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Owen Sound Sun Times “tries” to redefine its view on what kind of politician we need.

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I have known Jim Algie for over 25 years. He is a man with a great ability to write about pressing issues important for the public and interesting issues which often sparked debates amongst us farmers."It must be true when it is in the news"

I never was able to figure out where he stood personally or if he in fact has the ability to have a real passion for certain news subjects.

Not only once did I shake my head about his view. At the end I thought; he is just a reporter, a committed one who writes because that is his job. No hard feelings between him and me, but the question remained with me for many years; does he really get it what is going on or does he just write about it without getting it?

Two items in the Sun Times raised my eyebrows. a letter to the editor by Vernon Elliott and an editorial by Jim Algie. One needs to understand that letters to the editor are not all published; they are put in as the editor decides. In so many ways letters to the editor do reflect often what the editor wants to see.

Let’s look at the first item which is the letter from Vernon Elliott:

He certainly does not understand the culture of politics. His understanding of dignity apparently is limited and personally twisted. Bill Walker’s speech and promotional material did not contain anything about his political history or employment. I would say that itself has a  great potential of misleading people about where he comes from and where he stands. Nothing wrong with changing colors, but hiding your colors has nothing to do with dignity.

Calling a spade a spade has nothing to do with undermining another candidate unless somebody is spreading lies and rumors. Too many candidates enter politics trying to appear clean and slick without revealing their own identity. Walker certainly is not walking the talk (as he promoted himself ) in that respect.most people have no idea

I received many letters of people who expressed their frustration how the Walker camp in complete disrespect started making noise in the back after Walker was finished so that the other candidates could not be heard during their speeches.  I also had longtime PC supporters come to me who expressed their frustration what had happened at the nomination meeting. One said; I did not come to the nomination meeting to be yelled at for 10 minutes by Walker.

There was lots of frustration amongst old PC members after they realized that Walker who has been a liberal had bought himself the nomination.

“Integrity matters”, is the last line from Verna Elliott.

I do agree with him. But that is exactly what Walker did not displayed so far; will see if that changes in the future.

Read the whole letter as published by the Sun Times:

 Kudos to candidates who delivered positive, dignified message


When will they ever learn?

One of the major causes of voter apathy, in my opinion, is negative campaigning.

In the recent Bruce-Grey- Owen Sound Ontario Conservative Party candidate election I was appalled and disappointed to hear two of the candidates use their precious speaking time to attempt to undermine one of their opponents. Thank you both for exposing your lack of good judgement and good character. It made my voting decision much easier.

Kudos to Bill Walker and Dan Sullivan for each maintaining a positive, dignified message. In my decades of residing in this constituency we have had some remarkable representatives at all levels of government. Thank you Bill Murdoch for your years of service.

The number one attribute of our best representatives has been integrity and a willingness to work hard for this area. Party affiliation has been secondary as I believe it should be.

Congratulations Bill Walker for winning the nomination and demonstrating your integrity.

Future candidates, learn the lesson.

Integrity matters.

Verna Elliott Wiarton


Now let’s look at Jim Algies editorial.

Here is one interesting excerpt:

It may be that the PCs’ new candidate has organizational talents and cooperative skills that would better serve the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound than contention. Walker’s career in fundraising for area hospitals and in public relations for the Bruce Power utility suggests someone more inclined to co-operation than contention.

…… Walker rejected “bashing bureaucrats” as a sensible strategy for political accomplishment and described himself as “a team player who is committed to the riding.” That may be a hint Walker will seek to distinguish himself from at least some of the Murdoch legacy.

 Considering the two quotes above I question Jim Algies conclusion. It would be much more interesting and worthy of a political reporter to explore the dangers of Bruce Power influencing the political process as we are experiencing already.

According to a close source; the goal of Bruce Power is, to have supporters in every level of Government. This is no conspiracy this is normal for powerful corporations like Bruce Power

Nevertheless that should raise some flags.

The other issue of “not bashing bureaucrats …..” should be more of a concern than a blessing .

Who will have the guts to stand up against bureaucrats? Did Walker not listen to Bill Murdoch or to many concerned politicians who are talking about the fact that bureaucrats have already too much control?

We are indeed in trouble if we get a politician without the courage and an honest stand against more and more controls and regulations.

Jim Algie does not seem to get it or has lost any sense of what is really needed. Trading a yes-men for a maverick seems to be more favorable for Jim because of the benefits we will get if finally we have somebody who knows how to conform to the current political culture.

All along for many years I kept wondering where the Owen Sound Sun Times really stands in respect to investigative and critical reporting.

This is another loss of culture.

Not all is bad with Jim; he ends with an interesting comment;

It’s time we get a look at who else has an interest in succeeding Bill Murdoch.

