One Million Dollars Later!!!!

Another little email obtained as a result of poor network management by TSBP!

> Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 8:40 PM

> Subject: Fwd: Broadband Bruce County Technical Plan


> For months, we have been waiting patiently to hear about the

> implementation of the Broadband Initiative for “un or under-serviced”

> areas, and on the 24th of June, Lisa Brocklebank emailed us to say

> that the project was almost ready to go.


> This past week, we received her description of the areas being

> serviced (see the attachment), and Hope Bay is not part of the plan.


> Currently, Bell will not provide the Hope Bay area with high speed

> access or cell phone service (Roger’s, however, does have a cell tower

> close by). As a result, we have invested in a satellite system in

> order to get high speed through Hughes Net (Gallaxy Satellite) and pay

> $126.00 per month for that service. The Hope Bay Campground also has a

> similar system. The cost is outrageous, but we have no alternative.


> Colpoy’s Bay, Red Bay, Oliphant and Sauble Beach will be part of the

> project, and we are assuming that the number of households is the

> criteria for service. We are disappointed that Hope Bay will continue

> to be un-serviced, and one of the few areas of South Bruce without

> high speed Internet.


> Is it possible that Council could lobby for service to Hope Bay?



> Thank you for your time.


> Sincerely,


> Lynn and John McCurdy

> Cedarholme B&B and Cottages

> R.R. # 6

> Wiarton, ON

> N0H 2T0

So as you may recall Bell Canada won the RFP for the Bruce County Broadband Contract last December, thus giving Bell the Gold Mine ($1,000,000.00 Grant) the Local Service Providers who promised to service Hope Bay in their proposal got the shaft!

Thank you Bruce County for supporting Local Business!




4 thoughts on “One Million Dollars Later!!!!

  1. thedodge says:

    I am goig to say up front that I am about to speculate so take this as such on my part.

    The north half of Hope Bay is in North Bruce Peninsula and including Jackson Cove there are perhaps more customers on the north side than the south side of Hope Bay.

    However the local phone company in North Bruce is not Bell and Bell would be stepping in on a smaller competitors territory. Normally this is not a problem as competition rules in the digital space right?

    Perhaps not. It turns out Bell handles all the long distance accounts for this company and the customers all get two bills each month one for local service and one for long distance. It is a cosy and profitable arrangement for Bell since prefix dial services such as YAK are blocked to North Bruce area phone customers.

    Hope Bay is a border zone there might be more to this picture than you see on the surface.

    In any case I have long thought that Hope Bay was one of the areas where Council was happy to collect taxes to fund the half million dollar costs of operating Sauble Beach but that Hope Bayers ended up paying way more than they should for what they receive in the form of road maintenance, snow plowing and fire and police protection. Perhaps there is a little of that bias involved here as well.

    Bruce, thanks for the highlighting the problem. You are doing a great job here.


  2. 2censworth says:

    Bell would spend that $1M in a week. e.g. the new remote switch designed to support HS internet that was installed at the women’s institute (Oliphant Way & Sauble Parkway). Duhh…only problem is that from that location the “HS” is only HS down to the lake. From the flags south, the speed deteriorates down to the point where it is barely faster than dial-up. Good service for a few in “downtown Oliphant.” Brilliant !

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