Mayor Rhonda Cook Driving the Bus!!!

There are three kinds of people in this world:

 “Those that make shit happen

Those that watch shit happen

Those that wonder what the hell happened!”

There are only two types of leaders in this world:
Deal makers and deal breakers!
It is clear to me who is who in the zoo in the dealing with the airport!
Guess you should have checked the Security settings on your wireless Router and maybe change your password every now and again!!! eh Rhonda?    🙂
—– Original Message —–
From: “Rhonda Cook” <>
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 2:49 PM
Subject: FW: FW: AIRPORT
 > Ted: Please see the Mayor’s comments and respond to me as soon as you can. I believe they should be advised that the offer has to be to all parties.

> Thank you

> Rhonda

>> Council: In light of Mr. Stevens comments it looks like we cannot

>> proceed  at this time. Therefore no special meeting is required to deal with this

>> item.

>> Rhonda


>> _____


>> From: Ted Stevens

>> Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 8:40 AM

>> To: ‘Rhonda Cook’

>> Subject: RE: AIRPORT

>> Rhonda,


>> This will confirm our conversation late yesterday in which I advised I  had

>> spoken with Ross Thomson regarding Georgian Bluffs’ position on the

>> Airport  offer. Georgian Bluffs is not adverse to the concept of selling or the

>> price but they will not consider any offer unless it properly includes

>> them  as a party. He found it humorous and most peculiar that the offer was

>> only  made to “half the owners”. He was also of the opinion that anyone

>> seriously  interested would still be there after the election when such an offer

>> could  and should be properly negotiated. He commented, as I did, about the

>> very  large number of escape clauses for the benefit of the purchaser. He also

>> commented incredulously about the zoning provision and expected that NEC

>> would be a concern. In short, the offer cannot proceed without the

>> participation of Georgian Bluffs and this is not going to happen until

>> after  the election.

>> If there is anything you want me to do or you have any instruction,

>> please  advise.

>> Regards.

>> EJ(Ted) Stevens

>> Middlebro’ & Stevens LLP



>> From: Rhonda Cook

>> Sent: September-08-10 3:44 PM

>> To:;

>> Subject: AIRPORT

>> Ted: I tried to call you at home but no answer. I think you should  check

>> out the principals of the company. If you could call me I would  appreciate

>> it. I will probably be at work after 4:30 p.m. for a bit. If you don’t get

>> an answer if you want to call my home this evening that would be okay

>> too.

>> Home 534-2713



This correspondence shows Georgian Bluffs wanting to kill the deal until the election was over and Rhonda Cook preventing a meeting that would possibly keep the deal alive. Further Ronda Cook looking to “check out the buyers” before proceeding.

Rhonda’s job is to facilitate not dictate. She is out of her realm and trying to drive the bus and control the situation to  her agenda. Put a Clerk in as CAO and you have the makings of a disaster!  This situation pretty much proves that point.

There should have been a meeting with a recorded vote. They should of signed the deal kept the buyers at the table and then negociated with Georgian Bluffs.

The offer was clear that they could of terminated the deal within 60 days if they could not come to terms with Georgion Bluffs!

So here we are today sixty days later, not a word about the airport not a whisper about the deal. Iguess the new kids don’t care about it ! I know that a committee was set up before the election to put the deal together but they never had one meeting.

All members were sworn to secrecy, but you know what, I have had enough of their bullshit!

To Georgian Bluffs, Rhonda Cook,  the TSBP Council Members that voted against this  I hereby grant onto you the first ( of probably many) Big Bruce Moon, for your actions to kill the best deal this town has seen!

A Big Bruce Moon!




7 thoughts on “Mayor Rhonda Cook Driving the Bus!!!

  1. A couple of nipples and that would look like Chesty Morgan.

  2. ruftic says:

    Judging by the picture the Surgeon did a fantastic job, you can barely see the scar! bri

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