The Race is a Disgrace!! 1

The municipal election in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula makes a complete mockery of the Democratic system!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some really sincere people in the running but they appear to be really naive or in the alternative really slick.

The all Candidates meetings have been nothing short of a joke and structured to make certain people shine and others loo like idiots.

The next one in Mar just happens to be on the same night as the PC nomination meeting. Now I may just be stupid but why would you book a Municipal meeting the same night as the Provincial PC nomination meeting unless you were perhaps trying to distract one from the other.

The Chamber appears to be behind the sponsorship of the meetings.

The fact of the matter is to have meetings wherein which the questions are limited to one minute and the answers are limited to two minutes, how can you get a feel for the candidates with a two minute answer?

If some one makes their decision to vote for someone after hearing them talk on a given subject for two minutes, then they are just stupid or blind to the facts.

I wonder how many sheeple are voting for someone because they have more signs out than the other!

There are a few of the candidates that make an impression,:

Paul Deakons for example, has a determined presence and seems to hold himself well although he dresses for the beach. I think Paul would make a great Councilor and in due course an outstanding Mayor. However I think he is running for the wrong job at this point.

Mr. Close has history but I still think has links to the Old Boys and I am not satisfied that he will be anything but a Liberal. John speaks well but looks eternally rode hard and put away wet. His answers to questions lack substance although his delivery is at time outstanding. But does that make him a Mayor?

Gwen Gilbert on the other hand (remember I am biased) acts professional, comes prepared, gives straight from the hip answers and relies on her accomplishments. In my mind she should be dealing with the fact that because she is a women she has been hindered by a bunch of hard assed old boys who think women belong in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. I would love to see what would happen if she as Mayor over a new open-minded Council worked together. I think it would be a different world!

Jim Kerr has his heat in the right place and does present himself well. Some of his points are well made. ut Jimmy is not Mayorial material. He is a little too quick to flash and I think that regardless of his good points he would have a hard time maintaining control.

Len Chabot should stick to being a DJ, but fair play to him for trying.

Now if we were to sweep clean and put in a new Mayor replacing Gwen Gilbert, then the real Mayor would be Rhonda Cook. She would rule the roost and the new Mayor would be at her mercy.

Gwen on the other hand is like President Choice toilet paper , rough, tough and won’t take no shit off anyone especially Rhonda.

These are my opinions and everyone is entitled to one so please comment with what you feel but lets keep it real! No nasty stuff!



21 thoughts on “The Race is a Disgrace!! 1

  1. Bruce that meeting was nothing short of a dog and pony show. The moderator John Divinski better not give up his day job . The main bone of contention was does Sauble need sewers.Many in the crowd wrote questions and sent them to the moderator which he and his henchmen screened. Most candidates made fools of themselves saying the want sewers at Sauble to stop e-coli found earlier the summer. They made their choice when is no proof that the septic systems were at fault but rather there seems to be proof the Sauble river is bringing cattle manure runoff during heavy rains. Seems to me any easy cure would be cattle diapers or a poop and scoop bylaw. They want to hope it’s not the septics because then after spending mega bucks for sewers they will have to spend a lot more a breakwall to separate the Indian end of the beach. I smell land developers.

    • Developers spelled this way “O L D B O Y S”!
      We all know who they are and what they are! They have run this comunity for the past 50 years their way and are not prepare to let some women take away their profits.
      They are happy to have the masses pay for the sewer system they need to put their properties on the market.
      Truth of the matter is that most of the Beach is under Land Claim by our native friends. Reality is that if the aboriginal claims bear fruit the Feds are mandated to provide them with sewers and water.
      Lets just surender the land to the aboriginals forcing the Feds to service the land with sewers and water. The only difference we would see is who we write our cheque to at the end of the year and we would have the sewers and the water paid for!!!
      As for the cattle they were here first right after the Natives and everyone wants beef! So stop eating beef or stop whining about cows!

      • Bruce it’s not the cows fault . It’s the ministry of ag who encouraged the greedy farmer with tile drainage loans to dry his fields quicker. This took away natures filter system and in a lot of places like the Grand river they had to build dams and flood areas to save Brantford and Galt. Now wasn’t that smart.

      • Your tax dollars at work!
        I am always amazed by the careless disregard of Simple Serpants have for the effect of what they do. The farmers are just trying to make a living. We pay for the Simle Serpants to protect our natural resources and they fail us. Just think of what could happen when they start shipping nuclear waste over the Great Lakes@

  2. rundgrenknows says:

    A squirrel dying in my drainage gutter is enough to set the e-coli brigade and their developer friends on their latest and greatest mission for sewers.

    Mr. Close has the gift of gab. Be careful about that. He and Lamont would sell you a pipeline before you could say lilies or bear-proof containers.

    Mr. Deacon will recommend your kitchen paint and might even paint it if you ask nicely. But, who runs the store when he’s painting? Not quite ready for prime-time but would like him as my councillor any day.

    I got a little scared reading your post Bruce. A little scared indeed about what the offerings are.
    Thank God, despite the “hard assed old boys”, Gwen’s fortitude has enabled her to run again.

  3. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Well, well,

    I see rundgrenknowsjack is back!
    Be scared, be very scared about Gwennie offering herself again.
    Thank God, despite the “hard assed old boys”, Gwen’s fortitude has enabled her to run again.
    As usual you’re off by a little. Not fortitude – just onetitude!

    When she got elected four years ago she assured us that her total lack of sense was due to being tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk.
    She’s not running, she’s passed on. This Mayor is no more. She has ceased to be. She’s expired and gone to meet her maker. This is a late Mayor. She’s a stiff! Bereft of life, she rests in peace! If council hadn’t nailed her to the perch she’d be pushing up the daisies! Her metabolic processes are now history! She’s off the twig! She’s kicked the bucket, she’s shuffled off her mortal coil, rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-MAYOR!

    Inspiration by Monty Python
    Oh so appropriate changes by
    the Martian

  4. cuvava says:

    It would be interesting if Martian and Gwen win the election, and next 4 years he call here your worship

  5. We should have a one legged Indian who works run for mayor. At the least we would save money on cigarettes.

  6. callie cornfield says:

    I am surprised no one noticed the way the stage tables for the moyoral candidates and ward 3 were organized. Now if something happens once it’s coincidence but twice, its planned. The evening was set up by the chamber (business). At the mayoral table, where were the business candidates ( Close and Deacon) right towards the center of the stage in full view. Where was they’re main opposition ( Gwen) ? Right against the wall. Coincidence ??? Now the ward 3 table. The business candidates were again front and center while the main resident candidate ( Marilyn Bowman) right against the wall. TWO coincidences, NOT BLOODY LIKELY !!! Are we residents ready to elect a business weighted council. Good luck to us if we do .

  7. Bruce I was quite suprised that people would take your rant about women in politics seriously. But I must say some do. I think ward 4 candidate Matthew Standen had the best pair of earrings on the stage.

  8. rundgrenknows says:

    “I see rundgrenknowsjack is back!”
    Then I must know J. Turner will be elected.

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      You are, as usual, simpley misunderstod! A common occurance for you, I’m certain as you too may be showing a total lack of sense due to being tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk.
      I did, out of courtesy this being a family blog, omit one line of the “Ex-mayor” sketch – but I feel it to be appropriate, you to be deserving and trust “Bruce” will see the humor:
      (s)he’s f**kin’ snuffed it!

      As for J. Turner’s electoral chances; I’m put in mind of a public appearance by Adeli Stevenson while running for President of the US. Someone yelled out “You have the votes of all thinking people” to which he replied, “That won’t be enough, madam – we need a majority!”

      the Martian

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