$200,000 Lost Parking Revenue Where??

The Simple serpents in Owen Sound keep yammering about $200,000 in lost revenue if parking is free in downtown Owen Sound! What 200 grand I ask??

If the Parking Authority just pays for itself then how can the City loose 200 grand??

If you shut down the Parking Authority, then you have no expense and no revenue. It amounts to the same thing. If you are just paying for yourself without surplus then money in money out nothing left.

So if you shut it down no money in no money out nothing left!

Looks like a duck to me!

When asked for a break down of how much came in from each paid parking lot I was advised that they didn’t know what came from where. They have machines in these parking lots that time and date stamp the tickets and the bozo’s can’t tell us how much came from which machine. The other point to keep in mind is they are dealing in cash! How much came from each street and each meter is not recorded??? Your tax dollars at work!

If they can’t tell us how much is coming in from where I have to ask are you sure you have enough coming in to pay the freight in the first place?

Since they don’t know how much is coming from where how can we rely on the numbers they are providing as to how much we would lose if we shut it down.

Since it is cash they are collecting how do we know that we are getting all the cash collected. I am here to tell you that if I were collecting cash and not having to report what came from where I think I might be tempted to scoop a bit here and a bit there!

So we don’t know whats coming in from where and we do know what is going out but we also know that there is none left over. Got to wonder why we are doing it in the first place!

The 200 grand a year that they are professing in loses by allowing free parking sounds like what comes out of the business end of my horse!




One thought on “$200,000 Lost Parking Revenue Where??

  1. Great work. Best story you ever wrote. Bruce for MAYOR.

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