Rest Rant!

I don’t exactly know what is going on in Wiarton or Grey Bruce for that matter when to comes to the food business.

The culinary experience in this area is more like a nightmare.

convenience food seems to be the order of the day everyday!

You cannot get breakfast in Wiarton let alone a cup of coffee before 10:00 Am except for Tim’s and maybe the Top Notch. The only thing close to fine dinning is Cobble Beach,

I always thought that the food business was a service industry. Up here service is not in their vocabulary.

You know there is a problem when the waiter/waitress ask if you want the Red or the White Merlot.

Unless the food is grilled or deep-fried they can’t produce a product worth talking about. Let alone eating without a large package of Tums.

I love food. More to the point I love good food. The eating establishments up here consider gourmet to be cheddar cheese with your burger as opposed to processed cheese.

For a while Rocky rRaccoon’s was here and offered some very interesting fare however since they have moved to Owen Sound it has gone down hill.

From deep-fried home fries to deep-fried sausage, bacon, wings and what we have  as the idea of good food in this area.

I would think nothing of spending $150 bucks for a great meal in Toronto or London or Kitchener. I would spend it here but there is no where other than Cobble Beach where you have the option of eating something that hasn’t come into contact with a Deep fryer.

Even something as simple as breakfast up here manages to get screwed up. Forget about good service as the wait staff are only interested in getting their tip and you out.

The steaks are frozen and nuked before they cook them, the soups are canned everything is bland beyond belief.

Can anyone recommend a real Dinning Room in the Grey Bruce area???

This is supposed to be a tourist area. I am guessing but maybe they are making too much money so they don’t care and have no pride in their workmanship.

Last holiday weekend on Monday evening, everything was closed except for the Frosty Queen, who’s french fries are frozen just pretend potatoes.

The candy man in Wiarton gets three thumbs up for real coffee and service. Nice friendly guy who really cares about what he does.

I will say that the burgers and fries at Harry’s are worth eating albeit the ambiance leaves something to be desired. The Mar gas station serves a great breakfast and Warren will keep you entertained.

There is some promise insofar as roadhouse food in Shallow Lake .They do a great job but is not anything near Fine Dining.

I think I am going to do a review of Dining in the Warton area once a week and share my experiences with all just for grins.

The dog of the month is where we can send the stupidest politician of the month  for dinner as their reward, that is if the place is open for dinner!



21 thoughts on “Rest Rant!

  1. mxyzptlk says:

    I would say that for breakfast the best option is the Boot and Blade in Owen Sound. Other good breakfast options are at the Owen Sound Golf & Country Club and Northern Dunes also has a good breakfast for a reasonable price. At the beach I would recommend Jaffas Java Hut for breakfast and good coffee.

    Dinner options are a bit slimmer but here are a few suggestions…Rossini’s Dining Lounge in Port Elgin is excellant fine dining. In Owen Sound I would suggest Norma Jeans or Nathaniels. A bit further afield is the Mill in Thornbury.

    Not a lot of choices, but there are a few.


    • Been to the Boot and Blade and tried thier deep fried sausage thumba down on that one. I will try the Golf Clubs and let you know on them. Never been to Rossini’s and will give it a run.
      Norma Jeans is convienience food amd Nathaniels is wearing thin.
      I have been to the mill and it was great. Thanks for the tips!

      • mxyzptlk says:

        The Boot breakfast special is good; eggs, bacon, homefries, toast and coffee.

        Definately try Rossini’s it is truely the closest we have to fine dining in the area.

        Sometimes the specials at NJ’s are special.

        I haven’t been to Nat’s since the shaved hair episode.


      • THe Boot deep fries their home fries and their smoked sausage. Setting that asside the food is pretty good the service is excellent
        Iam going over to Rossini’s to give them a whirl. Iwill let you know my thoughts.

  2. yabder4 says:

    Bruce, it’s easy to figure out why a fine dining establishment cannot survive on the Peninsula. Wiarton has the distinction of having the highest percentage of poor retired people in Ontario. They resolve to supporting church dinners, not restaurants, because a $12 dinner is just that (no tax, no tip, and all volunteer help). Limit the church dinners, and there may be a few more patrons for restaurants.

    Sauble Beach caters to the young tourist, those roadhouse type that prefer a beer with their BBQ. Also, Sauble draws families that want a day at the beach, not a day of fine dining. That’s why we have an abundance of these types of establishments on the west side.

    With a only a couple of months of business possible, restaurants can’t afford the high cost of licenses and regulations that they must conform to in order to stay open.

    So, those that want fine dining know where to go, and they are located where the population will support them. Interestingly, doesn’t Georgian Bluffs have the highest percentage of retired rich in the area? That is why Owen Sound can support diverse restaurants.

    You didn’t mention the fine dining at Wiarton’s grocery store as an alternative to Tim’s. Give it a try!

    • Yes I understand your point to some extent.
      There are however a good number of folks up here traveling to far away places to eat.
      Statlander (I think that’s his name) over the other side of Thornbury is booked 3 years in advance at $150 a plate. He seems to be doing alright.
      Ted Diner in Meaford serves some great food at a reasonable price.
      There’s that quaint litlle place in Red Bay (Haven on the Bay) that is only open by invitation where they have a kitchen that is to die for and the Chef/Owner does an out standing job but no public dinning room.
      With 284,000 cars per summer going up and down to and from the ferry you cannot tell me there is no moey init.
      I have done the grocery store and it makes Frosty Queen lok good!

      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        Bruce, the Beaver Valley is full of well-to-do “sliders” with 6 figure incomes. The guy could charge $200 a plate and still be full if the ambience is good!

