Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Up here on the Bruce, snow storms are a fact of life!

It comes like bananas!

This past week was an example if  the best of the worst.

I couldn’t help but notice that the first sign of a storm, it was the government offices that were shutting down, then the OPP were closing roads, then the schools then and only then did the small businesses start to shut down.

Under Ontario labour law, an employee gets paid for a minimum four hours if he or she was called in to work and gets sent home even if he is there for one minute.

I don’t know the rules, but if I drive a snow plow and the roads get closed right after I pick up my Timmy’s and I am stuck in Hepworth for 3 days am I paid for the time I spent at  Tims? By the same token, If I am an OPP and I decide to close the road in Hepworth, park the cruiser at Tims do I get paid for the down time.

Who makes the call on what is bad and what is not?

I recall when snow banks were as high as telephone poles and roads were one lane or less but the mail still got through and you never heard of shut downs in town.

It seems to me that at the first sign of a blow these days government shuts down and we are to fend for ourselves.

 Many a time I have listened to the road closures when I was on the road and had to wonder what the hell they were talking about as I drove on through what was a little snow after the schools were closed, offices shut down and everyone was sent home.

It seems to me that over the past few years we have been seeing less and less snow but more and more snow days!

Forty years ago we got to work come hell of high water. Today it seems everything closes in a heart beat under the guise of public safety.

Now I am not suggesting for a minute that we should ignore safety I am just saying that we see  a lot more closures today than what I have seen in the past.

Further, I think our road crews do a pretty fine job overall. I do have to wonder sometimes though!

This past week has been an adventure in that regard. With all the roads closed, the schools shut down , the civil service having snow days I noticed that my snow plow guy Mac Boulter, never missed a beat. He was there keeping my lane open regardless of how much snow fell. The guy was amazing!

I think we are very lucky over all and I do believe the men and women of our Civil service do a pretty damn good job but there are times when I have to wonder.




Beep, beep, beep, beep the insistent noise wouldn’t stop!  There was a light over the nursing station and people whispering all arround me.

As I opened my eyes I could make our the little curtained room with a green light glowing above my bed and wires and tubes hanging in the glow above my bed.

So much had happened in a short period of time, it was all very confusing! As the events of the last couple of days rushed into my head, I began to recall where I was.  Though the facts were coming to me slowly and garbled it didn’t take long for me to connect the dots and feel a twig of fear invading my whole being!

A nurse came from behind the curtain, “So you are awake?” she said moving the curtain back ,the rollers on it screaming in my head.

“It appears so” I responded in a frogy voice trying to adjust to the light. God I was thirsty.

She bounced back with questions “So you know where you are, what day is it, how many fingers am I holding up?” the same questions five and six times a day

I always managed to answer with the correct answers, least wise they were correct as far as I was concerned.

As the nurse was going about her duties the good Doctor Epp appeared out of no where with his trusty sidekick Pat both with clipboards and glasses. “Mr Bruce. I am Doctor Epp do you remember me? and How are you feeling?” he asked in a matter of fact sort of way.

“Like ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag and yes I remember you, but other than that I feel just fine!” I replied looking for a laugh.

I had just completed a whole  mess of blood tests and MRI’s  after doing all the same tests in Wiarton before arriving in London.

Trust me, those MRI machines are the meanest piece of work I ever tangled with! They may be life saviors but they are scarey! It is like it swallows you into this metal gullet and then start blasting you with really loud noises.It lasts forever but you cannot show fear or any weakness as it is you against the machine! I resorted to repeating the Lords Prayer over and over again to keep mind busy and because it is funny I resorted to the only man that could save me now!

” So you guys look like your dog died, wanna share?” I asked.

“Well Mr. Bruce, I am afraid we have some rather bad news for you! You have a 5 millimeter growth in your brain and all indications are that it is cancerous! We would like to operate and remove it but we don’t know if we can help until we get in there and have a look!”

“If indeed it is cancerous, the location is not conducive for a successful operation and in all likelihood you will require Kemo after the operation and likely die within a year and a half!”

