Sauble Sewer All Candidates Meeting??

Stage full of people, room full of taxpayers shit load of hot air!

Very few good question even fewer good answers!

There was no way possible to run a meeting with that many candidates with time limits on questions and answers.

The majority of questions were regarding the sewers! Don’t matter how often you beat a horse that is down all you ‘re gonna see as more dust!

The issues were not discussed, debated or reviewed.

The meeting was an example of a waste of time!





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Elixir Or Toxin?

Crying over raw spilled milk — 75 gallons a day of it

Staff/Voice photos

Michael Schmidt (L) and Alice Jongerden from Home on the Range Dairy hoist a glass of milk to toast FHA in front of the office on Menholm Ave. Tuesday.

ot milk? Ontario milk activist Michael Schmidt does. He’s got 75-gallons of pure unpasteurized milk a day to deal with that he’s prepared to pour it down Fraser Health’s throat after picking up the fight to consume raw milk where Home on the Range ajister, Alice Jongerden, left off.

Milk can breed salmonella, E, Coli and listeria. People who produce milk privately are allowed to consume their own products but Canadian law doesn’t allow sales of raw unpasteurized milk. On the other hand, advocates of the $15/bottle raw milk say it has good bacteria, minerals and enzymes that are destroyed by their germ-killing treatments in pasteurized milk.

In late December 2009, Fraser Health slapped a Cease and Desist order on operations at Home on the Range dairy farm cooperative located on Prairie Central after testing revealed fecal contaminants in the milk. The BC Centre for Disease Control also issued health warnings for people not to consume dairy products from the 20-cow farm.

Jongerden, who managed the operation, that also boasts of a 450 membership base, said she was asked to resign her position after her last court date and the co-op hired Schmidt and assistant John Schnurr, to help fight the order in BC Supreme Court October 14 in Vancouver.

“I’m no longer taking care of the cows, they brought Michael in and he’s the better man to do it,” said Jongerden.

Although Jongerden has not been to jail, she doesn’t rule out that possibility with contempt of court charges that were laid on her for distributing milk after the injunction was in place on the farm. She said they complied with orders to properly label the milk “not for human consumption” but the it states they are “to cease production and packaging of raw milk period.”

“They have not threatened me with jail,” she said. “But when I went to the contempt hearing, they said although jail was not usually the fine, however it is a possibility.”

It’s been a lot of time and effort on Jongerden’s part in making the dairy productive.

“You sit there and look back for three-years and you think of all the work that’s been put in and somebody else is doing it now, but I’m a fighter and I’ll find something else.”

At home in Ontario, Schmidt faced orders similar to the one laid against Jongerden for distributing unpasteurized milk and he won an acquittal. He says because the issue effects all Canadians, the precedent has already been set by his case and that the cease and desist order should be withdrawn.

Schmidt said there has been no due process because Fraser Health has side-stepped the required legalities using dictatorial methods to railroad Home On The Range out of business and “the last three-years of Alice’s lifework has been destroyed.”

“We want to declare that pasteurized milk is a health hazard for people,” said Schmidt. “If the courts of Canada take the position that raw milk is healthy then FHA should not have the right to interfere in that.”

“I was properly charged in Ontario with exactly the same charges, it went through the proper legal process and I had the chance in front of the court to defend myself and after three-years I was found not guilty because I was working within the legal framework in Ontario and Alice was not properly charged because the FHA used a very very disturbing procedure through a court order and basically had no chance to defend herself and no chance to argue her case in front of a proper judge.”

He called the system a “Beaucracy of Dictatorship” adding that Canada has 250,000 regulations in place now.

Schmidt said Jongerden followed the order and that the judge overstepped his boundaries when declaring that she was actually selling the milk.

Jon Los tries the milk later saying it was “great.”

The farm doesn’t have excess milk so it doesn’t sit around long before its either bottled or turned into another dairy product such as cheese and yogurt that the membership shares.

