Rest Rant 6 Rosina




A special thanks to mxyzptlk for recomending this fine establishment!!! Definitely a person of good taste!

The food was better than Marj’s, course I wouldn’t tell her that as she is pretty good with a knife a rollin pin and a fry pan!

The menu is grand resonably priced with a great variety! The wine list extrordinary for the area and again resonably priced.

The ambiance is that of a European vintage and the service was incredible.


World Class

698 Goderich Street Port Elgin 

 The food was out of this world! I had the Rack of Lamb and it was to die for. The veggies fresh and local and the potatoe’s were exceptional! The presentation was memorable!

The staff was super friendly and professional they even had my favorite Cab and the Waitress knew the wine and could carry on a conversation about it!

I pushed my luck and got to see the kitchen and meet the Chef, a real pro and the kitchen was spotless!

Now the owners Eugene and Noel Barone, were a little shy, but I was pretty pushy. Although they have only been there for 3 years they had a good crowd and everyone seemed happy.

I would suggest reservatioms!

I am in awe!! Don’t have enough good words to say about this place except I will become a regular!!!

A big thumbs up from Bruce!!