They’ve Snapped Failure From the Jaws of Success!

Through the initiative and leadership despite all odds Mayor Gwen Gilbert secured an Offer to purchase on the Wiarton Airport!

After all the Bandits have put her through, Mayor Gwen Gilbert drove on and promoted this town to the point of securing an offer on our very own White  Elephant!

The Airport has been losing about $200,000 per year on operations. Money out of the taxpayer’s pocket and it needs about $5,000,000 in neglected maintenance. Mayor Gwen Gilbert took a lemon and made lemon aide!

Now that is leadership! That is vision! That is a Mayor!

When I asked folks how the Mayor, managed to secure interest in the airport in these times, they advised that it was with the help of some local business people. Now that is team work!

As I understand it, the offer, had it been accepted by the Town and the Township of Georgian Bluffs (50% owner) could have lead to the development of a 250 Suite Hotel on site , as well as an International Cargo Depot, a flight training center for International students and a small manufacturing entity.

Since  Bruce County is world-renowned as an Eco Tourist Destination, with a good airport and Hotel we could of seen an influx of  International Tourists from all parts of the world. Hell there may even be a Shuttle to Toronto and Montreal!

This could of lead to over 300 jobs right here in the river city.  The spin-off could have produced another 1,400 jobs in the service sector in the area. Probably 100 million in capital investment over the next ten years.

The deal had some conditions that would have required the cooperation of both Municipalities, but it was a valid offer. But the Bandits and the Old Boys, managed to screw this up, Wiarton could have become an Island of Prosperity in a sea of despair! (I have a copy of the offer coming and will post when in hand)

I have been told that Mayor Barfoot of Georgian Bluffs was insulted as the Agreement did not include The Township of Georgian Bluffs in the preamble but did contain a 60 day period for the Town of South Bruce Peninsula to secure Georgian Bluffs interest or they could terminate the deal. Guess he wasn’t getting his share of the swag!

 As I understand it, albeit no-one is talking, Mayor Barfoot stated that, the buyer would be around after the election and they could talk then, with a offer redrawn in both communities names. In the mean time the agreement expired without a response to the Purchasers. Isn’t that Special! Lucky for him no one is running against him.

In speaking with several people involved, I am told that the Lawyers, the Members of Council, the CAO, even neglected to contact the Realtor involved to verify facts or discuss the terms of the deal.

One source told me that the Buyers have moved on to another project , since their offer was not taken seriously here. As I understand it they made an offer on another airport  south of here along the 401.

It seems Mayor Gwen Gilbert, presented the offer in camera and was instructed to take the offer to Mayor Barfoot for his input before doing anything with the offer, by Council members.

HMMMMMMM! If I had an offer on a piece of property I owned, giving me 60 days to secure the interest of my partner and my partner ignored me I would sign the deal and either sue him or buy him out for cash TO TAKE THE DEAL, AS APPOSED TO IGNORING THE PURCHASER AND WATCHING HIM WALK!

Now I am not privy at this point to all the information, but I will get to the bottom of this in short order.

I salute Mayor Gwen Gilbert, for defining leadership, vision and determination! What a slap in the face to her! Idiots!

I only hoped that the others players in this area would have worked with them to complete this deal and put us on the map!

I am really glad that the Towns idea of Economic Development is a picture of the Plover! That will really employ a lot of people!

Way to drop the ball boys! Looks like we have some contenders for A Big Bruce Moon!