        My little Martians think very highly of the BBQ at Sauble in the old boat. A new menu and innovative ideas mark it as one of the few spots for a great feed.

        Nice plug for Haven – you must have realized yabder4 is 4redbay!
        Wonder if he’s a “bandit”?

        the Martian

      • Bar-b-que Bob’s serves gut plug!
        I am talking about real food with a real wine list. You know like Grovenrrs used to be.
        Somewhere you can get a meal like a good Rack of Lamb or Steaks cut to order.
        Some fresh Swordfish or Grouper. Maybe Cherries Flambe for dessert.
        Perhaps a good Roladin or even Saubratten with ginger sayce.
        Hell I be happy if I could get a good fresh made snitzel somewhere
        No say it isn’t so! Not haven on the bay?

      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        The operative phrase is like Grosverners used to be.</i?
        Didn't survive for whatever reason.

        Bar-b-que Bob’s serves gut plug!
        Maybe, but it tastes good! But then that comes from a Martian who thinks great wine has a 7+ sugar rating.

        Great schnitzel, veal or pork, is available daily in the UFO.
        Lightly breaded, paper thin – served with squeezed lemon, rosemary potatoes, baby carrots, thin-cut greenbeans with pimmento and onion – and a fine white wine that comes in a can labled Club Soda!
        40 oz, 2″ Porterhouse, marinated 3 days in Napolean Brandy, spices and peppercorn, grilled over an open fire, is available for when I’m a little hungry.
        Jamaica Blue Mountain with natural cream and demarara sugar for later – with cigars.

        You know better than to depend on others “Bruce”. Do it yourself!

        the Martian

      • Has that cream been pasturized???
        Sound like I should be boarding the UFO but would have to byob albiet I am sure the club soda would be vintage.
        I had a bowl of Cabbage Soup yesterday at the Mar Gas Station with fresh made bread toasted. Outstanding!
        Warren chatted about yesterdays and to sum it up it was a great lunch.

      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        The cream hasn’t been past yur eyes or mine!

        The club soda is East Hamilton Pop Shop 1963, one of their best.

        Hope the cabbage soup didn’t smell like Belgians Dr. Evil!

        the Martian

  3. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Can anyone recommend a real Dinning Room in the Grey Bruce area???
    I can reccomend a guy I know who does a mean roladin! I think he serves it with “Zing”! (am I the only one who remembers: “Come alive for a dollar five?)

    The dog of the month is where we can send the stupidest politician of the month for dinner as their reward,
    Stupid eats as stupid does I guess!

    And BTW, what’s wrong with deep-frying? I deep-fry cake! On this planet you call it donuts!
    I believe my planet sent you guys a hockey player named Tim – after we trained him how to cook.

    the starvin’ Martian

  4. 2censworth says:

    Tried Roadster’s Smokin Gun BBQ north of Sauble Beach? Lots of deep fried but decent breakfast, schnitzel, and a pretty good steak. Failing that how about some raw milk?

  5. yabder4 says:

    Martian’s Good. Yup, I’m for Red Bay, but no bandit, just a hungry abentee. I know the B&B tried to open as a restaurant, but were shut down just before opening day. They were all set for Saturday dinners with fixed menu, fixed price, one sitting and designed for relaxing evening with no need to rush away. Now they only serve small groups for special occasions in the off season when other restaurants are closed beause as we all know, it’s realy hard to find a restaurant that stays open once the ferry stops sailing. The chef is very active with Grey and Bruce County promoting local food growers and serves only local produce when available.
    Maybe they should host a coming out party as I see they are actively improving the front garden, no doubt supporting the local grower – John Close

    Anyway, another restaurant to try that I like is the Stone Orchid just south of Tobermory, a great vegetarian Thai restaurant amidst Beefy Bruce County.

    • A friend of mine inspected the kitchen and chatted with the Chef at the Red Bay B&B. He say’s she knows what she is doing which from him if you knew the guy is a huge compliment!
      Perhaps the Chef is close enough to Close to cook up some insight to the man.
      The Inn isn’t far from a Bootlegger I know up there so I am sure they have some good wine!
      I am a meat and tatters sort of guy but I will try the Orchid and let you know my thoughts.

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      You can thank the Health Unit for shutting down the B&B dining room before it got started! Septic system, washrooms, no smoking lounge, whatever! They’re close enough to the fine dining at McDonalds that they must think we deserve the drive.

      the Martian

  6. 43chickadee says:

    Rossini’s may have fine dining, but their advertising sucks……I cannot find them in the yellow or white pages in the phone book. I don’t live in Port Elgin, and to just drive there to “see” if the restaurant actually exists is not feasible for me. Around here, we must drive a long distance to everything, and a phone call to make reservations is a must.
    I too, long for a nice restaurant to take parents too when they visit, and just when I think I have hit a jackpot, we leave the establishment very disappointed.
    Maybe when I win the lotto, I’ll steal a chef from the GTA and open up a fabulous fine dining experience here!

  7. 43chickadee says:

    Thanks for the info.

    They are not open on Sunday’s, just Friday and Saturday’s. Maybe that is a seasonal thing for them, but I was pretty bummed out as a fancy Easter dinner with out of town family would have been such a treat.
    Oh well, now I am stuck on where to go, maybe my own house would be the perfect idea at this point.
    Have you tried anything that would be worthwhile going to? I have a VERY picky step-father who expects service at it’s finest, and meals that are top notch.

    • So call Vive La Poutine in Owen Sound they will cater to a party any size you didtate the menu the Chef arrives prepares and serves your menu your party at really good prices. As few as 8 people!


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