Multiple Sclerosis Patients Screwed Over By McDinky!

The Sheeple of the Province of Ontario, have been supporting this Liberal dictatorship far too long!

Thousands of Ontarians suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. A simple procedure known as angioplasty has been  proven to relieve albeit not cure the symptoms of the disease and yet is not available to patients in this country and I ask you why?

Over 1000 MS patients have received the treatment world-wide and the positive impact on quality of life is widespread and compelling. The angioplasty procedure is commonly used to address other medical conditions and is a relatively inexpensive and non-invasive procedure.  As you may know, there is no claim that the procedure constitutes a cure of MS and it is vital that research continue to determine those root causes.

The right of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers to access testing for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (blocked veins in the head and neck) and the subsequent angioplasty procedure to free the blood flow should to be a major priority for any government in this country.

Jordan is treating their Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed people with angioplasty for CCSVI. 
Many MS patients will become contributing members of society again. They can return to normal, active, independent living – benefiting everyone within the family circle.

 This is not a new treatment but rather Angioplasty has been around for approximately 40 years. It is known that this simple procedure is denied to only one group of Canadians – those carrying the diagnosis of “Multiple Sclerosis”.

The procedure can cost a patient between 18 and 20 thousand dollars in other third world countries. However, Ontario will not contribute on dime to the Patients expense. Yet Ontarian’s brag about our wonderful healthcare system.

Even Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall bolstered his support for a controversial multiple sclerosis treatment , predicting clinical trials could launch in the province as early as next year.

Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty said he’d like to see more than anecdotal evidence supporting the procedure. “It’s very interesting. I think it holds some promise and our responsibility now is to work together and make sure that it in fact is something that we should be supporting,” he said, while refraining from criticizing Saskatchewan’s move. “I think it’s good news that Saskatchewan has decided they want to take a lead on this.” Liberal bullshit for not a penny people.

But he won’t write a cheque. Instead the Ministry of Health is busy arresting farmers for selling their products to the public. and building 40 million dollar offices while paying Hazel $300,000 per year plus expenses.You know the people that say Radio Active waste is OK, but Raw milk is bad!

MS Society spends 48% of the monies you donate and collect for them on administration, fundraising and management but yet not a dime to fund people suffering from this horrific disease to obtain the treatment that is readily available in other countries.

The Fact of the matter is that this province is denying an effective interim solution to the people of this province contrary to the our Charter, more particularly Section 15 (1)  Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and the equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability.

So ante up your HST, the sixty bucks for a bottle and 40 dollars for a case of beer knowing that we have a great healthcare system that cares more about shutting down farm gate than caring for thousands of people who at best are wheel chair bound and at worst dead from this disease.

Send an email to Adolf McDinky and thank him for caring!  Better yet vote the bastard out next year!

By the way Michael Schmidt supports the funding of angioplasty in Ontario! Don’t know about Mark or Bill Walker.



Have a look at this:

and this!/notes/ccsvi-in-multiple-sclerosis/the-isnvd-and-ccsvi-seminar-reflections-by-dr-david-hubbard/419325257210


A little Ditty

So Mark has left for Queens Park

In an effort to seek some gold

Dan the Man is retirering

At least that’s what we’ve been told

Art is after the Back Room Bandits

It’s justice he does seek

Ana the Banana will run again

as our interest begins to peak

Bootlegger Wray can’t make up his mind

And Stan just doesn’t know

While the Red Harron is just cranky

and Betty won’t let it go

Rhonda has made King Shit

her fate yet to be seen

That leaves Gwen Gilbert

Shall she remain the Queen

The Election is a comin

of that there is no doubt

the elctorate  is complacent

put them in or vote them out

Yes we have the plovers

playing in the sand

the sewers are a pending

to clean this broken land

At Sauble there’s a rumblin

its blood that they do seek

the leaders will survive

the others are all to weak

And so the saga goes

How its going to end up

Heaven only knows

Here is an interesting story that kinda sorta fits:


Soldier fights fine for sharing pig

This story was published by

The following story, titled “Defending our Constitutional right to freedom of choice — MNR undercover sting operation: sharing of a single home-slaughtered pig” is from Canada Free Press and is credited to the Ontario Landowners:

Michael Schmidt helped Mark Tijssen with his defense July 8th, on charges relating to sharing a pig. 

