The Jury is In on Council Actions!

The Ontario Ombudsman’s report has been completed with respect to the investigation into whether the Town of South Bruce Peninsula Council improperly held closed meetings.

The investigation executed by Andre Marin at the request of Mayor Gwen Gilbert was filed with the town on July 8, 2010 and review by COW on July 20, 2010.

The report condemns the actions of Councillor Lamont (The Red Bay Bandit) for bringing motions without notice contrary to the towns procedural bylaw in an effort to appoint a Manager Financial Services.

The Bandit and his merry men breeches procedure by voting in a motion to add the matter to the agenda. He went on to say that “the minutes do not record what transpired in any detail!”

Guess that statement in itself proves that incompetents of the civil servants that are employed to keep records and the devious nature of a few councilors in their efforts to get what they want.

The irony here is that certain members of Council in essence conspired with certain members of staff to achieve an objective with absolutely no regard for the rules and or that is good for the Town.

These mental midgets, had the nerve to demand an apology  from Mayor Gwen Gilbert for her efforts to expose their antics through the press.


The procedural Bylaw is a Law, the same as impaired driving is a law. If you break the law and get caught you get busted! Their action was to condemn the cop that caught them by way of humiliation.

I guess you could say that they have been caught and are now criminals as they did break the law.

The Criminals of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, with the exception of Mayor Gwen Gilbert and Art King, went even further and rescinded the Resolution passed that was dubious at best in the first place a week later and had the balls to censure the Mayor for her reporting their criminal activities to the press. Further a week or so later rescinded the resolution censuring the Mayor.

What a bunch of Bozo’s!

Adding insult to injury these Criminals lead by the Red Bay Bandit himself, pulled the same stunt on September 22, where in closed session without the Mayor being present, removed Mayor Gwen Gilbert for the negotiating committee !

Gee that makes them repeat offenders!

The Ombudsman said “In the case of the September 22, meeting there was no specific vote during the open session to suspend the normal rules of procedure and allow the addition of these item”. What the hell in for a penny in for a pound.

As part of his summary the Ombudsman state d “Regrettably, I am left with the impression that the very public conflict amongst certain factions of this council has effected the propriety of its meetings.”  Ya think???

paragraph 93 of the ombudsman Report clearly identify the disregard of the law displayed by the Red Bay Bandit and his merry men.

They were given a verbal lashing and that was that. Now just a minute here if we break the law we go to jail or get a fine these criminals get a verbal blast and told to be nice and go home. Ya think there is a double standard here??

At the very least there should be a public apology by Criminals to Mayor Gwen Gilbert and I think that would be a start. I think they all should be dismissed and an election held right now as a matter of fact. I

If these criminals cannot respect the law and they are our leaders what meaning does any law have to the common man. Is it do as we say not as we do??

The law is we must buy garbage bag tags, do we just say screw that and drop the garbage off at city hall addressed to Mr. Lamont. You know garbage in garbage out.! If they don;t follow their rules why should we?

Council Members owe Mayor Gwen Gilbert an apology, she was right they were wrong! Fess up you irresponsible bastards!




3 thoughts on “The Jury is In on Council Actions!

  1. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Well that’s certainly one way to spin the report “Bruce”. Others who read the whole thing will interpret it differently!

    One thing is sure.
    Comedy is unusual people in real situations while farce is real people in unusual situations.
    This whole council, top to bottom is a farce, and their comedy is becoming tiresome.

    <b<Simple Answer?
    1)Vote them all out!
    2)Elect people who show common sense and an ability to play nice in the sandbox – and you won’t see temper tantrums and front page headlines, or need ombudsman’s reports!

    the Martian

  2. purplevalleyfisher says:

    There is no interpretation…it is pretty clear the 5 were and and will be wrong….and they continue to act as they are not and will not have to be accountable……we’ll see you kids on election night when your past comes back to haunt you.

  3. amartiannamedsmith says:

    As will yours!

    the Martian

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