Well now,  that was a taste of reality that was a bit of a kick in the pants!

“So what are the options Doc, or is that the bottom line?” I responded diving head first into a pond of denial.

“Of course there are options, albeit they are all maybe’s. It could be that it is a puss filled cyst and we go in and drain it, or maybe it’s not cancerous and we just remove it. It is possible for us to do an exploratory assess the damage close you up then go back in after the fact and fix what we found. But I have to be honest with you the odds are not good!”

I have to tell you, I was shocked. The rush of emotion overwhelmed me. My first thought was how was I going to tell Marg! If I was going to die who would take care of her??

“Ok Doc, I guess it is lucky I didn’t pay for our winter vacation like Marg wanted to eh?”

“Tell you what, I want to think about this and talk to the wife and family before I commit so let’s have a little chat later and I will give you my thoughts OK?”

“Of course, we understand and we will come back this afternoon to hear your decision!” and they left.

I don’t think I ever felt so alone!


Mayor Rhonda Cook Driving the Bus!!!

There are three kinds of people in this world:

 “Those that make shit happen

Those that watch shit happen

Those that wonder what the hell happened!”

There are only two types of leaders in this world:
Deal makers and deal breakers!
It is clear to me who is who in the zoo in the dealing with the airport!
Guess you should have checked the Security settings on your wireless Router and maybe change your password every now and again!!! eh Rhonda?    🙂
—– Original Message —–
From: “Rhonda Cook” <tsbpcao@bmts.com>
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 2:49 PM
Subject: FW: FW: AIRPORT
 > Ted: Please see the Mayor’s comments and respond to me as soon as you can. I believe they should be advised that the offer has to be to all parties.

> Thank you

> Rhonda

>> Council: In light of Mr. Stevens comments it looks like we cannot

>> proceed  at this time. Therefore no special meeting is required to deal with this

>> item.

>> Rhonda


>> _____


>> From: Ted Stevens

>> Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 8:40 AM

>> To: ‘Rhonda Cook’

>> Subject: RE: AIRPORT

>> Rhonda,


>> This will confirm our conversation late yesterday in which I advised I  had

>> spoken with Ross Thomson regarding Georgian Bluffs’ position on the

>> Airport  offer. Georgian Bluffs is not adverse to the concept of selling or the

>> price but they will not consider any offer unless it properly includes

>> them  as a party. He found it humorous and most peculiar that the offer was

>> only  made to “half the owners”. He was also of the opinion that anyone

>> seriously  interested would still be there after the election when such an offer

>> could  and should be properly negotiated. He commented, as I did, about the

>> very  large number of escape clauses for the benefit of the purchaser. He also

>> commented incredulously about the zoning provision and expected that NEC

>> would be a concern. In short, the offer cannot proceed without the

>> participation of Georgian Bluffs and this is not going to happen until

>> after  the election.

>> If there is anything you want me to do or you have any instruction,

>> please  advise.

>> Regards.

>> EJ(Ted) Stevens

>> Middlebro’ & Stevens LLP



>> From: Rhonda Cook

>> Sent: September-08-10 3:44 PM

>> To: ejs@mslaw.ca; ted.stevens@rogers.com

>> Subject: AIRPORT

>> Ted: I tried to call you at home but no answer. I think you should  check

>> out the principals of the company. If you could call me I would  appreciate

>> it. I will probably be at work after 4:30 p.m. for a bit. If you don’t get

>> an answer if you want to call my home this evening that would be okay

>> too.

>> Home 534-2713



This correspondence shows Georgian Bluffs wanting to kill the deal until the election was over and Rhonda Cook preventing a meeting that would possibly keep the deal alive. Further Ronda Cook looking to “check out the buyers” before proceeding.

Rhonda’s job is to facilitate not dictate. She is out of her realm and trying to drive the bus and control the situation to  her agenda. Put a Clerk in as CAO and you have the makings of a disaster!  This situation pretty much proves that point.

There should have been a meeting with a recorded vote. They should of signed the deal kept the buyers at the table and then negociated with Georgian Bluffs.

