Tasers, Cops and Drunks!

Now we all know how dangerous our streets are. Hell it has goto be bad out there!

Our cops are armed with guns, tanks jeeps and rigs of every size. Our jails are full of vicious criminals. It is not safe out there!

We have fortresses as police stations! Why only a year and a half ago the promoter of the Hip concert paid 30 grand  for one day to protect us from all those tourists coming to town to see the concert.

We have OPP, RCMP, SEC, health police, smoking police, Milk Police and even MNR Police and for those really bad days the Military to come in and police the snow plowing.

When those dangerous drunks get out of  hand by god we move in with two or three big guys with  a taser to shut em down.

Canadians are a dangerous bunch! We spend 9.2 billion each year to keep everyone one in line without adding  in Helath police, MNR, Smoke Police, bylaw enforcement, CCIS, RCMP, Customs, emigration, and or Revenuers.

Our Crime rate has dropped over the last ten years by 25%, but our costs just for policing is up by 27%! What is wrong with this picture???

In Ontario alone there is over 25,000 police officers, never mind other agencies there to protect us. No wonder Tim Horton is expanding.

Last year we lost nationally $11,000,000 in robberies we spent 9.2 Billion  investigating. There were 42,000,000 lost in bicycle thefts. Ever try to report a bicycle stolen? But call a cop cause your neighbor is shooting rabbits or coties and you have a swat team come out.

Cops are driving new cars every three years and top of the line cars, they have guns, social workers. SUV’s motor cycles and list goes on and on. We have the bill!

Here in the United Socialist Republic of Ontario the price of freedom has become the dilution of freedom itself. We got to give our heads a shake!

The tail is wagging the dog!




I’m BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK Part 4

You never really know what you have until it’s gone!

The simple things in life, that we all take for granted are more valuable than any amount of gold!

Imagine if you will, someone placing a cup of coffee in front of you and you not knowing what it is or what to do with it!  Think in terms of not knowing what to do with a telephone or how to put on a pair of socks.

Imagine if you can, that you think you know what the cup of coffee is but you aren’t sure so you wait and watch to see what people arround you are doing with it and you mimic them and burn your mouth.

To walk across the room to get to the bathroom takes every ounce of energy you have and when you get there you can’t remember why you came or how to get those fancy hospital gowns undone in time. Tis a humbling experience.

As I emerged from spurts of deep sleep I was having a hard time distinguishing dreams from reality. Who was who in the zoo. I had no idea. Hearing a phone ring and not understanding what to do with the phone.

The nurses waking you up to ask you question “Where are you?, What day is it?, What year is it? How many fingers do I have up? was about enough to make you crazy if you weren’t already.

I guess I should be thankful that I was even able to have the questions asked of me but it was quite unnerving.

It was interesting that I felt free as I didn’t have anything on my mind. No bankers, no lawyers no thieves. All I had to do was think about life and learn things I already knew.

I did have the honor to meet people who were far worse off than me. Folks that were there getting treatment for cancers in all form. I made it a point on my little walks to try to make them smile even just for a moment. It was heart wrenching to see some of these folks getting bad news about themselves and their loved ones.

I met a woman, about 50 years old who had been on a holiday to Asia when she fell ill. A lovely woman effected by the same symptoms as I. Her prognosis was she was being sent home to die as there was nothing they could do for her. Watching her and her family cry as they left the ward made me feel guilty that I was going home.

I met people who had been receiving treatment for many months and some for years with one ailment or another.It was a very disturbing experience. I did on the other hand, witness the tears of joy of some that got good news such as myself. What a myriad of conflict in emotions.

As I wandered the halls and witnessed the dedication of the people who ran the place I gained a new respect for the medical staff and their supporting workers. To work and live in  that institution of misery every day must take its toll. By the same token the reward they must get when someone with no hope gets a new lease on live must be really something.

I came away from that place with a new sense of the value of life, of the possibilities that could be. I pledged to myself that I would try to do something in my life that would help other people. I pray now every day for the opportunity to help those that helped me.

