I Lost a Friend Today!

A Tribute to My Uncle Joe

 Uncle Joe was more than just my Uncle!  Joe  was my friend!

 My first memories of Joe were of his Store many years ago.

 You couldn’t think of Joe without thinking of beer! Joe always had a cold one for you and a story to go with it!

My Friend Joe taught me to drive the lawn mower, he roasted pigs, he liked his smokes! Joe could build or fix anything. He took pride in creating.

 We used to sit in his shop, have a beer and have a smoke and talk of battles won, mountains climbed and dream of things to come and dreams that never were.

 You could share your thoughts with Joe and he would never judge, he would listen and urge you on. Joe was inspiration!

 Joe lived life large! He always drove a Cadillac with a cold one beside him! When Joe worked he worked, when he played he played. A top shelf guy!  Through 86 years of perpetual motion he never skipped a beat!

 Joe was a gardener, I remember the days when Joe had a huge garden and he fed the neighborhood.

 One time long ago I told Joe that I missed him when he wasn’t around, Joe smiled that funny little smile and said “Every time you see a feather blowing in the wind,  that’s me checking up on you!” and then he laughed. I have often plagiarized this statement in my life with friends and family.

 Joe was Joe, a helping hand, a great father, a dreamer and a good friend. I can honestly say Joe was a doer! If there was a job to do Joe was there, with bells on! Never complaining, a driving force that just never quit.

 Joe is going to live forever! You can see him everywhere. In the face of his grand children, in the eyes of Anna May, in the spirit of Jimmy Mac, the determination of Terry, in the laugh of Patty, the smile of  Peggy and the wonder of Jackie. You can hear him laughing, when the wind blows through the trees behind the house if you take the time to listen.

 Joe loved Teresa, that was abundantly clear! If you watched, you would catch him from time to time, looking at her and smiling that quirky little smile he had, that twinkle in his eye, you just knew she was the center of  his universe.

 Joe was the definition of Family! His family was everything there was in his world. I know that he will miss them more than life itself. I can only hope to reach that point in my life when my Family can compare at least to ½ of the family that Joe and Teresa created.

 The love, respect and loyalty of the McMillian family, created by Joe and Teresa, is more than anyone could wish for. I can only thank them and Joe for allowing me to share that with them during Joe’s watch.

 The last visit I had with Joe, a couple of years ago, I asked him to sum up his life in one Line, he smiled that little smile of his, his eyes twinkled and Joe said: “Some of its magic, some was tragic, but I had a great ride.” And then he laughed!

  Joe was my friend and I am angry at myself for not taking more time to spend with him. It seems you never appreciate fully what you have until it is gone.

 Joe will live in the minds of many for years to come, because Joe touched a lot of people. I know I will never forget my friend, because every time I see a feather, I know its Joe just popping by to say Hi, making sure I am on track!



One thought on “I Lost a Friend Today!

  1. 2censworth says:

    A beautiful tribute. Makes us think, even if we didn’t know him. Thanks

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