Politician Job Description

So I got ta thinkin! Now don’t be goin  Oh Oh, cause this idea has merit! 

Any and everybody that works for the Town, or anywhere else in the world, has to produce a resume’, go through interviews etc.  Now when the town wants to hire somebody they Hire a headhunters and post a job description and requirements to qualify. The head hunter does a preinterview and then writes a recommendation of the candidates and submits it to the employer who then does interviews and subsequently hires the best man for the job, who then signs an employment agreement laying out the terms and conditions of employment. 

Now this system must work as after all it was used to find our new CAO! 

Since the beginning of time, come election time, people sign up to run for Council. They get together with their spin doctors and campaign managers and dream up their perceived issues and declare those issues to be their mandate. now in most cases the mandates and issues are things that they want to use to get elected and have nothing to do with the real wants and need of the people of the community.Of course from time to time there are things that are used that are real but usually the Politicians promise the world steak and potatoes and deliver Kentucky Fired chicken left over from their election party. 

So you could say that the guys applying for the job, are tellin us what their job description is, on what terms they will deliver those things that they describe, they grant us interviews on their schedule during the six weeks before the election by way of public appearances and then go to work without a contract that allows us to terminate their job if they fail to perform. 

So here is my idea’r: 

I suggest that we the people, lay out ten items we want addressed during their term as Council, publish’m right here on this Page. We demand that the Candidates post how they plan to address each issue we choose and put on our list. 

They must file their plan with the procedure they intend to use, how they intend to pay for it (without raising taxes)and the time line they intend to use to achieve the objective on an itemized basis. 

I think that we should also attach an undertaking that if they fail to achieve what they have laid out that they will submit their resignation and that seat would be reposted for replacement by way of a mini election for that seat. 

I believe that we are better qualified to lay out what we want and we should have the right to replace someone who has failed to do as what they have promised or in effect have contracted for. 

For example I think one issue should be a 25% reduction in overall budget requirements during the term of the Council. 

Now all the Candidates will be required to tell us before the election, how they intend to achieve this objective. 

Now lets say we publish this list between now and September 5, 2010, you all submit what you would like to see as a list of requirements we publish the list of say ten items. I will post a consolidated list (job description).The candidate will then post their plan to achieve the objectives set out with an undertaking to resign within a time line should they fail to meet the objective. They  campagne on their plan published right here. 

Here are some general topics for starters: 

Communication and Consultation with Ratepayers, Garbage Bag Tags and Recycling Program, Economic  Growth Strategy , Development Charges, Paid Parking , Bylaw Enforcement, Property Taxes and Fiscal Management Protecting Public Health and Safety, Seniors’ Housing, Sewers at Sauble, Teamwork and Council Working Environment Use and Management of Resources, tax reduction plan. 

So put on your thinin caps and post your list. On september 4, 2010 I will post a consolidated list of most common suggestions maybe we will even put up a web page with their responses and we will see if the perspective applicants will address our Job Description for them! 

Hell we will even entertain a joint submisssion if the Candidates choose to work on a team submission.

I won’t even charge the 20 grand we paid to hire Ronda 🙂 We are savin money already!!!