“We have a program for excess milk,” she told the Voice. “So the members get their milk and if there is extra, instead of wasting it, they process it into something and then they just pay us a processing fee and every time they (FHA) stop us, it just goes down the drain.”

In order to sell to big dairy, they have to meet a certain quota for output and the farm doesn’t measure up.

Schnurr’s business card says he is President of Upper U.S. Holdings in Warton, Ontario, said that he was there to help Schmidt and that he drinks raw milk daily, swearing by it’s health benefits.

“I have cardio pulmonary disorder and raw milk helps me breathe otherwise I can’t breathe,” said Schnurr.

Until court, Home on the Range will be crying daily over spilled milk. — all 75-gallons of it.

Fraser Health was not available for comment.

To support Alice in her fight for food freedom and to contribute to the Legal Defence fund, all donations can be made to: Raw Milk Legal Defence Fund, Box 323 Rosedale BC V0X 1A0

The legal defence fund is by managed by two Home on the Range Sharemembers. One of these sharemembers is a practicing lawyer.

For most current information visit

Processed meat too dangerous to eat?

Will this be a death knell for the industry? Probably not…. because most people are not paying attention. Oh well, maybe a few more will wake up after reading this. The interesting thing is that “too dangerous to eat” is exactly what the public health types are saying about raw milk. The following is excerpted from Total Health

“The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. Its conclusion is rocking the health world with startling bluntness: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.

Processed meats include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham, pepperoni, salami and virtually all red meat used in frozen prepared meals. They are usually manufactured with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite. This is used as a color fixer by meat companies to turn packaged meats a bright red color so they look fresh. Unfortunately, sodium nitrite also results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body. And this leads to a sharp increase in cancer risk for those who eat them.

A 2005 University of Hawaii study found that processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67 percent. Another study revealed that every 50 grams of processed meat consumed daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 50 percent. These are alarming numbers. Note that these cancer risks do not come from eating fresh, non-processed meats. They only appear in people who regularly consume processed meat products containing sodium nitrite.

Sodium nitrite appears predominantly in red meat products (you won’t find it in chicken or fish products). Here’s a short list of food items to check carefully for sodium nitrite and monosodium glutamate (MSG), another dangerous additive:…’

Read it all on Total Health

Sorry been away from the farm for a couple of days!

Gotta play catchup eill do a new post tomorrow!


World TV Premier of Milk War

by Rady Ananda / September 23rd, 2010

Amid a resurgence in local food systems emerges Milk War, a documentary highlighting raw milk skirmishes that pit corporate-owned regulatory agencies against food freedom – the right to eat of the Earth without government interference. Milk War airs this Sunday in Canada on the ichannel at 8pm and 11pm Eastern.

Written and directed by award-winning journalist, Kevin O’Keefe, and produced by Declan O’Driscoll, the 60-minute film explores the Michael Schmidt case, a biodynamic farmer who legally challenged Ontario’s ban on raw milk.

The Bovine gave it high praise, saying the film “dug deep and presented perhaps the most complete picture yet of the raw milk story around Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farms.”

Having been raised in post-Nazi Germany:

Michael sees, perhaps more clearly than most, that the greatest challenge to the freedom and liberty we cherish and that our forefathers fought for, is coming not from terrorists or outsiders, but from an unaccountable proliferation of regulations that looks, from the outside, like bureaucrats on a power trip.

Producer Declan O’Driscoll has long been a cowshare member and brought the idea to ichannel, Canada’s political and social issues network. In an interview with radio show host, Kevin Bernard, writer-director Kevin O’Keefe gives background into the making of the film. Included in the film is a view into biodynamic farming, which O’Keefe describes:

“It’s sort of like hyper-organic farming. It’s beyond organic. It’s a very strict system of farming developed by an Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner.”

At the center of this David and Goliath story is living food. “Milk is a living product. It’s alive. It contains lots of bacteria,” O’Keefe explains. Schmidt’s strict biodynamic system allows him to produce living milk safely, unlike conventional dairies that often sell tainted supplies.

