The Party System Has Failed because…

Hey I am a Liberal or Hey I am a Green I couldn’t possibly support the PC’s because of Mike Harris or Brian Mulroney or what ever!!

Reality check boys and girls!

Bruce Grey is PC country! They will win the next Provincial Election I have no doubt.

The issue is who is going to represent this area after the election. The nomination process is where the candidate is chosen. If you are a Green or a Liberal or a NDP it is totally moot if you don’t win the Riding.

All of the above should participate in the nomination process for each other because if your Party doesn’t win then you at least have some input with the winning Party.

Think about it, even if there is the slightest chance that your party of choice may lose wouldn’t it be good to have made input on the wining Candidate.

We only get a government as good as we get if we participate.

Now you may not agree with the PC Party but if they win your are stuck with whom ever they nominate and make as their leader. In our case the Choices are Mark Wunderlick, Bill Walker or Michael Schmidt. I don’t care who you vote for come election day that is your business, however if the PC”s nomiate a lap dog and they win the election then you are stuck with a lap dog like or not.

Bill Walker has been a Liberal since forever, but all of a sudden he is PC. Wunderlick has been a Municipal Government for ten years and a PC since he was knee-high to a grasshopper but he is now running for Queens Park. Schmidt has been a Green federally for a while, flirted with the Liberals but has chosen the PC’s because he believes they will win and it gets him to where the real damage is done.

Now if you are a Green or a Liberal wouldn’t it make sense to participate in the nomination of the PC candidate? At least then if the PC’s win you have the inside track.

Fact of the matter is getting Michael Schmidt nominated keeps Wunderlick and Walker out. The fact is that Schmidt has fought both the Liberals and the Conservative for the last fifteen years in his ongoing Court battle with the Province. He has beaten them regardless of the odds and who was in power. Both Walker and Wunderlick have never faced the challenges that Schmidt has.  Schmidt , you can be assured is not going to be a Lap dog to the old boys should he get to Queens Park. He is Bill Murdock on steroids! He will make a difference.

Now vote for what ever party you want to,  but get Schmidt nominated with the PC’s just on the off-chance that I am right about who is going to be elected.

Understand I participate in the nomination process for all of the Parties because I want to be sure that in case  I am wrong that I have some input as to who is going to represent my interest in Queens Park.

 Buy a membership with the PC’s and support Michael Schmidt on the nomination night of October 6, regardless of what party you support. Michael Schmidt will listen to you and is the best man for the job of representing  Bruce Grey. If I am right with my prediction you won’t be sorry! If I am wrong it won’t matter.



37 thoughts on “The Party System Has Failed because…

  1. 2censworth says:

    I recently met Michael Schmidt. He seemed like a very intelligent, thoughtful guy who has a lot of good ideas. Not exactly Mr Dynamo. More like Buford Pusser….walk quietly with a big stick.

    Michael is my choice for the PC nomination, but he needs to get on the stump and increase his visibility. Very few people know him, and even fewer could tell you why Michael is the preferred candidate over Wonderlick or Walker. That needs to change real soon, or we’ll end up with the PC candidate with the nicest 8×10 glossy.

  2. Bruce I think you are a Liberal trying to dupe us into chosing the rawmilker because if that happens the Liberals have my vote.

    • The only red you will find in this arena is that on my face as my blood boils and my viens pop because some Pinko Commie Bastard mentioned the word Liberal or McpinkocomieDinky!

      Schmidt is going to be in Sauble later this month for a public meeting. He has challanged Walker and Wunderlick to a open forum debate.
      I suggest you go and meet him for yourself before you call hm rawmilker! You will find he is about a lot more than milk!

      However if indeed you are a Liberal and openly admit to that fact in public, bring varsol cause I hear it works well on tar and feathers 🙂


  3. 2censworth says:

    bikeatthebeach eh….preserve those seagulls and Canada poopers too? Kick the kite-boarders out of town and raise everybody’s taxes?

  4. BRUCE tell your man to lose the hat get a shirt and tie and look like he is ready for Queens Park.It also would not hurt if he had some ideas other than raw milk for every glass. Todays politician is all about image. I rest my case.

    • You want yet anotherpolitician then support Wunderlick or Walker!
      You want somebody to get shit done then deal with Schmidt!
      Your ignorance of the facts are are made clear withyour comment.
      So go ride your bike and watch your life be regulated to comrade status!
      Or understand what Schmidt really stands for!

  5. onthebruce says:

    Just where would one find the time to attend three nominations?

    The sad reality of politics in Canada is that you get to Vote for Bob or Bob or Bob. Bob gets elected and another Bob tells your Bob how to vote. The only thing we do not know is, who is pulling top Bob’s strings. Kinda like Russia, vote for Nikita or – – – –

    This country is in need of a major political shakeup that will strip the party system of their power to control our Bob.

  6. 2censworth says:

    Think of the milk battle as a graduation degree for Schmidt. He took an issue (which he obviously believes in) and demonstrated he had the tenacity and intelligence to plan and execute an attack, and he won. So if we agree with his politics we should send him to Toronto unless we can support one of the others even more-so. I don’t know of anything close to Schmidt’s accomplishments from the other candidates.

