TSBP is a world leader with women in Politics!

It is a strange world isn’t it!

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is way ahead with respect to women in politics!

While women have made gains over the past twenty years, progress has been slow. The numbers of women elected to the House of Commons has hovered around the 20% mark since 1993.   Women are 52% of Canada’s population and make up an average of 21% of Canada’s municipal councils, provincial legislatures and the House of Commons.

Canada’s international ranking on women’s political representation, has fallen to 50th in the world. Despite enjoying economic prosperity and political stability, Canada now has fewer women elected than most of Europe, parts of Africa, and Australia

Polling data consistently demonstrates women care about different issues. The United Nations has emphasized that equality in decision-making is essential to the empowerment of women, noting a critical mass is needed before legislatures produce public policy representing women’s concerns

How can a democracy be deemed legitimate if it fails to represent half its population?
Canadians value fairness and equality.  We have decided that democracy should be a genuine partnership of men and women.  To this end, we adopted a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that reinforces this belief by guaranteeing equality for women. Despite these values, women still encounter barriers to public office.

Canada’s political parties and governments need to adopt action plans to break down barriers for women in politics. Political will and commitment on the part of leaders and their political parties is a necessary ingredient for success. Political parties need to be proactive recruiting and supporting women candidates to run in winnable ridings; all parties need to make the decision on how to address this inequality; and all parties have to identify processes that work for them.

To level the playing field, many parliaments and political parties are implementing well-funded national action plans to reduce the barriers by: recruiting and training women candidates, offering family friendly work environments, introducing proportional representation, electoral financing reforms, setting targets, constitutional reforms, and public awareness campaigns.

But here the old boys have been beating Gwen Gilbert to political death because she is a women. The real men up here believe women should be barefoot and pregnant! Who does Gwen Gilbert think she is trying to run a town! That’s men work don’t you know.

Take her office, phone and computer and she’ll have to go home and work from the kitchen table. Which is exactly what she did and she still managed to get $11,000,000 in funding and an offer on the airport.

Fact is that the women that have worked on this Council are leaders in Canada, hell we are 30% where is the rest of the world is hovering arround 20%.

Gwen is the only female mayoral Candidate!  That takes us backward to 20%! Guess we want to be average eh???

Being the red neck that I am I believe we should have all members female as that would leave us men with more time to do more important stuff like fishing, hunting and drinking!

Women are the fiber that make up the fabric of our communities! Women are the ones that mould and shape our children! They are the social conscience of our society! Why aren’t they more political!

Men have had the opportunity to screw things up very well over the last 150 years! Women have to come in and clean up the mess. Isn’t that what our mothers did??

But up here I guess we figure that women belong in the kitchen because that is where they do their best work , just like Mayor Gwen Gilbert!!!



44 thoughts on “TSBP is a world leader with women in Politics!

  1. cityhog says:

    I’m surprised to aee you flip flop to support, Mrs. Schmidt, for Mr.Murdoch’s seat.

    • Hey Schmidt is a fairy nice guy!!!
      Just because he hangs arround with cows doesn’t make him any less of a man! He has that spot deep down where he is soft like a women!! 🙂
      Now Walker and Wunderlich on the other hand, one has a strong wife and the other a Mother, so I figure when one votes for them they get the women anyway! 🙂


    • slaponthewrist420 says:

      You do not speak for all men “Bruce” , If it walks like a duck , talks likes a duck and looks like a duck …it’s a duck whether female or male , a person who causes trouble and does a horrible job should be called out on it. As for freedom of speech, how can it exist when you yourself censor anything negative written about your beloved Gwen Gilbert?….And it is really coincidental that you arranged a deal concerning the airport and Gwen….hmmmmm….inside information? If you run a blog , then let the people speak . Should have nominated yourself “Bruce” and stepped up to the plate if you feel so strongily about council.

  2. ruftic says:

    Go ahead milk it for all it is worth!

  3. fugdacat says:

    Bruce what are you saying? Is Schmidt wussy pussy and has to fall under the 30% clause come on. Schmidt creams the lawabiding dairy farmers Schmidt hates bureaucrats which according to Bill are important for the economy. Set yourself straight Bruce boy unless you run with the crowd you nothing else than catshit. Women are women and will need your support.
    Get with the boys Bruce and start scinning some cats. The I’ll boys as you said are inbred and retarded. Soon we will not only have bullshit we will have lots of bill shit

    • Schmidt is what he is a leader, a stong persoality just like mom, but he has that ability to address theat spot deep down inside where we are soft like a women!
      After all women are 52 % of the population! They raise our children, wash our underwear, pick up our socks, make our beds and every now and again we get lucky!
      What ia wrong with comparing a man if signifigant atributes to a women??

  4. Did you write this story Bruce or did your wife. If my husband wrote something like that I would get his slippers and newspaper for six months.

  5. thedinkumthinkum says:

    G’daye Mates

    Bruce I may need teh reconsider the couple a pints with yeh now that I’m back at Mar.
    Gwen Gilbert is gettin politically beaten teh death not because she’s a sheila mate, but because she’s not good at the job!
    Councillor Stan said at the meetin that in more than 20 years at council this was the worst one he’s ever seen. When that boy gets off the fence he does a real Humpty Dumpty don’t he?