The offer was clear that they could of terminated the deal within 60 days if they could not come to terms with Georgion Bluffs!

So here we are today sixty days later, not a word about the airport not a whisper about the deal. Iguess the new kids don’t care about it ! I know that a committee was set up before the election to put the deal together but they never had one meeting.

All members were sworn to secrecy, but you know what, I have had enough of their bullshit!

To Georgian Bluffs, Rhonda Cook,  the TSBP Council Members that voted against this  I hereby grant onto you the first ( of probably many) Big Bruce Moon, for your actions to kill the best deal this town has seen!

A Big Bruce Moon!



New Kids on the Block!

It is interesting to watch the new crew setting their path for the next four years. The foundations they are laying now gives us an indication as to how the next four years are going to unfold.

It is still early in the game but there are some tell-tale signs that are emerging with the scant exposure we have had to date. I have to wonder why the female members of the new Council, felt compelled to have their little introductory tea party independent of the male members. Were they in fact conspiring for their control of things to come?

I believe that it was inappropriate at best. It may be true that it was just the girls getting to know each other, before they took on their great adventure, but then again we don’t know that. All we know is that the girls got together and had some kind of huddle without the guys.

In the world of politics you are as you are perceived to be! The fact that the girls led by Ms. Bowman felt they needed a get together independent of the others looks bad at the very least.

My sources tell me that there is a line already forming in the footings that will no doubt evolve into a crack that is going to require significant attention as time rolls by.

I hope that the indications are wrong. I firmly believe that Mr. Close has the best of intentions at heart and I think that, that Jimmy Turner guy will surprise us all with some really good ideas!

What we don’t need is an adversarial approach to resolve.

Council was elected for change, this was made very clear by the voters. More empire building by individuals with their own agenda will not be well received by the electorate!

It is important for our New Members to remember that the world is a stage! You represent us! So the next time you are in the big city holding yourself out as our leaders, leave the flask in your purse and buy a drink because you are representing me and as boorish as I may be I  would not be caught pouring my own in any bar!

These may be minor points, however they are points and I think they tell a story. Pay heed my friends as the story line is in the formation stage!



I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow was that a trip! Made the 60’s look tame!

With all that modern technology ya think they could have fixed my spelling! Guess some things are just permanently broken!

For general information I haven’t been on holidays! It seems my brain grew bigger than my skull and they had to amputate all the extra! Maybe that explains a lot to some!!

Seriously, though, I am the luckiest guy in the world! I just don’t know how I manage to walk with that golden horse shoe stuck so far up my business end!

It seems I developed a Syst in my brain and it lived quite happily for the last five years, that is until it decided to build condo’s in the neighbouring lots! Not a good thing!

I started to develop symptoms, depression, forgetting things, not finishing things. bad spelling etc. Being the kind of guy I am, I did what any normal Brucer would do, blame it on the wife and ignore the problem and it would go away!

I did this for about four years! Folks would point out things to me that were just out right stupid and try to help me but I would blow then off and do what I was going to do any way, hiding my errors. At times this became a real problem and I did hurt some people, but it seemed like a good Idea at the time! As long as I didn’t get caught, it didn’t matter.

I developed what I thought was a head cold. I started to fall down and stumble a lot. That is when our Hero enters the picture!

Marj, noticed the errors in my ways and went into a high-speed warble! She went to my Doctor and raised hell! Poor guy didn’t have a chance! Before I could say likity split, Marg and my sister in law  Jan had me in the truck and in London Ontario in front of the best medical team in the world. I haven’t quite figured out how they pulled that off but thank God they did!

Within 12 hours I was scheduled for surgery!

I think a fair amount of credit should be given to the folks at Wiarton hospital of course they didn’t have a lot of choice as Marj was in full nag form! Hell hath no fury like Marj in kick ass mode!

As I am still not totally healed, they tell me it is going to take about six months, I can only do things in short spurts. I will write more tomorrow as I believe you will enjoy the story and hopefully my experience will provide you with a laugh or two and maybe it will help some!!

I intend to share my experience with everyone and give credit to all the Great People of the Bruce who came to my aid without a request.