There are good people here in the Bruce. People that I hardly knew that offered their help and good wishes. It was very uplifting to have folks you don’t really know call and extend good wishes. People that dropped a card in the mail or phoned to extend their concern. I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude I had never experienced before.

I thank you all for you support and ask that you take an hour a month just to drop by the hospital and say hi to the people and patients it will be well received.



I published ths last year at this time and history has repeated itself! Carl came back for another kick at the can just last week.

Just so’s ya can remeber what was said here is the article from last year!

Jeese, I hate to beat a dead horse, but this one is still kickin!

I just can’t believe that the mental midgets at city hall in Wiarton are that dumb. Thick as molasses in Willies’ cage on February 1 with a north wind.

The more I dig into this, the madder I get.

For those of you just tuning in, last Tuesday Mr. Carl Noble, approached council requesting that they cosign a mortgage on the New Sauble Medical Clinic. It seems the bank rate was too high and if they secured the Town as a guarantor, a lower rate would reduce their payments by about $10,000.00 per month, to which Mr. Noble retorted, could be given to him as reported by the Sun Times. 

The Non-Profit fronting this fraud, received the land for free from the town, raised $800,000, then borrowed another 1.1 million dollars to build a 12,000 square foot commercial building that isn’t finished yet. Commercial construction in this area ranges from the $90.00 a square foot range and what we have here is $166.00 per square foot, for a unfishished building that has a lien registered for nonpayment.

It seems that the Towns’ lawyer advised against guaranteeing the Sauble Medical Clinic mortgage, yet the Red Bay Bandits supported a resolution in favor of signing.

I am told that there have been no financial statements, no business plan and no disclosure of where the money has been spent and yet a resolution supporting this lame brain scheme has been approved by the majority of Council.

What the hell are you guys smoking?

The charge has been led by Dan the Man Kerr and supported by Ray the Bootlegger Lamont. You know the guys that are supporting  Mr. Close of Red Bay in his quest for Mayor in October. So much for their judgement.

Hey the Bank said no for a reason!! But I guess the Red Bay Bandits are much smarter than the Bankers.

Even the builder, Mr. Dwight Burley,  doesn’t trust this situation, as he has registered a lien against the property because he hasn’t been paid.

When queried as to the cost to complete, mixed answers were given ranging from $30,000 to $100,000.

When asked who they had for potential tenants, Mr. Noble responded that they had some Dentist from Hanover and a few other interested parties. (Wonder how the Twins feel about competition getting subsidised rent)

Normally in a commercial building, the owner provides four walls a roof and a floor, the tenant provides all leasehold improvements, ie. paint, flooring, decorating etc. New buildings in this area, of this type would rent in the $20.00+ per square foot range.  In Toronto or Kitchener this space would be worth in the $400.00 per square foot range for a Condo type building and rental would be in the $40.00+ dollar per square foot range for rent.

We don’t know how much the rent is, what the completion costs are, who the tenants are, what the expenses are,  hell we don’t even know what the group did with the money they got, yet our fearless leaders in their wisdom approved a resolution to sign for $1.1 million dollars. By the way a standard mortgage at say 5% over 20 years would equal  an additional $634,874.00 in interest.

Now let me think about this, no idea where the money to date has been spent, no solid  idea of the financial condition of the borrower, the bank said no, no idea as to the real cost to complete, no idea where the tenants are coming from, no idea as to what the rent is, the builder has liened the building for nonpayment, the lawyer said don’t do it, yet the Red Bay Bandits approve it?????????? Yup I want these guys to manage my money!  NOT!!

But yet these maniacs have the nerve to chastise Art King over some $200.00 worth of mileage. Give me a break.

It is time to get that pot of tar boiling and a sack of feathers ready boys and girls, we are getting hosed big time.

The whole affair smells bad. The noprofit is Bankrupt, sell the building to a competent private developer and let free enterprise do its job. Brick layers lay bricks plumbers don’t lay plumbs. Socialist, pinkos don’t manage money!