    $11,000,000 in funding? All by herself? Guess if we keep her, we wouldn’t have need teh vote for any councillors! The girl’s a one woman grant-grabbin machine!
    Can yeh remind the folks, Bruce, just how many dollars those grants demand from town taxpayers?
    Is it something like 50% on the bridge job and 33% on the other 4 projects?
    Can you spell – Uh Oh here comes a tax hike?

    Did I hear right mate, that the local skatin rink gets a new kitchen, WITH NO APPLIANCES IN IT, a lift, and a few less dressin rooms in the makeover?
    For $500,000 in town tax dollars, sure sounds like the townfolk should fall all over themselves sayin “Thanks Gwen”, for gettin us the other $1,500,000 teh let the figure skaters change on the ice.

    And Bruce, if yeh think yeh gotta elect 52% females teh match the population – how many kids? How many criminals?
    How bout just electin the best yeh can get, and stop lookin teh see if they’re setters or pointers?

    Yeh say, “How can a democracy be deemed legitimate if it fails to represent half its population?” Do yeh forget Bruce, who runs the School Board, the Health Board, the Licence Office, the Children’s Aid – and if yeh look close, your house?

    Now before Ms. bikeatthebeach trades the bike for a steamroller and heads t’wards Mar, I have teh tell yeh that I love a world that has girls in it. Women, and cats, should always be treated with respect and kindness, but Ms. bike, you’ve proven once again that,
    A little prose, well said,
    is all it takes,
    teh turn a woman’s head!

    Goin walkabout

    • Now thedinkumthinkum wouldn’t your mother be proud!!
      I was raised by women, and I beleive that they have been in the background paying for the male mistakes far to long. When there was no money it was the women that figures out what we were eating, wearing, dirinking and hw we would get to school.
      It was women that managed the bills and paid the mortgage. It was women that made sure I was dressed clean and took care of me when I was sick. They healed my scrapes and encouraged me to go on.
      When I review waht has transpirered over the last four years, and whatched the harrassment shown Gewn Gilbert I have to shake my head.
      The woman is like a timex watch, she takes a likin and keeps on tickin!
      You left out the part of her speach where she said “under my leadership” she gave credit to the mental midgets that fought her! Took her office, phone and computer. She is a leader in that dispite all the cheap shots she sought and obtained grants to seed the local economy.That worked so well that she achieve a offer on the airport to bring jobs and reduce the local losses thus in the end reducing taxes.
      Now call me daft if that is what a women can do in adverse conditions I say replace all the men with women cause they produce.
      If we do that we can have more than a couple of pints as they will move forward working with each other.Look at like a big Quiltin Bee, takin all the old rags patchin them together and producing a thing of beauty!


      • thedinkumthinkum says:

        G’daye mates

        Got no idea if me mum might be proud Bruce – she stuffed me in the pouch of a passin roo at the age a 2 weeks. They raised me and I didn’t know till I was 10 yeh could lift one foot at a time!

        Sounds teh me like yeh had A LOT a women in your life Bruce, but I do have teh agree with yeh on one thing – when I thinks on all the things I’m hearin bout Gwen Gilbert, I has teh give me head a shake too!
        But I guess I owe her an apology. I was sure she said “under my dictatorship” Was that before or after the cobber runin the show shut down her mike cause she showed no sign a lettin up?

        And mate, yeh best be more careful with the words. Yeh don’t want teh be callin Gwen, Yvone and Ana “old rags” needin “patchin” teh be beautiful – that could mean Ms.bike would be rethinkin sendin yeh the HUSBAND of the YEAR award.

        True dinkum, Ms. bikeatthebeach, but…… one a me mates minds bar at the pub back home. He gave this one sheila “a little credit” – she ran up a tab for $5600!
        In spite a that, I still think it’s a better world that has ladies in it.

        Got teh doss down now. I’m tryin teh get on Mar Time.


      • mxyzptlk says:

        I gotta agree with TheDink on the notion of grants being a good thing – they only end up costing taxpayers a lot of money, especially when the projects they are supposed to fund go over budget or get over engineered until they are not affordable.

        Here is a good critique of the Community Improvement Plan written by Craig Gammie…

        Craig Gammie on Community Improvement Plan

        I’m glad I don’t live in Ward 3, but if I did, Craig would definately get my vote!!


      • Grants are seed money nothing more nothing less. They lead to bigger and better things, like say and Airport sale!


      • mxyzptlk says:

        What say you about the projected cost for the Sauble Beach Sewer Project which is extremely underfunded? Or, the $10,000 plus interest that the 448 users of the Amabel-Sauble water system are going to have to cough up? The 15th Sideroad Bridge project, also underfunded and over budget? Grants are only good if the project is well defined and all costs are accurately calculated; something that our MPW, Genivar, and Council seem not to be able, or are unwilling, to do.

