and did something about it which I am sure he felt was the right thing to do. It appears Dan is retiring this round I am told and I think he deserves respect as he has served long and well with little or no thanks.

Ana the Bannana

Ana is a fighter, she also believes in what she says, I think she has done a great jobs in most cases keeping everyone on their toes. You don’t get much past her. She is a tad aggressive and doesn’t win a lot of friends arround the Council table but she is a pit bull when she has her mind-set. She is not afraid to dig her heels in! Unfortunately time is her enemy. I truly believe that if she got on the same page with Mayor Gwen Gilbert regardless of history they could move mountains!

Bootlegger Wave away Ray

Ray is sincere in what he does. He obviously knows how to mix a mean drink and everything there is to know about trash and garbage. The fact is he has done an outstanding job in undermining the Mayor which to some is a positive thing. We know he can deliver Bear Proof containers and how to make a buck. “My way or the highway Ray” has represented the Red Bay bandits to the best of his ability and has succeeded in that respect. It is really lucky that we have had Ray otherwise we would know nothing about mileage charges or the cost of table cloths.

Betty the Beauty Hall

We are especially lucky to have Betty as there would be no one in place to support Ray if she wasn’t there. We wouldn’t want Ray getting lonely. Her efforts to undermine the Mayor on just about every point would leave a vacuum and who knows maybe Stan would have to say something if she wasn’t there. Her support of the Tree huggers I am sure would be sadly missed by the Tree Huggers.

Stan the Man Hoath

It is hard to say anything about Stan as he is most times so quiet you wouldn’t know he was there.Albeit it he does raise his hand to support the Redbay Bandits and seems to have some sort of attachment to Betty the Beauty, so I guess that makes him a supporter of the Tree Huggers to some extent.

Magic Mark Wunderdick

Mark is a great guy! Although he has been anti Mayor Gwen Gilbert for the most part, he always seems to have a positive thought on most things. He has managed to dodge the bullet when guns are aimed his way, he is truly the voice of Sauble. Mark has his sights set higher than local politics and I think that is good for him. Mark would make a good Provincial Candidate as he has the ability to swim with the sharks and not get bit. Maybe it is professional curtousy.

Yvonne Harron

Yvonne has made such an impression I don’t have a nick name for her. Perhaps it is her motherly approach to things, albeit  she doesn’t seem to miss a trick. She flies quietly under the radar and has supported the Mayor more often that not. If you manage to upset her she will turn on a dime. You never know what she is thinking.

Art King

Now Art is the kinda guy that plays it as he sees it. He is not afraid to stand his ground and has backed the Mayor 100%. Being an ex-cop he has no fear and will hold his own in just about any situation.I think the mileage thing was a load of crap and he did hold his ground. Win lose or draw.

Mayor Gwen Gilbert

Given the situation she has had to contend with I think Mayor Gwen Gilbert has shown her stuff. She has been treated like the low man on the totem pole since her election by most of the members of Council but stuck to her guns. Being faced with the child like tactics of some, most would have thrown in the towel. But not Gwen, she has kept at it. Even when they took her office and Cell phone she kept on ticking like a timex watch. Never missed a beat.Given the obstacles she has faced I think we would be hard pressed to find anyone with the ability to out do her.

These are my thoughts what are  yours? The rules are be positive if you aren’t you will be declared a Martian.