Letter to Bruce re: CAO/South Bruce Peninsula

Much has been written about the dysfunctional council of SBP but FEW ratepayers in the community are aware of the specific inadequacies.  SBPC has now been compared with Meaford council at its worst.

Let me share with you some of the insights gleaned from raising the question why as it relates to many of the issues.

The “Klingon” philosophy of pushing personal agenda has been the underpinning of the high cost of consistent repetition.  Mistakes are one source of costs but there are many others.  The need for callbacks to CoW meetings is totally unnecessary and should be stopped.  When an issue is discussed and voted on (straw vote or otherwise) it should precipitate action and not be forever brought back to the table, regardless whether it is the Mayor or any of her councillors.  I certainly won’t take the time to list all of these costly delays (check the website for listings) so let’s pick a couple of glaring examples. 

The CAO  – The first CAO to serve after the amalgamation was put in on a temporary basis.  The coming together of our communities in the interest of economy was a new ballgame.  When the trial period was over it should have become evident that SBP does NOT need a CAO – what it needs is a strong office manager who knows something about organization, efficiency and how to direct a clerk**   Other municipalities such as Kitchener have fewer councillors to run the City’s business with a population of almost a quarter of a million.

The previous CAO should never have been hired in the first place because the due diligence was incomplete.  We must however, blame the previous council – so let’s move on.  We now find ourselves as ratepayers writing a cheque for a totally unnecessary expense.  The cost of hiring an HR consultant to find a new CAO, then ignoring applicants and decline from choosing the most qualified person.  The reason we question WHY is simple.  The council had already made the Clerk acting CAO.  Either she could handle the job or she couldn’t???  Why was the appropriate action not taken then?  Call it “Cronyism” or “Let’s get even with the Mayor” or whatever you will…but it’s not a decision that is in the best interest of the ratepayers.  It is a reflection of a petty, revengeful, incompetent group of five.

Council – what in the world were you thinking?  Is there anyone on Council who understands qualifications and pay grades?  

It’s a sad note for all.  When is this Council going to act and vote in the interest of ALL ratepayers?

** More about this in my next letter.

Respectfully, Gordon M. MacDonald – South Bruce Peninsula July 31, 2010


Great Debate Insight

Ground level Comparison

Mark Wunderlich

Town of South Bruce Peninsula Council 10 years

Supports Conservation Authority

No Criminal History

Real Estate Agent (albeit at times could be considered criminal)

Plays a mean game of pool

Great Guy

Drives a Pick up Truck

Supported by Chamber of Commerce

Supports Regulation

Professional Politician

Doesn’t make Cheese

Has a great wife behind him

Member in good standing of the Old Boys Club

Supported by Yvonne Harron (aka Red Harron)

Smokes cigarettes

Micheal Schmidt

No Canadian Political Experience

DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY NGO’S (Non Government Organizations)

Criminal History (Busted for selling Milk but acquitted and under appeal after 15 year fight)


Drives a Pick up Truck

Hard working Great Guy (although wears funny hats sometimes)

Makes Great Cheese

Not a Politician

Does not sell Real Estate (which at times makes him a saint)

Supports Deregulation

Symphony Conductor

Has a great wife behind him

Supports Deregulation

Supports Deregulation

Supports Deregulation

Supports Deregulation

Supports Deregulation

Rejected by Old Boys Club

Not Supported by Yvonne Harron (aka Red Harron)

Smokes other people’s cigarettes

Supports Deregulation

Supports Deregulation

Supports Deregulation

 Just a little insight!  🙂