Rest Rant 3 The Smokin Gun

Now I am trying to be objective here, cause I take food very seriously.

I did lunch at the Smokin Gun last Saturday about 1:00 PM, the place was empty, maybe four tables.

It appeared to have no Air Conditioning as the doors were open the fans blowing loudly. Couldn’t hear ourselves over the fan. Guess it’s better cool and silent that warm and hear.

The waitress was outstandingly friendly. She presented herself well and was reasonably professional.

The menu was typical, I thought I was at Mamma Browns, same as every other trough up here. Burgers, fries sandwiches.

I was temped to try the Monti Cristo but thought better of it as the place was hot and humid.

I went with a BLT and a salad on Brown Toasted, my guests went with burgers. Ops!

The Sandwich was ok nothing special the bacon was left over from breakfast the tomatoes thin and the lettuce wilted.The bread was store-bought and the salad was a joke.

The burgers were premade from frozen but juicy. The fries were frozen and fried as opposed to fresh-cut.

Did I mention the service was good??

The salad consisted of wilted lettuce, chopped dried out celery, a chunk of tomatoe on a sandwich plate.

At least they had Heinz ketchup for the burgers and the Coffee was good but not great.

Not as bad as Mamma Browns but in the same ball park I Rate it -5!

I will maybe go back to try the whitefish for dinner, but I won’t go out of my way!



8 thoughts on “Rest Rant 3 The Smokin Gun

  1. mxyzptlk says:

    You really should quit wasting your time and beaver pelts and head down to Rossini’s … 🙂

    • I fully intend to I have to go to Port next week I will eat and report.
      The purpose of the Rest Rant is hopefully to get the locals to clean up thier act and try to pretend they are in the service industry.
      I intent to eat and report as I go regardless.

  2. cityhog says:

    Been there twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. My beef is that they should have to change their sign, because both times they didn’t have any barbecue. The only mention of barbecue on the menu is in their name. I suggested to the server that the owner should whiteout the restaurants name on the menu so that people are not misled. Oh yeah, the other food was just ok, but not much appeared to be scratch built.

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