Thanks Jim for this closing statement, I thought you had lost it.

Below find the Owen Sound Sun Times Opinion written by Jim

Walker a different kind of candidate

In a nomination speech to about 1,000 members of the Progressive Conservative riding association for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound recently, candidate Bill Walker said “I will not be intimidated by the Toronto crowd.”

It’s an easy bet Walker was thinking about Bill Murdoch who made his name in Ontario politics by rousting that nasty, old Toronto crowd. As a result of the PC’s recent convention, Walker will succeed Murdoch as the riding’s Tory candidate at the provincial election to be held next year at this time. The veteran MPP announced in July he’ll retire from provincial politics after 20 years in office. His party has wasted no time finding a candidate who seems to have watched Murdoch’s long string of electoral successes and will seek to apply suitable lessons to his own legislative campaign.

It’s important for electors to remember, however, that Bill Walker is no Bill Murdoch, just as Murdoch was no Eddie Sargent. Sargent was the long-serving Liberal MPP who represented the Bruce-Grey region successfully from the early 1960s to the late 1990s and the man which whom Murdoch is often compared.

Murdoch and Sargent both emerged from a background in municipal politics into long provincial careers as backbench MPs. Both seemed to spend as much time ragging on successive governments of their own parties as those of other political parties. They relied on their reputations as constituency men rather than party men. This was true even though both MPPs remained fierce loyalists despite occasional discipline from their party leaders and the refusal of successive leaders of either the PC or Liberal parties to offer much in the way of perquisites and promotion for their “maverick” members from Grey-Bruce.

There’s a price to be paid for taking on the establishment, although this region’s electors seem supportive of politicians willing to put constituents’ interests ahead of personal ambition or party solidarity. There are other ways to work government, however, other than resistance and rebellion, name-calling or the “unparliamentary language” for which both Murdoch and Sargent became famous.

It may be that the PCs’ new candidate has organizational talents and cooperative skills that would better serve the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound than contention. Walker’s career in fundraising for area hospitals and in public relations for the Bruce Power utility suggests someone more inclined to co-operation than contention. Indeed, in at least one reported campaign appearance, Walker rejected “bashing bureaucrats” as a sensible strategy for political accomplishment and described himself as “a team player who is committed to the riding.” That may be a hint Walker will seek to distinguish himself from at least some of the Murdoch legacy.

The provincial election remains a year off. Other parties have yet to address in public the opportunities presented by Murdoch’s pending departure. As a result, Bill Walker and Tory activists seem free to refine their approach and set the electoral agenda.

Ontario law appoints a fixed election date which, barring unusual events, will be Oct. 6, 2011. The recent PC nomination shows one party is taking seriously the task of electoral politics in this region.

Perhaps Conservatives understand better than others that Murdoch’s departure represents as much a challenge for the next PC candidate as it does an opportunity. Murdoch showed powerful instincts for political survival. His support may have been as much personal as party affiliation.

Tories in the riding have started work on electing Murdoch’s successor. It’s time we get a look at who else has an interest in succeeding Bill Murdoch.

Let the Games Begin!!

So I admit I was wrong yet again!

The good thing is when you get to be fat bald and sixty you have no problem being wrong! Been there done that so many time I cannot count them!

The election was a bit of a disappointment for me however it is what its is!

Mr. Close is a good man and I do think he will do his best to build upon the foundation laid by those that were. I am hoping that his team will achieve what was missed by the few that lived only to remove what was best over the last four years.

In going forward, there are challenges to be addressed! The Sauble Sewer has in fact divided the community dramaticly, while the Airport looms in despair and the West Road haunts some.

The spending over the last few years has to be reigned in and somehow we have to establish a means for economic growth while reducing the tax base so we all don’t lose our homes.

The real challenge will be control of staff and spending. The effort to dethrone Mare Rhonda is going to be an interesting battle that if not addressed out the gate, will lead to bigger problems than we saw with the last administration.

It is good to know that honour was paid to Yvonne Haron last night. Albeit it I fondly referred to her as the Red Haron, in jest, we all know she was a large C conservative, so a solid blue is more appropriate.

The fact of the matter is that council, in an effort to pay tribute for all the years Yvonne dedicated to Council, named the Blue Heron as the town bird, as opposed to the Plover! I can only believe that this was done out of respect to Yvonne!

The bird could have been a crow or even a turkey but no, council decided to honor our beloved Haron. It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by a bunch of turkeys. Or it could have been  a cuckoo bird! Lots of choices.  Anyway, after four years, it looks like council has finally made a decision and have agreed to give the longstanding Haron the recognition she deserves , they have now named the town bird after her as she is walking out the door for the last time. What a legacy! I guess old habits die-hard!

