How do you spell conflict?????????????????


The COW met yesterday in the TSBP.

A motion presented by Art King to Request a Judicial Review was heard and defeated by you guessed it the 5 Bandits!!

The motion was the direct result of a Municipal Affairs investigation and recommendation regarding the illegal acts of certain members of Council with respect to the hireling of the acting CAO as a permanent position.

Does it surprise you that the ones being investigated voted down the motion?

Isn’t it interesting to note that Mark Wunderlich , one of the five opposing the motion, voted against the review in the end, after the prodding of the Red Harron!

Bootlegger Wray Lamont, advised that he had talked to is lawyer, who had estimated the cost of the review ar 1.3 Million Dollars and this was his means of justifying his vote against the review. I frankly find it hard to believe that it would cost that much to read the Review of the MA, question a few people and make an order. And if it does then the people who are found to be guilty would be liable for the costs in any event.

Now correct me if I am wrong but if someone or a group break the law, the Government will go to the end of the earth to prosecute the criminals, however in this case the Criminals vote against prosecuting themselves and win!

So much for equality under the law.

A further note, was that Bootlegger threatened to release a binder full of confidential documents if the Motion was carried. These documents are supposed to be delivered to the CAO at the end of each meeting, and controlled by the CAO. So let me see he has a binder full of documents that he is not supposed to have which he threatens to release to the press if he doesn’t get his way. Oh and the CAO was sitting beside him and refused to sit at her designated place when requested by the Mayor.

This sounds to me like conspiracy, extortion and collusion, all illegal act under the Criminal Code. But hey they are above the law so who cares! Or so they think!

In so far as the CAO sitting with Lamont and not at her designated seat, and refusing to take her proper place, this is insubordination and should be grounds for termination. The Mayor is the Chair and the CEO and an employee is given instructions which they choose to disregard on verifies her unprofessionalism as well as the fact that she is not the right person for the job.

I have to ask why do we as taxpayers put up with this? Isn’t it time for us to react?

It is fact that the CAO can only be hired by Bylaw, it is fact that every bylaw is subject to appeal to the OMB and it is fact that any member of this community can file an appeal of any bylaw within thirty days of it passing!

With respect to the Judicial Review any member of the community can apply for the  implementation of a Judicial Review, this right is not limited to Council. Is it a waste of money to bring this forward? Could be, however, it appears to me that if the Law is being broken and it affects the community in a negative result then it must be dealt with. It is clear, that those perpetrating the offence are prepared to avoid prosecution at all costs and that is just wrong!

Let it ride and you are part of the problem!