I hope more than a few show up at Council, to stop this stupidity before the bylaw gets passed, so we can save the expense of an OMB appeal of any such bylaw. There has to be some accountability here boys and girls. The monkeys are stealing your wallets and your grand childrens future while running the zoo.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!              ITS WAY PAST TIME!!!!!!!!



Ya godda give Uncle Carl points for tenacity!! Either that or he is as dumb as a sack of hammers!! Maybe he just thinks we are as dumb as a sack of hammers!

Yet again Uncle Carl has come back to finance the White Elephant he created at the Beach! This very action is a great test for the Newbies to show their worth.

Should they approve the proposal to bail out Carl and Crew, bet your ass we will soon see sewers and a water line!

If in fact they adhere to the wisdom of the council past and send him packing then we may be seeing a council we voted for!

On the other hand, the 800 grand in donations and the free land is already gone! The building is up although empty! Maybe we should just take over the debt send them packing  and turn the building into the new Town Hall. I hate the idea that those that made the mess get paid out and we get stuck with the bill. But that may be better than to let it go to the mortgage holders at a loss.

It is a great piece of dirt and could be something positive to the community as a whole.

I am just sick of the manner in which it was brought to the table.

The costs to date have been kept from us! There has been no disclosure as to where all the money went. Their fearless leader Mr. Noble is proud of the mess!

I think that a independent audit is in order and if there is monkey business the players should be given the bill!

The bed has been made we have to sleep in it!



Where Government Fails…

It is we that have to pick up the ball and run with it!

In this country we are regulated to death with a myriad of Simple serpents,spending our tax dollars justifying their existence.

Take for example the whole Raw Milk issue that Michael Schmidt is fighting. The fact of the matter is that people are drinking raw milk.  The health authorities charge people for selling and in Alberta for producing the product. Of course Schmidt has wrestled with them for 15 to 20 years and beat them, and they in turn appeal the decision. There is value for you tax dollars!

The people who are producing raw milk across the country are face with different laws in different provinces all operating illegally.

Crudeos to Michael Schmidt who is taking the bull by the horn by creating Cow Share Canada Inc.. This company is offering the only training, supervision and setting the standards to produce a safe product.

My last interview with Michael Schmidt allowed me some insight into what he is doing. It seems he has the right idea. He is spear heading the organization of an industry wherein which, these would be criminals producing milk with out government supervision, are regulating themselves to standards set out by the dairy industry. Now in my view this is a responsible approach!

No marketing board, no milk police no bull shit! Michael Schmidt has approached the local Health Authority as well as the Milk Marketing Board and been shunned.

Now call me stupid but ignoring the problem doesn’t solve the problem. Laying charges and wasting Court time and legal fees to punish people for exercising their right to choose does not seem very productive.

Under Michael Schmidt’s plan with Cow Share Canada Inc., the farmers register with his organization and immediately are set on a path to have their herd inspected, their operations certified to industry standards they are then offered courses to improve their quality and production. The fact of the matter is this approach holds the promise of prevention of disease and some controls which the Health Authorities have been unable to enforce effectively.

 Now it seems logical to me that if you work in tandem with your adversaries you will eventually get everyone on the same page and solve the problems, whereas butting heads only gives you a head ache.

I know that under the Cow Share Canada Inc.’s program that the farmers are financially rewarded for their efforts and a farm with only 24 cows becomes financially viable with less than 50 acres of land. If we look arround today and look at all the small farms that are not in production you have to wonder!

When the small farms go out of production so so the small towns and business supporting them shut down. This creates unemployment and an overall lack of productivity.

Michael Schmidt and his plan with Cow Share Canada Inc. has been embraced by his American counter parts and are in fact doing what the government has failed to do with the millions of dollars they have spent trying to shove it down the throats of everyone involved whilst breeching the rights of the very people they are paid to protect.

