Conservative Party Nomination News Flash!!!!

The rumor is on the street that Tom Kaye at the urgings of the “Old Boys” in the PC party is going to annouce that he is running for Bill Murdoch’s seat.

Guess the “Old Boys” are smelling the bacon! They are pushing the other white meat!

Stupid is as Stupid does! I wonder if Kaye will have the balls to show up for the All Candidates meeting in Hanover on Wednesday night at the library!

With less than two weeks to go before the close of nomination for the Conservative Candidate Nomination, after Schmidt, Walker and Wunderlich have worked so hard to sell memberships and  promote the Party, isn’t it interesting that Tom Kaye, Owen Sound’s police Chief Plans to announce his candidacy.

Just what we need a bureaucrat in a position of power in an already over regulated Province.

Let me think about this for minute, a cop, is running for Bill Murdoch’s seat ! They must be spooked or high on crack!

I think this is a cheap attempt at intimidation! With 23 years of dominance in this riding the “Old Boys” are not going to give up without a fight! Frankly if I were Schmidt, Walker or Wunderlick, I would join forces draw straw’s pick a player and win the nomination. Better to die and fighting  than to live on your knees.

We all know that over 80% of the revenue in this Province goes out to the civil service in wages and benefits. Are we stupid enough to allow a Career Civil Servant to represent our interests in this riding??


This is dirty politics if I have ever seen it! Geez guess they didn’t have an Army Officer to step up to the plate!

Frankly, between Schmidt, Walker and Wunderlich at least we had some semblance of a chance for change. With an Expolice chief , things are looking mighty shaky for anything less than more Regulations and more dictatorship. I have been a Tory for the better part of thirty years, and I am here to tell you that if this Nomination goes to Tom Kaye it is because of back room deals and I will tear up my Conservative Membership and vote for an independent.

Just who the hell do these Cronnies think they are! Basicly dictating to the Party Members who they should support??

I am astounded at the odasity, at the arrogance, at the stupidity! The Old Boys are so threatened that they would stoop to such tactics.

We had all better get out and support Michael Schmidt or the next slogan for the PC’S in Grey Bruce may be

Sieg Hiel???




4 thoughts on “Conservative Party Nomination News Flash!!!!

  1. amancalledit says:

    What a crock!
    I smell fish!
    I agree that there is a snake in the grass somewhere!
    We have to support Schmidt, he is the only option!


  2. mxyzptlk says:

    Bruce probably will be since Sieg Heil is German for ‘Hail Victory’

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