O’Keefe then mentions the poisoning of Walkerton, Ontario. In 2000, a deadly strain of E. coli from factory dairies leached into the water supply. Thousands took ill and seven people died.

Canada is the only G8 country that bans the sale of raw milk, says O’Keefe. In the US, ten states allow for retail sale of raw milk for human consumption. According to an interactive map created by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, those states are Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Idaho and Washington.

“The Queen of England drinks raw milk,” O’Keefe said. In fact, raw milk is legal throughout most of Europe. David Gumpert, author of The Raw Milk Revolution, reports that, in Europe, people often buy raw milk from vending machines.

Organic raw milk vending machine, France

Yup and Billy Walker and Mark Wunderlich are better than Mad Mike The Milk Maniac!!!  NOT!!!!

Nuclear waste on our streets or Raw Milk? What a choice!!



Our Pal Al! He who must be obeyed!

He who must be obeyed!

Now here is a man with vision! Not! Maybe a vision of turning the area into a garbage dump by demanding we all give him our compost for His biodigestor!!

The same man that has denied wireless internet to the rural people of Georgian Bluffs through indecision is now denying the people of his community and the people of this area with economic growth!!

This is the same guy that didn’t have time to meet with the investors that wanted to buy the airport in Wiarton!

He would rather embrace 2.1 million dollars in losses and 10 million in repairs going forward than accept an offer that would create employment and potentially see 100 million invested in our area!

This Guy has a vision too!

Add a mustash and they are almost twins!

Sun Times:

“Council had less than a week to agree to its myriad of terms, sources said, and no offer was made directly to Georgian Bluffs or the joint management board that runs the airport for the municipalities.”

This is untrue, in that in the offer they had 60 days to terminate the offer if satisfactory terms could not be reached like say an extension!

Sun Times:

“Under Ontario’s Municipal Act, South Bruce Peninsula council lost its ability to dispose of property with a value exceeding $50,000 on Sept. 11. Such a move now needs to be approved by the council elected in October, which will not take office until Dec. 1.”

The offer gave the Municipalities until the 9th of September from August 31,  to accept or sign back the offer, but more importantly, they had 60 days to terminate the deal or renegociate the terms. This would have allowed the New Councils the opportunity to deal with the deal without violating the Municipal Act.

Sun Times:

“The Dalana Group of Companies Inc. based in Niagara Falls, Ont., has offered to buy the facility, which is now subsidized by the municipalities.”

“Georgian Bluffs budgeted $75,000 this year for the airport operation and capital requirements, treasurer Holly Morrison said Friday. South Bruce Peninsula also budgeted $75,000 for airport costs, according to Mayor Gwen Gilbert.”

“If they can get their heads together, both councils, and get it done, fine. If not, I’m taking the St. Catharines airport, looking at that,” D’Angelo said. “I’m going to be honest with you, there was a reason Wiarton was chosen but St. Catharines airport has been crying for development.”

An opportunity blowing in the wind and Barfoot wouldn’t even take the time to meet with the players! What does that tell you ??

Sun Times:

“I have some contacts in the hotel business looking to put a hotel up there . . . have you been to the Buffalo airport? Buffalo, New York? We’re looking to make it something like that . . . something like Hamilton airport, maybe a little bit bigger, a little more infrastructure around it.”

By infrastructure, he means “some hotels, lodging and food for people, parking lot,” D’Angelo said.

But why would people be flying into Wiarton?

“Well, Toronto’s very congested. Asian people right now, the shortest trip, believe it or not, to get to Canada and the cheapest for them is through Mexico. Did you know that? So they fly from Asia to Mexico, Mexico to Canada and they have to go through Toronto.

“Flying into Wiarton is very close . . . Going into Wiarton makes more sense,” D’Angelo said.