“The Carlsbad Springs MNR meat scandal goes back to court; this time with help from recently acquitted dairy farmer Michael Schmidt of Grey-Bruce. Mark Tijssen will be appearing at 13:30 on July 8th at the courthouse at 100 Constellation Crescent in Ottawa’s west end. Tijssen is facing four charges stemming from a lengthy undercover sting operation in November 2009 relating to the sharing of a single home-slaughtered pig.

Michael Schmidt and Mark Tijssen during Michael’s visit to Carlsbad Springs earlier this month. Here they are standing beside Mark’s smoke house, where he smokes the meat to give it a special flavour.

 Schmidt became well known because of a similar undercover sting operation by MNR and was charged with the crime of selling milk. Michael acted as his own lawyer in court was exonerated on all 19 charges that he faced in January of this year. Like Schmidt, Mark Tijssen is a firm believer in food choice, and has opted to request a trial in order to defend himself in court. Schmidt says “I am happy to be able to support Mark in defence of another government sting operation. The MNR’s modus operandi remind me far more of a police state dictatorship than the free and democratic society which we are supposed to enjoy.” Tijssen is delighted to have Michael at his side as he engages in a battle for freedom that he never anticipated during his 25 year military career. Tijssen says “Michael’s vast experience is going to make all the difference in the world. Facing this type of battle on your own is a nightmare. Having someone who has not only fought this battle, but won, gives me tremendous confidence.”

 Tijssen and Schmidt were united through the Ontario Landowners Association, an organization dedicated to supporting rural values and property rights….”

 For background here’s an excerpt from an earlier story on the same case from titled “Soldier fights fine for sharing pig“, by Justin Sadler, QMI agency:

Michael Schmidt and Mark Tijssen stand in front on the alleged “scene of the crime”, Mark’s garage.

 “OTTAWA – A Carlsbad Springs man was just being neighbourly when he shared a side of pork with a friend.

 Now he is going to trial in an Ottawa court on charges under Ontario’s food safety laws.

 On Thursday, Mark Tijssen, a major in the Canadian Forces, declined the opportunity to plead guilty to four charges under the province’s Food Safety and Quality Act stemming from an investigation that was launched after an anonymous complaint by a neighbour was filed with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

 The complainant alleged Tijssen and a friend purchased a pig, slaughtered it and shared the meat, something he readily admits.

 “I grew up killing animals for meat. I grew up on a farm in southern Ontario and somewhere along the line in the last half dozen years our Ontario government has decided that’s not a safe thing to do,” he said of the food safety laws — enacted between 2001 and 2005 — that prohibit the practice of sharing home-slaughtered meat.

 Tijssen belongs to a group of local churchgoers who butcher their own meat for safety reasons. It is legal to slaughter an animal for personal consumption, but not to share the meat.

 MNR officials seized about 18 kgs of pork from his friend as she left his place in Carlsbad Springs on Nov. 11, 2009, and then raided his property two days later with police. Tijssen faces one charge each of failing to have an animal inspected before and after slaughter, running an unlicensed slaughterhouse and illegally distributing meat.

 If he had pleaded guilty Thursday, he would have paid a nominal fine of about $1,000. Instead, he’ll fight for his right to food security.

 “At a certain point principle kicks in and right is right and wrong is wrong,” he said….”

 Read it all on

 And from a more recent Sun Media story by the same journalist:

 “….Bolstering Tijssen’s case is 54-year-old Durham region dairy farmer and raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt. He was charged when his cow-share co-op, which provides about 150 partial owners with raw, unpasturized milk, was raided in 2006.

 His case made international headlines and in January, he was acquitted of 19 charges of distributing raw milk and raw milk products.

 “I will stand by him and support him and help him through this,” Schmidt said. “Really it has nothing to do with protecting the public. It is simply about corporate control of our food supply.”

 Tijssen will be back in court Sept. 16….”

 According to Michael Schmidt, when they went into court on July 8th, it was clear the judge was expecting Mark to plead guilty. However, because the trial will involve a constitutional challenge, the next step in this case will be a pre-trial hearing September 16th.


Parting words — “Back off, government”

 Thanks to Michael Schmidt for the pictures.