  7. thedodge says:

    What does he stand for?

    Barn cats like raw milk. You can probably sell them memberships. As for the people who worship at the church of raw milk I think they are a little off the bubble. Probably not as reliable as cats but you could sell a few memberships anyway.

    E coli 0157:H7 from cattle guts causes complete renal failure in humans. There is a reason why we allow no E. coli in our drinking water. It gets into milk though because not every milk parlour is just perfect 24/7. There is a reason whey we have been pasturizing for a 100 years or so.

    So for intelligent people I am not sure if that church has any. Oh well as long as the immune system is working perfectly there is no problem right? So a lot of people in this church actually live to voting age as the immune system really starts to go off the rails in a few older folks.

    So lets say he gets annointed by a bunch of smart cats and a few who were baptised in the stainless coolers. He has had provincial coverage….on the one issue. He is known locally …on the one issue.

    Thing is to a lot of people his big issue doesn’t look real smart in general terms.

    Now Hudak needs a bigger profile we can agree on that. I bet he would rather not step in the raw milk quicksand. In terms of what Schmidt can contribute I bet the PCs are looking for something with general appeal.

    How will Schmidt fit that requirement?


    • Why thedodge for a man I have always considered to be a pretty smart guy, I am surprised to see such a small minded posting!
      As I am sure you are aware big brother banned raw milk in the 30’s when tecknology wos in its infancy.
      The only real reason for pasturized milk products today is shelf like. Have a look at Food Inc..
      To suggest that Schmidt’s issue is about milk, is to suggest the only topic you indulge in is sewers.
      Schmidt’s arguement is about freedom of choice, about property rights and about over regulation.
      If indeed you are comfortable with over regulation and Civil Servants having rights to write law unhindered then I guess you would prefer the term theComrade as apposed to thedodge.
      His rivals for the position Wunderlick and Walker, have never really seen challanges in their lives remotely compared to Schmict, who stood his ground victoriously despite all odds.
      How ever if you support pretty boy lap dogs make your choiceand live with it.
      Kinda sorta like a guy fighting city hall against sewers that he didn’t want only worse.
      Have you ever spoken to Schmidt?? I very much doubt it or you blissful ignorance would not be so prevelant.

    • fugdacat says:

      Hey draft dodgi
      The cat is realy impressed with your IQ (translated just for you ,it means brain usage)
      Your e coli argument is dead since Maple Leaf culled over 20 people. I know your memory is limited.
      Schmidti has been cleared by the court so f u self with e coli and regulate the world to eat your own shit.
      You might ask Schmidti himself ,if you have the guts ,what he stands for. Oh m god if that’s the voters average IQ than we are f……..kt

    • mxyzptlk says:

      Sorry Dodge, I must disagree. The raw milk controversy is really about freedom of choice. That way, you can buy pasturized milk for you cheerios and someone else can, if they so choose, purchase raw milk for their cereal. I drank raw milk from a neighbour farm for at least 5 years without any ill effects. When he retired, we switched to regular store bought milk. Again, it is about freedom of choice, something we have very little of these days.

      I doubt very seriously that you support Mark ‘Sue The Bastards’ Wunderlich.

      That leaves Mr Walker. Why would he be a better choice than Mr Schmidt?

      You might not even vote PC, but as Bruce has stated elsewhere, you can vote Green, but a PC will most certainly get elected. So, what are your thoughts on the best choice for our PC rep?


  8. Good on you Dodge. On this issue for his chosen candidate Bruce just does not get it. Perhaps he has been drinking the milk or maybe he needs a cool day at the beach to get out of the heat.

  9. The Great Spirts are at the south end of the beach.

  10. We are going to send them to Haiti to catch up and help Mayor Gilbert who has gone there to help solve their water problems. Perhaps when she is done she can bring home the technology to clean up the problems in her own feifdom.

  11. mschmidtpc says:

    Thanks for all the compliments. I am amazed how narrow some people look at the world. IF Government decides tomorrow that everybody has to drink 1% pasteurized UHT milk, would those here on the blog just say amen , or would they start questioning what happened to their right to choose.
    The milk case is settled, the court has spoken. get over it and look what the real issues are.
    Over regulation
    Over taxing
    Over spending
    How can one even think that any kind of revival in rural Ontario can take place if we are strangled with these conditions.
    I am here not to promise you spending and heaven on earth, I just focus on the solution. Back to Basics
    Do not waste your energy to shoot some one down who has absolutely no intention to buy into the political whitewash.
    IF you have a problem with me fighting for basic liberties lets argue in the open.

  12. thedodge says:

    Hey I was serious about the cats getting a membership….. I don’t vote here but I asked a question. What will Schmidt do when it comes to a spring bear hunt or reversing the HST or the so called green taxes or millions of dollars to subsidize Toronto subways and buses sucked out of pockets of people who don’t go near the place.