“As more and more companies are flying through Wiarton they’re going to want to establish companies there . . . a lot of importer-exporters, I mean they’re going to want to put warehousing in there . . . If you just look at basic facts, Wiarton versus Toronto. I can’t afford a 10-foot by 10-foot warehouse in Toronto airport, so this is a good start. Maybe in 10 or 15 years it will become like Toronto . . . Not that big, but you understand what I’m saying.”

And Barfoot wouldn’t even address the offer!!!

Sun Times:

But, he said, there was “a fair market price” offered for the property. “I think they made a big mistake not signing it.”

Barfoot response:

“This really isn’t new news from the fact that this happens quite often in business, where somebody comes forward and says we have a proposal. Well, you look at it and think that’s not going to go anywhere but I’m certainly not saying that about this one until we see it . . . We’ll wait and see what comes back from South Bruce Peninsula what their directive is to their mayor.”

Lets see, an offer to unload a white elephant, create capital investment, jobs and a future is not news!!! Thats vision!

Sun Times:

Barfoot said the airport has been subsidized by the owner municipalities — Wiarton and Keppel at first, Georgian Bluffs and South Bruce Peninsula since municipal amalgamations — ever since it was handed over by the federal government in 1996, but that doesn’t mean Georgian Bluffs wants to get rid of it.

“We have the airport as part of our strategic plan that we want to keep it, so that’s our directive. If there’s something that’s going to change our mind, then obviously we’ll have to take a look at it and up ’til now we haven’t seen anything that looks that appealing yet,” he said.

Some plan! They have owned it for 14 years and done nothing except spend 2.1 million in tax dollars and not maintaining the asset.

Sun Times:

“We like the operation of it. Does it need some refining so it doesn’t lose money? For sure.”

But, Barfoot added, “it’s like an arena. It certainly doesn’t make you any money but it’s one of those things that it’s tough to assess the impact of it because it does bring people into the area.

“We see it (the cost of running the airport) certainly as a huge concern, but it’s not one where we’re prepared to jump at the first offer just to unload it. We certainly want to look into all the details of it.”

Oh gee, an investor wants to run the airport, pay taxes, build a hotel, pay taxes, create jobs, pay taxes, take the loss off the taxpayers hands and pay taxes and Our pal Al wants to think about it! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

I wonder if the fact that a girl brought the deal to the table had anything to do with his decision to ignor the deal.

If Georgian Bluffs wants to keep the Airport and run it at a loss then buy out the Town of South Bruce Peninsula and carry it yourself!!! Write a check!

Great job, PAUL JANKOWSKI, for reporting the facts!!! At least somebody has some gonads to print the story and put some facts to the people!

I guess this is not just internet bullshit EH Fred???



TSBP is a world leader with women in Politics!

It is a strange world isn’t it!

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is way ahead with respect to women in politics!

While women have made gains over the past twenty years, progress has been slow. The numbers of women elected to the House of Commons has hovered around the 20% mark since 1993.   Women are 52% of Canada’s population and make up an average of 21% of Canada’s municipal councils, provincial legislatures and the House of Commons.

Canada’s international ranking on women’s political representation, has fallen to 50th in the world. Despite enjoying economic prosperity and political stability, Canada now has fewer women elected than most of Europe, parts of Africa, and Australia

Polling data consistently demonstrates women care about different issues. The United Nations has emphasized that equality in decision-making is essential to the empowerment of women, noting a critical mass is needed before legislatures produce public policy representing women’s concerns

How can a democracy be deemed legitimate if it fails to represent half its population?
Canadians value fairness and equality.  We have decided that democracy should be a genuine partnership of men and women.  To this end, we adopted a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that reinforces this belief by guaranteeing equality for women. Despite these values, women still encounter barriers to public office.

Canada’s political parties and governments need to adopt action plans to break down barriers for women in politics. Political will and commitment on the part of leaders and their political parties is a necessary ingredient for success. Political parties need to be proactive recruiting and supporting women candidates to run in winnable ridings; all parties need to make the decision on how to address this inequality; and all parties have to identify processes that work for them.

