Race is a Disgrace 2! Ward 1

So lets look at Ward 1:

Wray Lamont

Mr. Lamont is an incumbant that knows everything about, trash, bootlegging, bear containers and how to be a Good Old Boy! He also has extensive knowledge about mileage, how to inflate expenses and not get caught. How to make a committee of two look like four.

He does have experience in undermining a Mayor and Council as a whole. He lives in Red Bay and was responsible for the invention of the term “Red Bay Bandits”. Suffice to say “Wave Away Wray”  has experience, most of it bad.

Ana Vukovic

Now there’s a pistol! Ana stands her ground, makes her point and delivers what she says. A little cantankerous from time to time but does exactly what she says she is going to do! Ana is a women of her word and calls a spade a spade.

Not favoured by the Red Bay Bandits and has been known to rant and rave from time to time but she is honest!  She stand up for what is right and doesn’t pretend to be politically correct 100% of the time.

I have no trouble supporting Ana, cause she has gonads!

Vivian MacDonald

Vivian is direct to the point, and operates in a no nonsense sort of way. She firmly believes in a Christian way of life and is willing to listen. Albeit she holds here cards pretty close to her vest, she is generally to the point. I doubt she will put up with the antics that Gwen Gilbert had to experience and I think overall she will be good for the Community. An accounting background which will be helpful given the situation in the town at this point. She didn’t make it to the meeting in Sauble, not that she missed much.

I think Vivian would be a great Council member.

Paul McKenzie

Now Paul is a local businessman second generation. His family has a history in politics but hasn’t really said much as to what he hopes to accomplish. Besides the usual taxes are to high and the old Council was fighting too much it appears he has no agenda either hidden or otherwise.

Jim Turner

Big Jim Turner is well known as a person that is active both in the community and at Council. He is not afraid to voice his opinion and does have a tendency to piss people off. He is a supporter of John Close as Mayor, which cost’s him points in this camp. He and Gwen Gilbert are like oil and water, however I think they could work together.

I know Jim and I would support him. I know he can be a little aggressive but he is honest and keeps his word in spades.

Pat Varley

Although I have never talk with Pat, she appears to be intelligent. I think, by way of reputation, that she is a tree huger that has been transplanted in this area from Mississauga. I think she is associated with the pinko’s in Sauble saving the Plover and the shore line. Doesn’t ring a lot of bells in my sandbox.

There ya go! My two cents worth!





16 thoughts on “Race is a Disgrace 2! Ward 1

  1. mxyzptlk says:

    If I could vote there I would go with JT and AV or PV

  2. 2censworth says:

    I’m in Ward 1and hoping for a clean sweep. Currently I’m thinking McKenzie, Turner and Close as mayor. But I’d be interested in alternative arguments.

    • Remember Close was historicly part of the problem back when Gwen was on Council. I don’t have to much trouble with MacKenzie other than he doesn’t say anything. I am ok on Turner and Ana the Banana and I don’t have any problem with Vivian.
      I think that a clean sweep would put to much power in the hands of Mayor Rhonda!

  3. The old saying goes “you get the government you deserve” so get off your butts and vote.

  4. 2censworth says:

    I think “Mayor Ronda” has been filling a vacuum. Get a good council that knows how to do business and she will either prove her worth as a CAO or demonstrate the need for a qualified CAO.

  5. cuvava says:

    If I lived in Ward 1, I wold vote for the local boy McKenzie. That way he can reduce my taxes
    while at the same time he’s fixing my sea-doo.
    I would also vote for Turner; he can humor me with one-liners while he is fixing my


  6. thesonofturner says:

    Bruce, anyone who thinks my old man would be snowed at council because he’s new to the job.doesn’t know him all that well. I haven’t been face to face with him in over twenty years,but even “I” know better than that 😉

    Cuvava: Humourous (and occasionally cutting) one-liners is a family tradition 8)

  7. 2censworth says:

    Great questions for our SBP mayoral candidates. If you are running for mayor, would you answer these questions for us?

    Click on this link or paste into your browser….


  8. callie cornfield says:

    Bruce i think that you are giving Pat Varley a raw deal..she brings many years of municipal financial experience to the table..she was a key player in the finance department of Mississauga(and they are not too shabby)..she does real research and makes fact based comments..she understands how a good municipality should be run..and we need that help
    I dont know why you say tree hugger..yes she would protect the environment but no more than others in the race

    yes Turner shows wit at times…but the smoke police would bring a different point of view…smoking in your place of business puts the public at risk and in second hand smoke range…not my idea of the person I want deciding how our town runs

    just some counterpoints

    • Pat supports the friends of Sauble and the plovers! Both of which have no respect for personal property rights and I am fundamentally apposed to any organization or their supporters that have no respect for my property rights.

      As for the Smoke Police I put them in the sand box! Pinko Commie Bastards with ?Teeth! Kinda sorta like Gestopo!
      It is all about freedom my firend, something we are seeing less and less of!
      Turner took them to task and I say fair play to him at least he has gonads!
      Now everyone has a choice however when it comes to personal freedom there is no choice!

    • thedinkumthinkum says:

      G’daye mates

      Bruce, I didn’t know what a smoke police was and why yeh feel so strong about em till I asked at the Mar petrol. Guess the cobbers ran a scam on the folks there and it cost them about a month a profits.
      If the bastards tried that back home they’d be croc food!
      I’m with yeh Bruce and anyone who fights them.

      Ms. Callie, seems the man has the odd puff on his own property and only puts yeh at risk if yeh join him – so don’t.

      not my idea of the person I want deciding how our town runs
      Meself, I’m bettin that any guy standin up teh smoke police will work hard teh keep others from intrudin inta how I run me own life, and how yeh run yours – and that’s just fine by me.

      Bruce, tell me yeh don’t have drink police here! If I can’t have a beer with the barkeep in the pub where I can’t have a smoke with him, I’m sellin out and leavin cause the next step has teh be sheila police!

      Goin walkabout

      • Twenty years ago threre were 10 bars in town today there is one and 1/2 !
        Don’t need drink police as they legislated bars out of existence! Lucky for us there’s a Timmy or two!

        I would love to see Turner, Gwen and Ana in the same room it would be a hoot!

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