They forget yesterday to dictate tomorrow!

Guess you should have fixed your router eh Ruth!!! 

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Subject: West Road/Municipal Election

At the present time, the West Road is under appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.  On March 31, 2010, the OMB issued an order that prevented the County from building the north 9 km from Pike Bay Road to County Road 9 west of Ferndale pending the hearing of the appeal.  No date has been set for the OMB appeal.  In the meantime, the municipal election affords an opportunity for a political solution.

You may recall Wray Lamont put a resolution before South Bruce Peninsula Council that the Town of South Bruce Peninsula did not want the West Road built through Red Bay and Howdenvale or at all.  This resolution had the support of Ana Vukovic, Betty Hall and Dan Kerr and would have passed had Gwen Gilbert supported it.  We know Gwen stayed at home to avoid the vote on this resolution.  She was at home responding to an e-mail from a member of the Resident Group.    

 Below is a list of the people running and their stand regarding the West Road. 

 Mayor Candidates

John Close: supports the road

Paul Deacon: does not support the road

Gwen Gilbert: don’t really know where she stands on this issue

Len Chabot: Believes the road needs to be improved but does not support a larger road

 Ward 1 Councillors

Wray Lamont: does not support the road        (but does support double dipping)

Ana Vukovic: does not support the road

Jim Turner: supports the road

Pat Varley: I have a call and email in to her.

Vivien McDonald:  Does not support the road if it means clear cutting and making a bigger road, but believes the gravel section should be improved.  All roads should be made safer. 

Paul McKenzie:  I have a call in to him.

 I will send out the information about the two who have not weighed in on the West Road issue as soon as received. 

 We are asking you to support the people who do not support the West Road.  Please note that you can only vote my mail in this election. 

 If you have any questions or want to talk about the candidates you can call us at 519-534-4002 or call the candidates directly.  You will find their contact information on the Town website.   


 Gwen Gilbert: don’t really know where she stands on this issue

You people forget that it was Gwen Gilbert that supported you  in your quest long before she was Mayor! As Mayor Gwen Gilbert took all of your initiatives to the County level for consideration. She supported the effort to have the road designated “collector urban” in the Red Bay portion in order to give it urgban design. She supported the EA process  looking at the possibility of an alternate route. She supported the county looking at an alternate route for truck traffic travelling to the west side of the peninsula from highway 6. The only thing the county would not support but was requested for the Red Bay group was an Economic Impact Study being done for downtown Wiarton as to the financial loss that the Wiarton businesses would experience once the West Road is updated.

Today you spit in her face saying you don’t know where she stands!!! Get a grip!!!

I take you back to September 17, 2003 The Wiarton Echo

Council hears proposal for new road from Red Bay to Ferndale By Shawn Giil
Wednesday September 17, 2003
Wiarton Echo — South Bruce Peninsula residents should brace themselves for a major facelift in their road systems over the next few years.
Bruce County is in the early stages of committing itself to the construction of a third main arterial road on the peninsula near Lake Huron. The plan is part of an ongoing re-designation of county and municipal roads in the county which also could have ramifications on the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation.
Under the plan presented by county road superintendent Brian Knox to South Bruce Peninsula council members Monday, Bruce would take over sections of the municipal road running north to Red Bay and connect it with the West Road in the Northern Bruce Peninsula near Ferndale. That would give residents the third main road on the west side of the peninsula that officials have long hungered for.
The existing roads would require some extensive realignment and upgrading to bring them to county standards. The cost could run more than $8 million for that project.
In return, the county would transfer County Road 18 to the municipality. That road, which Knox admitted is in poor condition, is the main access to Cape Croker, where approximately 700 Chippewas reside full-time. The First Nation is not part of the county, Knox said, and the population is not great enough to qualify as an urban area under the county standards.
“We’re looking at a west road that’s about 30 kilometres in length from Oliphant to the Ferndale Road,” Knox said. “The intent is to have a north-south road that services the west side of Highway 6.”
That project will entail an environmental assessment of the area, since the proposed county road may require cutting through some of the ecologically-important wetland areas inland from Lake Huron, Knox said.
“There’s the potential to determine which is the most appropriate route, whether it be the existing route or possibly a realignment,” he said.
The county has also approached the federal and provincial governments to determine whether it has any special obligations to the adjacent First Nation. Knox said only the municipality has any responsibility to provide adequate access to and from the reserve lands at Cape Croker.
The Nawash band has not been contacted nor had any input in the discussions thus far, Knox said.
“There isn’t any clear obligation on the regional or county level to provide access to First Nations land,” Knox said.
That may not sit well with the Nawash people, who battled the former Township of Albemarle to improve access to their lands within the last 10 years along Coveney Road. Repairs to the road have been promised for most of the last 10 years without happening.
South Bruce Peninsula Mayor Carl Noble said he is prepared to take his chances with the proposed roads trade-off.
“I’m in favour of it,” Noble said. “Our works manager have sat down and discussed what has been proposed. We know that there is some pluses and minuses to it, but we have to look at the overall traffic in our municipality. In our estimation, this is going to be the better for most of the people that travel in and through our municipality.”
Noble said he wasn’t concerned that Nawash representatives hadn’t been involved in the discussions so far.
“We do have problems in communicating with the First Nations people,” Noble said.
“When I went in as mayor, I sent letters to them on two, if not three occasions, asking for a meeting to discuss our mutual problems and services. And to this date we have not had a reply.”
Several of his councillors expressed concerns with the lack of consultation, and also wondered if the county was looking far enough ahead to evaluate the impact of increased traffic loads in the municipality.
Councillor John Close predicted that traffic would “explode” with the improvement in roads, especially from tourists.
County council will now examine Knox’s recommendations on Thursday in a roads committee meeting.