Michael Schmidt and Back to Basics!

There are times in everyone’s life that things get all messed up! You come to realization that you have overly complicated your life have gotten off track and just don’t know which way to turn

For some, this crisis point is their marriage or their money or perhaps their career.All you know at the time is you need to change something.

Now some people go nuts, some hide, some deny and just keep on going while others may self destruct. Fortunately, the majority go back to where they started and rebuild making improvements and ultimately end up in a better place.

Michael Schmidt, had run this comparison with our Country! In the Province of Ontario today there are over 500,000 regulations that have been created by NGO’s (Non Government Organizations) British Columbia has 250,000.

Now these organizations create regulations with the best intent. The road to hell is paved with good intentinons.

 The NEC was created to protect the Niagara Escarpment, the health authority was created to protect the health of our communities, the Conservation Authorities were created to protect nature, marketing Boards were created to protect market and assure production. But there is a problem with all of this! With 500,000 regulations being adopted at what point does it become clear that these regulations are in fact hurting things they were designed to protect amongst other things.

In Germany, before the war, regulations were created by similar bodies. By organizations like the Gestapo. A security organization designed to protect the economy of the nation. They created Auschwitz. Today the world knows that was not a good idea.

There is a fine line between protection and domination. We have to ask ourselves where that line is.

Is it fair for a Non-government Organization, to seize property by regulation without compensating in some way the owner of the land. Granted we must protect our enviroment, but at the same time if you had worked all your life and purchased a piece of property to retire on, built a house and garden and were happy, and a government  appointed trustee, decided that your property was Wetland and your rights to use the property as you saw fit were depleted to the point that they told you what trees you could plant and where you could put topsoil or what you could do with your land, or what color of shingle you could use. Would you not be a little upset?

When a government decides that we as people do not have the right to make contracts between ourselves for such things as food and shelter, are they not impeding our freedom just a little?

When the government of the day establishes organizations which implement laws by way of regulations that no elected official has ever voted on, are things getting a little out of hand?

When those organizations decide that it is safe to allow nuclear waste on your streets,  but illegal to allow people to choose what they eat or drink, do you think there might be something wrong?

When the Chief Medical Officer says that waste can be shipped over our fresh water supply, but we cannot buy cheese or milk because it could be harmful to your health. Yet at the same time allows raw sewage to be dumped into Owen Sound Harbour because the sewage treatment plant built by engineers paid by us, underestimated the size needed to service the community.

Schmidt has come to the realization that things are out of control. He declared a Back to Basics program where in which we stop and look at what has been done and re-evaluate where we are before going forward.

Drive through the small towns of this Province and look at the boarded up stores, the unfarmed land, the closed factories and the unemployed. Something has gone wrong!  You don’t have to go far, try Owen Sound first.  The empty stores on 2nd Ave are a telltale sign. Or may be the Pittsburg Glass building sitting empty. The lack of available affordable housing might be a sign that something is wrong.

For the past twenty-two years we have been sliding into a big black hole and have done nothing to stop it except to pass laws which regulate any growth and tax the hell out of anything that is growing.

Are we as a people at the point here where we are prepared to lay down and let things continue to spiral down into the abyss without trying to stop it. Can we allow another Auschwitz to be built for our own protection?

I think not! I think we have to get Back to Basics, where family was the most important thing. When Sunday dinner was something more than a pizza bought on sale at no frills.

To a  time when a man did an honest days work for an honest day’s pay. Where the divorce rate was less than 3 out of five.

I think we have overly complicated our lives by allowing regulations dictate what we can eat or drink or do.

I think its time for Michael Schmidt to get down to Queens Park and start to clean things up. To change the way law is written and to put some common sense back into play.

I think Michael Schmidt is capable of bringing control back to where it belongs, to us locally, not left to some simple serpent in the ivory towers of Toronto.

Support Michael Schmidt in his quest to get things Back to Basics,  its time!


Dumb and Dumber

Just when you thought you heard Council say the dumbest ever they keep on talking!

In an effort to save time, like they need to save time as they spend every spare minute they have stabbing each other in the back, they decided they want to give the Department heads authority to go ahead and pay bills without supervision.

That is to say if a project is approved and the budget passed for a particular project, they won’t have Council review before the bill gets paid.

