New Signs Appearing at Sauble Beach!!!!

It just keeps getting better!

I wonder how Council feels about this?!?!?




11 thoughts on “New Signs Appearing at Sauble Beach!!!!

  1. 2censworth says:

    I wonder how the Public Health Dept feels about it?

  2. 2censworth says:

    It’s my understanding that any establishment that serves food must provide a washroom/toilet. If the washroom is closed, the establishment should be closed. If businesses in Sauble are trying to put pressure on TSBP Council to install sewers by closing their washrooms, they may just be shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. slaponthewrist420 says:

    I agree with 2centsworth, on another note , glad to see PAUL DEACON running for mayor , although I am concerned that the votes may be split enough to get the wicked witch of the west back into office(which I’m sure was her plan to wait till the last minute and see if enough people would run and give her enough division of votes to win) .Vote for Paul Deacon , and if you don’t vote then you don’t have the right to bitch about who gets elected. Don’t let religion and sympathy cloud your mind , I also feel bad for people in Haiti but that doesn’t make me mayor material……

    • Now Paul is a great guy! Polite, helpful and energetic. I would support Paul for alderman in a heart beat!
      Now as for the mayor’s chair I donn’t believe he has the right motivation nor do I believe he has the ability to move this town forward.
      I think Mayor Gwen Gilbert, given the obsticles she has face has proven that she has the guts, vision and stamina to go forward. If she had not been forced to deal with the illegal acts of some in their play to run the town their way I think we would be miles ahead.
      The vote split will give Mayor Gwen and Advantage so I suggest you work with her as apposed to the short sighted morons that have fought her every step of the way.
      The old boys didn’t want a girl in but she beat them at their own game.


  4. I don’t know why anyone would go there to eat that puppy poop when they can go elsewhere in town and have real icecream.

  5. ruftic says:

    The owner of this establishment has always been a “shit disturber” of sorts! Prior to the “DQ” he was the owner of “Sauble Septic Sucking Services”. Go figure!

  6. purplevalleyfisher says:

    This is an example of the kind of thing that might have been addressed if the council had spent their term doing something besides bootlegging, patting each other on the back in Red Bay after another ambush at council and fighting with each other.

    Imagine if the public servants served the public and not their own needs and inflated egos.

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