        We need fiscally responsible leadership, not grant seeking just because there is some money out there. The rally call should be “Need, Not Greed”.


      • But greed fills the need for the moment!
        I personaally think grants should be banned all together, but if it helps to break the system so we can fix it fillyour boots!

    • Now dinkumthinkum give us girls a little credit. Even though we have the majority of votes you don,t see us electing a lady PM or A McDinkyless.

  6. thesonofturner says:

    Just an observation…

    If women are 52% of the population, that makes WOMEN the majority, and thus it isn’t up to anyone else to see that they get a fair shake. Its up to them, since they outnumber men in voting power.

    How is it any MAN’S fault if enough women are swayed to cast their vote for a member of the other gender?

    I really can’t say one way or the other on Gwen, but if there are fewer than 52% women elected to office, maybe you should be asking that 52% of voters what the Hell they’re doing…

    • Years and years of being forced to be subserviant will take some time to get over!
      The old antage behind every good man is a great women has been burned in the brain of most.
      I think women are just coming of age so to speak!
      Given the opportunity I believe they are going to change things for the better!
      Least wise when they are in power, we get to blame them!!


  7. thesonofturner says:

    Maybe true, but what kind of leadership do you get if you arbitrarily add an over-abundance of “subservience” to a group that is supposed to RUN things?

    If they are TRULY of the caliber needed to hold office, then they will need to MAKE the opportunity, not wait for someone else to GIVE it to them.

    • Well I don’t know about you, but women when they make their minds up they are a force to be reconded with!
      When they decide upon something you ain’t gonna change it!
      As for caliber, cream rises to the top!
      IT is becomeing more apparent at meetings and basicly in general that women are sick of being rated second class are are poised to do something about it.
      I say fair play to them! Reality is that women are the center of the universe to the majority of men. So get used to the couch or get into the game cause it is coming like a frieght train!!!

      • Bruce it’s easy to see you have no Middle East friends.

      • When I wanted a friend I got a dog!


      • mxyzptlk says:

        You can’t be serious. Do you actually think we would be better off with Becky Knight, Jessika Husak, Yvonne Harron, and Chris Thomas sitting around the council table with Gwen? You really do need to give your head a good shake. It is obvious that the business/development interests are trying really hard to keep control of our council – we cannot let this happen again.

      • I think that I’m good to go with them all except the Red Harron!!
        I think that shit woould happen, they can’t be worse than what we have! 🙂


      • mxyzptlk says:

        You can’t possibly be serious with that comment!
        Shirley, you jest!


      • I kid thee not!!
        You can’t fix it till its broke so help break it!

      • mxyzptlk says:

        Reality is that women are the center of the universe to the majority of men

        They will rule the world someday, they already have half the money and all of the ‘kitty’.


      • They get the gold mine men get the shaft 🙂
        If they have the money honey I am their new best friend!!


      • thedinkumthinkum says:

        G’daye Mr interdimensional

        TheDink? I like that mate!

        Yeh might just a hit the nail on its head cobber!
        If Bruce is really Shirley …..


      • mxyzptlk says:

        It is my opinion that the notion of our council representing all of the people of TSBP is already broken. Special interests have been the rule of the day; electing more of the same type of people will only cause us another four years of grief and wasted tax dollars.

        It would be an interesting analysis of the candidates to see which ones are business/developer/coc members and which ones are not. Maybe TheDodge could tackle that one.


      • thedinkumthinkum says:

        G’day mates

        Would it be fair to have Mr. Dodge also check out who represents:
        Friends of the anything
        supporters of private property
        church groups
        old folks
        young folks
        one way steets
        pharmaceutical companies promotin a cure for RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)

        I’m thinkin mate, that yeh wouldn’t want teh target only one crew a special interest johnnies when all a them contribute teh the problems!

        Goin walkabout teh ask candidates meself where they stand so as teh save Mr. Dodge the trouble.

      • mxyzptlk says:

        TheDink 🙂 is correct again…all candidates have some agenda/special interest. So, you gotta hope they’re tellin the truth when sayin their special interest is the same as yours. The all candidates meeting helped me make up my mind even though there was no ‘debate’ as Bruce says elsewhere. What bothers me more are the rats running our town and their attempt to ram as much through as they can while the numbers at the council table are in their favour.

      • Here Here Mr. Speaker!!!

      • thedinkumthinkum says:

        G’daye mates

        all candidates have some agenda/special interest
        Yeh know I think you’re a dinkum mate Mr. IMProbable, and I hate teh disagree, but I just don’t see an agenda/special interest in a guy sayin he’s not runnin cause he needs the job – he already has one or three – and just thinks he can make a difference.
        I think the goal one guy has a returnin free speech teh the people at council is an agenda I could learn teh like.

        I know I don’t get teh vote but I am interested in who yeh put in teh run my life and control my property.


      • mxyzptlk says:

        You are agreein with me…everyone has an agenda. I like Jim Turner’s agenda too. If I lived in the fair city of Wiarton, he would get my vote. Unfortunately, my choices are not so easy.

  8. Yeah some of them disappear on a busy Sauble sunday.

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