“We are asking you to support the people who do not support the West Road.  Please note that you can only vote by mail in this election. “

Open you eyes Ruthy! Remeber who your friends really are!

When you abandon those that supported you in the past you achieve the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

This type of bullshit is what gave you four years of discontent! Rexamine your strategy my friend and embrace the hand that assited you historicly!!

Once a Red Bay Bandit always a Red Bay Bandit!!!  Bootleggers, Bandits and thieves!!!




2 thoughts on “They forget yesterday to dictate tomorrow!

  1. thewackyone says:

    Finally received my bill for water improvements done to the Huron Woods water treatment facility. Oh I guess that isn’t accurate, it really is just an estimate of what the bill will be! We may get another million or so in grant money. Bottom line these improvements will cost me somewhere between $7,830.68 and $10,190.26 plus interest.
    After I moved here in 2004 I heard from neighbours that there were going to be improvement done to our treatment facility and that it was thought that these would cost us about $4000 to $5000 each. In 2005 the contract for the work was awarded to Allen-Hastings for $836,712.97 This figure included GST. This work was completed 2006 and I expected to receive a bill. But the bill never came until 2 weeks ago. Needless to say the size of the tab and the plus interest charges is disturbing.
    But now I believe I understand why I never got the bill for the work done to the Huron Woods Water Works. They went ahead and combined 3 or 4 other systems and constructed the Amable-Sauble Water Works. They also upgraded Oliphant and Foreman Water Works. Now the bill for all the projects is $11,397,135.06 plus interest. That is why my part of the bill is more than double what I expected to pay. I understand paying for the improvements done to the Huron Woods treatment facility but I resent having to contribute to other facilities. Nothing is communicated to people about what is happening we just seem to find thing out after the fact.
    I also attended to Sewer meeting at the Sauble School yesterday. They are pushing for the sewer project in its largest size covering all residences now. They want everyone hooked up. Apparently septic systems don’t work any more. No one spoke in favour of sewers except to say if the DCA needed them they should get them and the individuals invovled should pay for them. These consulting brass refuse to listen to the taxpayers and property owners. People should take note of which candidates were at the meeting and what they had to say and vote accordingly.
    Bruce at these two meetings there were very few sheep present too many angry wolves. There ain’t going to be any big sewer project in Sauble for a few years yet!

    • It is good theat they are coming out and voicing their position.
      I am not sure how effective there efforts are going to be. Money talks and bull shit walks.
      I understand there were some 750 people there yesterday. If they all put up $1000 bucks they would have enough money to hire a competent legal team to Drive these bastards into the sewer they want to bulid. I believe that is the only way to stop the sewer bus.
      Short of that I suggest they get ready to see the full meal deal in place!

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