Michael Schmidt has done this on his dime, with no help from any government body or any tax dollars. When you stop and think Dr. Hazel Lynne being paid 300 grand a year and has mounted a legal battle employing lawyers, doctors, armed enforcement officers, judges, inspectors and a plenta of professionals go to court and loose so then  they can try again with the appeal process to start over again. Get a grip!

Michael Schmidt has put together farmers in eight provinces and has some 1,100 people working together in Canada alone. Now that is amazing! Oh and guess what it aint cost us a dime!

The right to choose is what is at stake. The possibilities of this mans efforts could help revive a dyeing part of our Canadian culture while improving the economics of small town Canada something else of  the Governments of today are failing at.

Keep up the good work Michael, you are making this a better world and thank you for your efforts!


Terence Corcoran: Capitalism’s comeback

I thought this was a great arlicle worth sharing!!


Total Credits to the Financial Post

It’s up to free markets and the private sector to bail us out of the mess

The spirit of capitalism, supposedly killed off in the wake of the financial crisis, is sweeping the world’s economies. From Obama’s new White House to the Las Vegas computer show to the international auto industry and beyond, business is making a comeback and the essence of free markets — competition — is ripping through the global economic system.

Never mind the jobless rates. They are lagging indicators. Jobs don’t create investment. Investment creates jobs, and there is every sign that competitive enterprises are turning around despite the vast overhang of big government, deficits and inflation risks.

One obvious epicentre of capitalist competition is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If electronics executives were bankers they’d be regulated out of existence as greedy soul-less corporate plunderers intent on filling their own pockets and driving their competitors out of business. That’s what electronics executives do for a living. But since iPads and tablets are tangible objects of progress, profits and fun, rather than seemingly useless abstractions such as derivatives and default swaps, the electronics show is viewed as a glorious demonstration of the benefits of dog-eat-dog competition.

Companies from all over the world have one objective — to overthrow Apple’s iPad dominace. One estimate put the number of competitive tablets coming on the market at 80. Other dominant firms, such as Canada’s Research In Motion, must bring in new improved BlackBerry products to meet the onslaught of wireless products. These products are themselves killing off a young industry — PCs and laptop computers.

A famous economist once said that capitalism is creative destruction. It’s not. It’s simply creative.

The global auto industry is just as explosive.

On Friday Chrysler introduced revamped models of the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger into a market that is about to be flooded with new models. New large-car models, sports cars and compacts from Hyundai, Toyota, GM, BMW, Honda, Ford, Mercedes and others — with powerful engines, lighter weight and snazzier new interiors and designs — are about to swamp consumers with competitive choice. Today, no one company holds more than 17% of the North American auto market, and seven firms have shares of 5% or more — indicators of increasingly intense competition.

Electronics and cars are just the high-profile manifestations of the new capitalism and the ideological shift that has taken place over the past year or so. We are on a wave of change that will continue to dominate throughout this New Year.

What we witnessed last year and will experience through much of this year was the crash and burn of the great liberal fantasy that grew out of the global financial crisis. The financial crisis, it was said, marked the End of Capitalism. Across Europe and throughout the United States, and into the darkest corners of the Canadian political landscape, we saw politicians and pundits declare the market economy to be a thing of the past.

Nothing symbolizes the failure of the new statist ideology than the rebirth of Barack Obama as a middle-of-the-road politician. The great leftist has transformed himself into the great centrist. In the wake of the mid-term election collapse of the Democrats, the Obama administration is now supporting tax cuts, backing away from radical reforms, pushing free trade.

On Thursday, Mr. Obama appointed Bill Daley, a Chicago moderate Democrat with JPMorgan/Wall Street credentials as White House chief of staff. A meeting with Thomas Donohue, head of the anti-Obama U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled for next month, marking a major shift in the Obama administration’s approach to business.

In Canada, there are plenty of signs that ever-expanding interventionist governments are not all that welcome by voters.

British Columbia lost a Liberal premier after a tax revolt. Ontario is heading into an election that seems likely to administer some punishment to a Liberal government that has created a fiscal mess, soaring electricity rates and a ubiquitous nanny-state. In Alberta, the Wild Rose Party is nipping at the flabby Ed Stelmach Conservatives. In Ottawa, the left never caught the financial crisis wave that swept Europe and the United States.