Hold on there babba louie! This opens the door for all kinds of abuse!

We elect these guys to oversee the actions of staff and prevent abuse. Kinda hard if they already have been paid don’t ya think.

I am not suggesting that the existing staff would do any thing that sneaky, but gee aren’t these the same people who are suppose to keep accurate minutes of meetings?? Ops guess they let that one slip!

Now you are allowing them to make decisions to pay bills without a final review by the people we elect,  Priceless!!

“Oh gee its 4:30 god to go meet the guys at Tim’s, I will just sign off on this last invoice and get outta here, nobody will know the difference anyway!”

Council is responsible for millions of dollars of our money and they want to pass the buck to a Civil Servant who basically has to sink the town ship to get fired.

Handing the vault keys to someone who works 9 to 4 and can’t get fired is not my idea of good business practice!

Get a grip! Spend less time thinking how to screw the Mayor over and do the job you were elected to do and supervise staff!



Copy of Kings Motion!

For the record, so there can be no misunderstanding:

Whereas Paragraph 83 of the Ombudsman report states that council neglected to make any mention in open session of the fact that it had voted to remove the mayor from the CAO negotiating team.

 And whereas Paragraph 92 of the Ombudsman report states that a number of items were added to the agenda at the last minute, in contravention of the town’s procedure bylaw. No prior notice was given of these subjects. There was no discussion during the closed session suggesting that these matters required urgent attention and the procedural requirements were not suspended as provided for in the by-law. Accordingly, these issues should not have been discussed at that time. There was no prior notice that council would be considering the CAO negotiating team in closed session, and this topic was not identified in the resolution authorizing the closed session. Under the circumstances, discussion of this matter was also improper.

 And whereas Paragraph 93 of the Ombudsman report states that the council members in attendance that night clearly violated the Municipal Act 2001 and this vote did not come within the exceptions to the general prohibition against voting in closed session.

 And whereas Paragraph 94 of the Ombudsman report states the people of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula are entitled to expect that council, as well as each individual member of council, will abide by the Municipal Act 2001 and the town’s procedure by-law when conducting closed meetings.

 And whereas Section A2.4.1 of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula Procedural Bylaw states that the clerk shall record without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceeds of the council.

 And whereas Section 274. (1) of the Municipal Act says that if a municipality so requests by resolution, a judge of the Superior Court of Justice shall:

(a)     investigate any supposed breach of trust or other misconduct of a member of council, an employee of the municipality or a person having a contract with the municipality in relation to the duties or obligations of that person to the municipality:

(b)    inquire into any matter connected with the good government of the municipality: or

(c)     inquire into the conduct of any part of the public business of the municipality

 Therefore be it resolved that the Town of South Bruce Peninsula request a judge of the Superior Court of Justice to investigate the council meeting on the evening of September 22, 2009 in that a supposed breach of trust by a member of council(deputy chair) or an employee(Clerk) of the municipality occurred.


Three Cheers for Art King!

Okay so Council had nothing to say about Rhonda and there was no Bylaw brought forward re: the CAO. Good thing because there was only about tn people there from the public! Where were you all????

As for Art King, he filed a motion to be heard and discussed on August 24, 2010 at 10:00 A.M. calling for a Judicial Review of Council and its members regarding the Ombudsman’s Report.

He tried to have it heard at this meeting but was kick over at the recommendation of staff so that the Public could make input.

All I can say is it is about time!!

I doubt that the motion will pass as the Back Room Bandits will vote it down in all likelihood. That is if of course if there is no PUBLIC INPUT.

A Judicial review could result in charges being laid against anyone who broke the law. Now this is a good thing. It will set an example for the next Council to follow. But again if there is no Public support they will get away with voting down the motion.

It will also give cause in my opinion for Council not to pass the Bylaw hireling Rhonda Cook as CAO. Another good thing.

The bottom line is that this will set a president as well as give the Bandits heartburn should the motion pass.

This bullshit of YOU DO AS WE SAY AND NOT AS WE DO, has to stop. If we are required to obey the law so should the members of Council and staff.

So be there August 24, 2010 10:00 AM or be prepared to be screwed over.

Let work together and set that precedent! It will be the first step to getting good government locally and perhaps get a message to all politicians that we are sick of their nonsense.