    He won’t make decisions they are made by Hudak and the inner circle and he will be told how to vote. What will he do then will he toe the party line or vote his own way even if it means being locked out of the PC party? Is he like Murdoch?

    That is what I want to know. How will he put the PCs out front? We have to do something about the Toronto Liberals or mcG will get back in in spite of his constant lies.

    To answer the question.
    The other two are non starters but I am curious about Schmidt. My home riding is PC and Murdoch carried the banner also but the party just kept shooting itself in the foot. Fringe school funding lost them the election last time.

    In my younger days I have eaten enough manure cleaning out barns with a loader tractor and bedding feeder cattle to know my immune system works fine. It is the ones who are a little weaker who need the standards we accept for milk. That concept escapes many.


    • Schmidt is Murdoch on steriods!
      If he wins he will be in Cabinet as a minister.
      We don’t know what he will achieve we do know where he has been and the fact is he didn’t quit until he got where he wanted to go!
      I suggest you call him speak to the man and see for yourself.
      He is a winner I spent a lot of time with him and I am sold!
      Enail me and I will provide to you his direct line.

  13. thesonofturner says:

    Dodge, the take I get on it is that Schmidt is NOT against pasteurized milk. He is against denying the right to choose raw milk for those who want it.

    The current mindset seems to think that if a few people are allergic to peanuts, then NONE of us should have the right to a PB&J for lunch if that’s what we want.

    Myself, I have seen far too much infringement of personal choice and liberty from members of the PC party (federally more than provincially, I admit) to EVER vote PC.

    Joining the PC’s to work for improvement from within ONLY works if there is a policy worth salvaging and if enough party members can be convinced to follow the suggestions provided…

    • Cancer starts on the inside with one little cell and eventually dominates the whole body.
      In this area PC is the party that will win the riding no doubt about it.
      The fastest way to Queens Park is the winning party.
      You can have all the ieals in the world but if you are not there or in the mainstream your ideals and a dollar will get you a rather poor quality cigar!

      • thesonofturner says:

        By the same token, and at equal value, selling out your ideals for nothing more than having input to a (not my words) failed system is a sheeple trait.

        To me, the simple fact is: Which party is most likely to continue its tradition of incarcerating/criminalizing Canadian citizens for indulging in the recreational drug of their own choosing? Which party is least likely to allow its own citizens the freedom to choose what substances to ingest, whether it be a plant, a seed, a cut of beef, or raw milk?

        Whatever ideals a party CLAIMS to hold, their actions are what I judge them by, and I find them lacking.

      • This is why Michael Schmidt must get to Queens Park. Freedom of Choice is the issue. This is his mandate!

      • thesonofturner says:

        But, as I pointed out, freedom of choice is NOT the mandate of the Conservatives. It is an ideal they claim to hold, but they have managed to fail miserably at actually upholding it in their actions.

        As much as I defend my father, if he was to run in a riding I was eligible to vote in, I would not vote for him as a Conservative.

      • Oh I see! But the Liberals, the NDP and the Greens are better?
        If you want to change the way government is, unfortunately you have to work within the main line structure.
        The reality is that the PC are going to win thisw riding. Better to participate and get in than to whine bitch and moan not get in and let them carry on with thier antic’s without challange.

  14. thesonofturner says:

    The Liberals, at least federally, DO fall closer to my ideals (and went so far as to start the ball rolling on some freedoms instead of spending more money on their failed “get tough on crime” distraction). The NDP are well-meaning, but not overly based in the real world, and the Greens do not appeal to me at all.

    That still does not drive me to join the PC’s based solely on the premise that they are a sure win. Being on the winning side for no other reason than a perceived winning position, regardless of what that position is, makes about as much sense as buying a $400 pair of denims to dig a new honey pit, or joining a neo-nazi extremist group to have an input on the subject of human rights.

    • Being on the team that doesn’t win makes you nothing more than a blogger!
      Being a Liberal supporter, gives you the status of scum on the shoe of a blogger.
      Being an NDP supporter makes you the slim on the scum of the shoe of a blogger.
      Being a Green supporter makes you the fuzz on the slim on the scum on the shoe of a blogger! 🙂
      Being a Conservative supporter, makes you the target of a Bogger!

  15. thesonofturner says:

    Holding an ideal in spite of its possible unpopularity is part of what defines someone who is capable of non-herd thought processes.

    As to the rest, too much wool involved to matter a rat’s share to someone such as this mid-40’s pothead with a greying mohawk and a rabid libertarian for an old man.

    Join the herd if you must, but it hardly seems worthy of you to espouse such a thought, although it DOES seem a rather common conservative trait now that I think on it.

    • What can you accomplish from outside the box.
      Cancer begins within.
      Got to get inside to make change. From the outside we can just bitch and moan!

      • thesonofturner says:

        Its still no different from cleaning a bunged up septic tank by jumping in with a trowel, Bruce…Yes, you may have success, but chances are that a better solution is to call a vac truck and do a proper job.

      • Be that as it may the only solution is to give it a shot!
        What do we haqve to lose???
        Ahort of an armed revolt, oh wait guns are not allowed here, what are the alternatives???

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