Big news  on the Big Bruce Telegraph!!!!

The word is out on the street that the new CAO Rhonda Cook has a Doctors letter recommending she take a leave of absence from her job due to stress!!!

Just imagine that!!!!

I can understand her being stressed out with all the controversy and responsibility she has taken on.

Hell even the bloggers are beating on her!

Lucky thing she got the big pay raise so her disability will kick in at the new rate!!!!




Garbage in Garbage Out!!

I thought this might be of interest .
Bootlegger Wray Lamont and Dan the man Kerr, sit on the Waste Management Committee with bootlegger Wray  being Chair. Both civilian members left the Committee approximately one year ago. The two Bandits have continued to operate the committee without a Quorum and even purchasing Bear Proof Dumpsters without a Tender.
They have not supplied Minutes of the Meetings, they have Drafted and Approved Garbage Bylaws and have had Staff attending their Meetings. All this has been done in front of our Acting CAO when she knew or ought to have known none of this was following our Policies and Procedural Bylaws. Kerr is the up front person, because he is not running in the next election and is trying to take the heat off the bootlegger. 
Just so you know here are a couple of emails that were acquired through technical means much to complicated to explain but very effective if you know haw to work with cookies! A special thanks to The Red Harron, who doesn’t have a good firewall! 

—– Original Message —–
From: “Art King” <cfnpa@bmts.com>

To: “Dan Kerr” <tennisrqts@xplornet.com>

Cc: “Yvonne Harron” <harron@bmts.com>; “Wray Lamont” <wwl@gbtel.ca>; “Stan Hoath” <hoath@bmts.com>; “Rhonda Cook” <tsbpclerk@bmts.com>; “Gwen Gilbert”

<gilbert@gbtel.ca>; “Betty Hall” <bhall@gbtel.ca>; “Ana Vukovic”

<vanamark@amtelecom.net>; <mark_wunderlich@live.com>; “Dan Kerr”

<tennisrqts@xplornet.com>; “Brad Burnett” <bdburnet@gbtel.ca>; “Bob Woolvett” <rdwoolv@sympatico.ca>

Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 3:05 PM

Subject: Re: Waste meeting

> Councilor Kerr:

> I do not intend to make it a career of answering your stupid and

> ridiculous accusations, when you say that you have never lied to

> Council I am surprised that like Pinocchio your nose still fits through a doorway.

> When you are talking next to Bob and Brad would you ask them if they

> would care to deny that they have also had conversations with other

> Councilors in which they have expressed their frustrations with the

> Waste Management Committee.

> I am sure that the Chair of the Waste Management Committee, because

> you are not running again, appreciates your attempts to take the heat

> off this non-conforming Committee, and his and your inability to

> operate this Committee successfully after over three years of effort,

> which is really what this whole situation is about.

> It is not about whether the Civilian Members left in frustration over

> bullying by the Council Committee Members, or they just got tired of

> the Council Committee Members being unable to successfully put a bylaw

> together. So let us not be side tracked by your tactics to push the

> main issue as to why the Civilian Members left and stick to the issue

> that you and Councilor Lamont have not been following the Towns Policy

> and Procedural Bylaw.

> Art King, Councilor

> —– Original Message —–

> From: “Dan Kerr” <tennisrqts@xplornet.com>

> To: “Art King” <cfnpa@bmts.com>

> Cc: “Yvonne Harron” <harron@bmts.com>; “Wray Lamont” <wwl@gbtel.ca>;

> “Stan Hoath” <hoath@bmts.com>; “Rhonda Cook” <tsbpclerk@bmts.com>;

> “Gwen Gilbert” <gilbert@gbtel.ca>; “Betty Hall” <bhall@gbtel.ca>; “Art King”

> <cfnpa@bmts.com>; “Ana Vukovic” <vanamark@amtelecom.net>;

> <mark_wunderlich@live.com>; “Dan Kerr” <tennisrqts@xplornet.com>;

> “Brad Burnett” <bdburnet@gbtel.ca>; “Bob Woolvett”

> <rdwoolv@sympatico.ca>

> Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:50 AM

> Subject: Re: Waste meeting



>>I will repeat that I spoke with both Brad and Bob who categorically

>>stated that they did not speak with Councillor King nor make the

>>statement about internal conflict. It would appear that we have the

>>pot calling the kettle black when we talk about honesty and integrity.