In short, we are witnessing the end of The End of Capitalism as the world waits to see whether free markets and the private sector can bail us out of the mess left behind by massive expansion of government spending and monetary extravagance.

The markets are ready to take up the challenge. Corporations and investors are sitting on unprecedented volumes of cash. This is the capital that will drive capitalism’s recapture of the economy and a return to growth. That’s already happening, as Richard Salsman of InterMarket Forecasting noted recently.

 That these trends toward more growth and production will continue through the year seems all but inevitable. What is not certain is the ability of governments to get out of the way fast enough to make growth solid and sustainable. Getting out of the way means two things: reducing government spending and reining in monetary policy.

All governments now talk about reducing deficits. But if Washington, Ottawa and the provinces are to avoid fiscal calamities — and even Eurostyle debt meltdowns — they must begin by reducing spending. So far, politicians are talking about the need for fiscal reform but nobody is doing anything.

The second big uncertainty is monetary policy. Unprecedented printing of money by the Federal Reserve has flooded the world economy with U.S. dollars. As a result, the U.S. dollar is going down and commodity prices are rising, including oil.

Low interest rates and monetary expansion are creating an environment that could fuel pockets of inflation—bubbles—that risk a repeat of the mortgage bubble that was at the heart of the financial crisis.

But there’s no denying a major shift in the political and economic landscape — a shift back to markets, growth and competition. Capitalism is on the rise, but the state has yet to get as far out of the way as it should.

Read more: http://opinion.financialpost.com/2011/01/07/terence-corocoran-capitalisms-comeback/#ixzz1ATxLak6a

So Much for Fair and Open Policy!!!

The New Kids on the block under leadership of  Mr. Close and under the direction of you guessed it Mayor Ronda Cook, have very diplomatically introduced our Fair Town to the first step of Censorship, all by them selves. Isn’t this special!!

By-law 93-2009 is nothing short of Censorship! If they don’t want something heard or passed by Council pursuant to A15.1 they just vote not to hear it . Done!!  Gone away!!

As I recall it was  all the newbie’s that were harping on the past Council about how things should be more open and yet here we are closing the door on their discretion. Hold on there Bubba Louie!

You cannot suck and blow at the same time! I also note that this Council voted down the concept of Streaming video at meetings.

Do we have a problem here??

We  dig a little further we find that  A15.5 restricts to a maximum of 2 delegations on the same topic for no more than 10 minutes each  at the same meeting! Just think how that will play out on the sewer issue to name but one!

To further restrict you under A15.6 you may not make a presentation on the same topic for 3 months after your presentation. So if you don’t have enough time to make your point in 10 minutes you cannot come back for three months.  Give me a break!

Now I do understand that a Council meeting does need to be kept under control but I thought that was the Mayors job. But just a minute here this is Our Town not theirs. Subjects that are up for discussion as the subject may affect our life styles as well as our wallets and that of our children and grand children should not be restricted.

When I poked arround a little more I found that this Bylaw was introduced by the previous council and the Newby’s were intending to review it. Well okay but that is not the way it was posted on the towns web page.

I propose that they introduce 2 meetings a month just for delegations. Set some conditions on the delegation for those meetings and if say there isn’t anyone interested in making a presentation cancel the meeting. But to limit presentation to 10 minutes and one shot every three months does not seem to me to be fair at all.

One must remember that the Mayor has the right to shut down anyone at any meeting if the speaker is actin g out of line.

It seems to me that in its present form if someone doesn’t like the presentation or the speaker or the material doesn’t happen to be in the interest of certain parties it will never get on the agenda!

Imagine if someone wanted to talk about hireling policy and whether or not some one got hired illegally bet your ass that would never see the light of day.

I hope the newbie’s think long and hard about this written piece of verbal diarrhea before they surrender their rights to the mercy of simple serpents!