In the few weeks there will be a lot of jockeying for position and I am sure there will be a good number of back room huddles to decide who is going to be who in the zoo! Time will tell the tale.

I have to wonder about Wunderlich as to where he will land in the public world. I am sure he is not ready to hang up his sword!

As for Gwen Gilbert, I think you may see some surprises coming from her. The fact of the matter is Mr. Close now works for her as does council whilst working for the rest of the community. Gwen started a lot of projects, during her tenure and I think that she will continue to plug away at what she started. Now that she is not the Mayor, she won’t have to worry about loosing her office or her blackberry! As a matter of fact they won’t be able to control her press releases either! There’s a thought.

The new Council is going to do just great and I congratulate all of them for their victory! I want to give a special “Atta Boy” to Jimmy Turner as I think he has contributed significantly over the years to the betterment of the community as a whole and now that he is part of the team I am sure that he will prove his leadership, one line at a time!

Now his son was looking for a sign of Jimmy’s and I know a guy that is going out to BC next week that may just bring him one! I only have to tell him where to deliver it!

So in closing I would like to thank those that voted for making their point and shake my head at those that didn’t.

More importantly, I want to thank our past Council for thier efforts! Albeit it they gave me a lot of material to work with, they did at the very least try!

We have a great team in place to conquer the dragons facing us and I say to them Lead On!


And the Winners are???

Len Chabot Mayor 256

John Close Mayor 2725

Paul Deacon Mayor 2273

Gwen Gilbert Mayor 1408

Jim Kerr Mayor 294

 Wray Lamont Councillor Ward One 398

Vivian MacDonald Councillor Ward One 406

Paul McKenzie Councillor Ward One 689

Jim Turner Councillor Ward One 707

Pat Varley Councillor Ward One 288

Ana Vukovic Councillor Ward One 508

Yvonne Harron Councillor Ward Two 576

Jay Kirkland Councillor Ward Two 578

Karen Klages Councillor Ward Two 585

Donald Williamson Councillor Ward Two 496

Marilyn Bowman Councillor Ward Three 762

Brad Casemore Councillor Ward Three 275

Craig Gammie Councillor Ward Three 657

Jessika Husak Councillor Ward Three 581

Janice Jackson Councillor Ward Three 1153

Becky Knight Councillor Ward Three 574

Jack Wicksey Councillor Ward Three 77

Stan Hoath Councillor Ward Four 511

Garry Michi Councillor Ward Four 424

Stephen Nusko Councillor Ward Four 679

Matthew Standen Councillor Ward Four 732

Chris Thomas Councillor Ward Four 744

Needless to say

Tonight, for those that are running the silence is deafening!

All the signs, all the speeches, the meetings the hopes the prayers lay in the arms of those that observed!

The promise and the energy of the campaign is now behind you and the silence of the wait tortures you!

In a few hours you will either embrace your failure or dance with your victory! But now, at this moment you stumble through the last six weeks wondering!

Could I have done better, did I fail to make my point, was I wrong?

You are waiting anticipation. You are wishing you did something different! Wondering how you will deal your friends if you are not successful.

I want you to stop that now! The clock will not move faster.

You are a hero! You stepped up! You are a winner. You are wiser now than when you started.

Win or lose you are a hero! You tried regardless! While many can only wish they had your strength they did not do what you did!

I for one admire your courage and strength regardless of the outcome. You stood your ground and tried. You did your best!

I am proud of you for giving it a shot!

If you win I will be watching you! If you lose I will be saluting you!

 Sleep well my friends for you have done well what will be will be and you will be a better person for it!


So Mayor Ruth let’s talk Parking Money!

What is the cost for the authority?

What is the revenue for the authority?

Is there a surplus?

if so:

Where is the the surplus?

If not

Why is there an authority?

Why do we have paid parking?

Why is there not a break down of how much from each street and each parking lot?

Why is it that it cost 540,000 disclosed as operating costs and the city says its is paying for itself but if parking were free there would be a 4% increase in taxes to cover it?



So let’s say there are 10 streets with parking meters on both sides of the street.

Let’s say a street is 1,000 feet long that means that at 20 feet per parking space there would be 100 meters per block that would equal 1,000 meters at $1.00 per hour times five hours a day six days a week.

That should give us $30,000 per week times 50 weeks a year there should be $1,500,00 per year without the parking lots.

So tell me where is the dough joe????

Are the collector’s  wearing a Rolex???

If they are breaking even how do I get a job there?

Owen Sound Sun Times Reports:

“City hall says the downtown parking system costs $540,000 per year to operate and a 4% property tax hike would be needed to support a free system.

The city would lose $250,000 in annual revenue if all on-street meters were removed and vehicles were only charged to park in municipal lots, city hall says.”

They must be using New Math!