>>Padding expense accounts for 3 years and then not paying back all the

>>money shows a lack of both honesty and integrity. I have not lied to

>>council and I have not told Councillor King that I lied to Council but

>>I am prepared for his next charge of bootlegging. Rather than staying

>>on topic his history is to accuse someone else of being in the wrong.

>>I have asked both Brad and Bob to confirm their conversation with me.

>> Dan Kerr

>> —– Original Message —–

>> From: “Art King” <cfnpa@bmts.com>

>> To: “Dan Kerr” <tennisrqts@xplornet.com>; “Yvonne Harron”

>> <harron@bmts.com>; “Wray Lamont” <wwl@gbtel.ca>; “Stan Hoath”

>> <hoath@bmts.com>; “Rhonda Cook” <tsbpclerk@bmts.com>; “Gwen Gilbert”

>> <gilbert@gbtel.ca>; “Betty Hall” <bhall@gbtel.ca>; “Ana Vukovic”

>> <vanamark@amtelecom.net>; <mark_wunderlich@live.com>

>> Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:14 AM

>> Subject: Re: Waste meeting



>>>I read with great interest Councilor Kerr’s statement concerning

>>>Honesty and Integrity. As Council may recall I put forward a letter

>>>to the Editor in which I set out the facts that Councilor Kerr lied

>>>to Council and myself to deliberately protect a confidential source

>>>and later admitted the same to myself. To date he has not apologized

>>>to the person he lied about to Council, and or myself. I do not

>>>believe Councilor Kerr is in any position to start handing out

>>>lectures or criticism regarding the truth.

>>> I again confirm that I spoke to both previous civilian members of

>>>the Waste Management Committee and they both advised me they had

>>>stopped attending the Committee because of internal problems within

>>>the Committee.

>>> I also wish to point out the Committee have been operating for

>>>approximately a year without a quorum, and without Minutes being

>>>presented to Council, a fact that Councilor Kerr brought to Councils

>>>attention regarding other Committees whom he felt were late with

>>>their Minutes, at the last Council Meeting Councilor Kerr defended

>>>the fact that they did not have a quorum, by stating, they had

>>>several Members of Staff, attending their meetings, therefore it was

>>>proper. When he knew or ought to have known that Staff are not

>>>voting members of any committee, therefore obviously they should

>>>have not have been obliged to be at a meeting that did not confirm the Policies and Procedures.

>>> Respectfully Submitted

>>> Art King Councilor

>>> —– Original Message —–

>>> From: “Dan Kerr” <tennisrqts@xplornet.com>

>>> To: “Yvonne Harron” <harron@bmts.com>; “Wray Lamont” <wwl@gbtel.ca>;

>>>”Stan Hoath” <hoath@bmts.com>; “Rhonda Cook” <tsbpclerk@bmts.com>;

>>>”Gwen Gilbert” <gilbert@gbtel.ca>; “Betty Hall” <bhall@gbtel.ca>; “Art King”

>>> <cfnpa@bmts.com>; “Ana Vukovic” <vanamark@amtelecom.net>;

>>><mark_wunderlich@live.com>; “Dan Kerr” <tennisrqts@xplornet.com>

>>> Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 9:41 AM

>>> Subject: Waste meeting



>>>>A councillor made the claim that he had interviewed the public

>>>>members of the Waste Committee (Bob Woolvet and Brad Burnette) and

>>>>they told him they had left the committee because of internal strife on the committee.

>>>>I spoke with Bob and Brad yesterday and they claimed they had never

>>>>made that statement nor talked with this councillor. It is important

>>>>that this councillor stand closer to the truth when making public

>>>>statements on the waste committee and development in our town.

>>>> Dan Kerr

>>>> 519-534-3745