Trash Talk

I really don’t like talking dirty, but in this case I think that trashy talk is warranted.

Now I don’t hold myself out to be an educated man but I have to give my head a shake on this one.

Bootlegger Wray and Dan the Man were on a committee setup a few years ago to review the garbage situation in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula. So let’s set aside the fact that the members of the public participating in this little adventure either quit or walk away from the committee and let’s give the benefit of the doubt to Bootlegger and Dan for a moment.

Bootlegger and Dan are both smart guys and I do think that deep down they have the best interest of the community at heart.

What I cannot understand is the fact that they recommend that the town punish people that rummage through other people trash looking for treasures. It seems to me that if somebody does do that and find something they need or want or could use and take it home, that means that it is not going to the dump so we would be saving some space there.

I’ve been to the dump a time or two and there are signs everywhere that you are not to take out any thing cause if you do you will be fied. Again if somebody takes something out doesn’t that leave room for something else??

Now it might just be me but I thought the plan has been to recycle and reuse.

Setting that aside for a moment, under the new bylaw, if you put your garbage out before 6:00 AM you get a fine. I don’t know how if I have to be at work for 6:00 AM can I get my garbage picked up.

No I may be a hick but I don’t know how a fine for putting your garbage out early is going to save any space at the dump.

The next thousand miles is that I thought and always believed that we pay taxes in order for the government to pay for things like garbage pick up. It seems to me with all the high-priced help we have paid over the years, that maybe they were to look after such things as planning the future of where they were going to put garbage as time passes. I guess I was wrong and they are being paid to have coffee at Timmy’s and have meetings to figure out how not to do their job.

To add a bag tag on top of taxes albeit may be a small price to pay, seems to encourage more irresponsibility in addressing issues. Even just surfing the net I found several new technologies that address the garbage disposal issue.

We have been paying engineers and planners and consultants for decades and the only solution they offer is to reduce service and generate more cash to pay for more studies and hire more planners and engineers. Give me a break already.

So Bootlegger and Dan may have worked hard in finding a solution but I think they missed the boat.

I believe that the establishment of a bio digester or maybe a burn unit that generates electricity or even a sorting system or possibly another form of technology is the answer but it has never been brought forward.

I may be wrong but I think what has transpired is in the interest of Consultants , engineers and planners are being served here not the interests of the members of the community.




6 thoughts on “Trash Talk

  1. mxyzptlk says:

    At council, I believe it was Rhonda, said that the scavenging bylaw was more about people taking stuff that the TSBP was expecting revenue from; people taking stuff from blue boxes, for example. I believe there was a suggestion to restrict the bylaw to blue boxes but you know where that went. Anyway, I agree that one mans garbage can be anothers gold. Some people may actually depend on that revenue too! Reuse is also part of the equation.

    Small, but important, correction. You can put it out before 6am as long as it is in a secured container. Blanket over your garbage bag or plastic containers are not considered secured containers. Secured from skunks, racoons, bears, and human scavengers I suppose. The idea is to prevent scattering of garbage. One warning and then the fine, $125 I think, will be applied vigorously (maybe it was rigorously, either way).

    You still get one free bag of garbage per week; after that it needs a tag. This is something that the ratepayers have been asking for. kudos to council on that one.

    The MPW has discussed the bio-digester with the consultants and it was considered not feasible because there was not enough bio to digest. I wonder if he has considered diverting our bio to our neighbours digester. Then we would be helping our neighbour and gettin rid of our bio in a more friendly way. We would save space in the landfill and contribute to the process of converting bio to methane to electricity instead of covering it up (have I heard that before?) or spreading it on a field somewhere.


    • Good points! But why have we paid so much to so few for so long only to discover that we have no plan no money and no land fill?
      I maintain that that we already pay for garbage removal in our taxes, if you want to charge more then rduce our taxes by the amount we spend in bag tags!

    • mxyzptlk says:

      I believe there is at least a draft waste management plan to be released soon.

      I think the one free bag and tags for the rest is the way it was before this bylaw. not sure what the bag tag bylaw brings to the table.

  2. 2censworth says:

    Let’s say you don’t care about reducing waste, and generate 3 bags per week. But I’m careful to use my composter, I sort through and set aside recyclables, I take my corrugated to the drop off, and only put out one bag.

    Under the new system you pay an extra $3. With no tag system we both pay the same. Is that fair?

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