To level the playing field, many parliaments and political parties are implementing well-funded national action plans to reduce the barriers by: recruiting and training women candidates, offering family friendly work environments, introducing proportional representation, electoral financing reforms, setting targets, constitutional reforms, and public awareness campaigns.

But here the old boys have been beating Gwen Gilbert to political death because she is a women. The real men up here believe women should be barefoot and pregnant! Who does Gwen Gilbert think she is trying to run a town! That’s men work don’t you know.

Take her office, phone and computer and she’ll have to go home and work from the kitchen table. Which is exactly what she did and she still managed to get $11,000,000 in funding and an offer on the airport.

Fact is that the women that have worked on this Council are leaders in Canada, hell we are 30% where is the rest of the world is hovering arround 20%.

Gwen is the only female mayoral Candidate!  That takes us backward to 20%! Guess we want to be average eh???

Being the red neck that I am I believe we should have all members female as that would leave us men with more time to do more important stuff like fishing, hunting and drinking!

Women are the fiber that make up the fabric of our communities! Women are the ones that mould and shape our children! They are the social conscience of our society! Why aren’t they more political!

Men have had the opportunity to screw things up very well over the last 150 years! Women have to come in and clean up the mess. Isn’t that what our mothers did??

But up here I guess we figure that women belong in the kitchen because that is where they do their best work , just like Mayor Gwen Gilbert!!!


So Much For Freedom of Speech!!!!

Police lay charges of libel, obstruction against Calgary website operator


John Kelly faces five counts, appears in court

By Stephane Massinon, Calgary Herald September 19, 2010
RCMP Supt. Randy McGinnis said the charges against John Kelly are very rare. "In my 29 years, I've never heard of an individual being charged under the criminal code for libel charges, defamation of character," McGinnis said during  the news conference on Sept. 17, 2010.

RCMP Supt. Randy McGinnis said the charges against John Kelly are very rare. “In my 29 years, I’ve never heard of an individual being charged under the criminal code for libel charges, defamation of character,” McGinnis said during the news conference on Sept. 17, 2010.

Photograph by: Archive, Calgary Herald

CALGARY – RCMP have laid five charges against a Calgary man related to the operation of a website highly critical of Calgary police officers.

In a news conference Friday morning, RCMP announced the charges against John Kelly, 53, of Calgary.

Kelly’s website accused officers of perjury, corruption and destroying evidence, RCMP said. Police deny the charges, saying they injure the reputation of Calgary police officers and interfere with an ongoing homicide investigation.

Kelly was arrested Thursday and his home in the 1600 block of 37th Street S.W. was searched following an investigation that began in March 2010. He was to appear in Calgary Provincial Court on the charges Friday morning.

RCMP Supt. Randy McGinnis said the charges are very rare.

“In my 29 years, I’ve never heard of an individual being charged under the criminal code for libel charges, defamation of character,” McGinnis said during the news conference.

The website in question is still running, but RCMP can ask the New York-based Internet provider to take it down.

What makes Kelly’s site libellous, said McGinnis, are the false allegations made against two city homicide investigators.

“It’s the extent that he’s gone to target and go after the members.

“There’s information that he specifically attacked the moral integrity of the members, not on just one occasion but on several occasions.”

Charges include four counts of publishing libellous statements on the Internet against specific police officers between November 2009 and Sept. 4, 2010.

A fifth charge accuses Kelly of obstructing a police officer from his duties between June 2008 and Feb. 18, 2010.

Because the individuals allegedly targeted are Calgary police officers, the investigation was handled by the RCMP, working with a special prosecutor.

The names of the officers weren’t included in the RCMP’s press release.

 © Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Fundamental freedoms

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.

Looks like the cops forgot about this one!!!

Another one bites the dust eh Comrades!!!