Where Government Fails…

It is we that have to pick up the ball and run with it!

In this country we are regulated to death with a myriad of Simple serpents,spending our tax dollars justifying their existence.

Take for example the whole Raw Milk issue that Michael Schmidt is fighting. The fact of the matter is that people are drinking raw milk.  The health authorities charge people for selling and in Alberta for producing the product. Of course Schmidt has wrestled with them for 15 to 20 years and beat them, and they in turn appeal the decision. There is value for you tax dollars!

The people who are producing raw milk across the country are face with different laws in different provinces all operating illegally.

Crudeos to Michael Schmidt who is taking the bull by the horn by creating Cow Share Canada Inc.. This company is offering the only training, supervision and setting the standards to produce a safe product.

My last interview with Michael Schmidt allowed me some insight into what he is doing. It seems he has the right idea. He is spear heading the organization of an industry wherein which, these would be criminals producing milk with out government supervision, are regulating themselves to standards set out by the dairy industry. Now in my view this is a responsible approach!

No marketing board, no milk police no bull shit! Michael Schmidt has approached the local Health Authority as well as the Milk Marketing Board and been shunned.

Now call me stupid but ignoring the problem doesn’t solve the problem. Laying charges and wasting Court time and legal fees to punish people for exercising their right to choose does not seem very productive.

Under Michael Schmidt’s plan with Cow Share Canada Inc., the farmers register with his organization and immediately are set on a path to have their herd inspected, their operations certified to industry standards they are then offered courses to improve their quality and production. The fact of the matter is this approach holds the promise of prevention of disease and some controls which the Health Authorities have been unable to enforce effectively.

 Now it seems logical to me that if you work in tandem with your adversaries you will eventually get everyone on the same page and solve the problems, whereas butting heads only gives you a head ache.

I know that under the Cow Share Canada Inc.’s program that the farmers are financially rewarded for their efforts and a farm with only 24 cows becomes financially viable with less than 50 acres of land. If we look arround today and look at all the small farms that are not in production you have to wonder!

When the small farms go out of production so so the small towns and business supporting them shut down. This creates unemployment and an overall lack of productivity.

Michael Schmidt and his plan with Cow Share Canada Inc. has been embraced by his American counter parts and are in fact doing what the government has failed to do with the millions of dollars they have spent trying to shove it down the throats of everyone involved whilst breeching the rights of the very people they are paid to protect.

Michael Schmidt has done this on his dime, with no help from any government body or any tax dollars. When you stop and think Dr. Hazel Lynne being paid 300 grand a year and has mounted a legal battle employing lawyers, doctors, armed enforcement officers, judges, inspectors and a plenta of professionals go to court and loose so then  they can try again with the appeal process to start over again. Get a grip!

Michael Schmidt has put together farmers in eight provinces and has some 1,100 people working together in Canada alone. Now that is amazing! Oh and guess what it aint cost us a dime!

The right to choose is what is at stake. The possibilities of this mans efforts could help revive a dyeing part of our Canadian culture while improving the economics of small town Canada something else of  the Governments of today are failing at.

Keep up the good work Michael, you are making this a better world and thank you for your efforts!



14 thoughts on “Where Government Fails…

  1. i do not care if people drink raw milk as long as they do not use my tax dollars to cure them if they get sick.

    • Okay so in your opinion it is better to leave everything underground, with no control what so ever, no supervision and no standards! We can prentend the problem doesn’t exist.
      Where there is money there are people that will do what ever they have to do to achieve their objective. If people get sick, there is no recourse, no insurance no means to trace the problem.
      Further if I understand you correctly, the government should have the right to make all decisions on your behalf regarding everything you eat, drink, wear, sleep, drive in or walk on.
      It is your position that we as a people should blindly follow the whims of civil servants who work 9 to 5 serving what ever lobbyist that happens to have the deepest pockets!
      Is this what you are saying???


    • mschmidtpc says:

      I am surprised about your argument my friend. I am surprised because of the level of argument you are displaying.
      Please think about cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, thousands of products on the shelf which are proven to be detrimental to our health.
      People have the choice.
      In case you want to spent the time to look into the reality of food safety go on the Health Canada website and look at the ever increasing High Risk Health Alerts and food recalls which includes a lot of pasteurized dairy products.
      Looking at your argument I came to the conclusion that even Bruce on the Bruce is smarter than you appear to be.
      Have a wonderful year bikeatthebeach

    • mschmidtpc says:

      Oh I forgot in the last 15 years the only people who died from milk died from pasteurized milk.If you need prove let me know I can send you the link

  2. […] Some insights from Bruce on the Bruce, stating what you might imagine would now be obvious to many people who’ve been following this saga: […]

  3. marcmantha says:

    Excellent summary. Puts things in balanced perspective.

  4. No you missed the point. To follow your logic drugs should all be legalized and tested no speed limits when driving and be allowed to drink where ever and when ever one wants.

    • No that is not what I am saying!
      The issue as presented by the the Health Authorities is that Raw Milk will make you sick therefore you cannot drink it or buy it, however if you own a cow and milk it you can drink it no problem.
      However if you own a cow and pay sombebody to milk it for you in 9 out of 10 Provinves they will charge the guy you hired to milk the cow, how is that fair and reasonable??
      What I am suggesting is that since I can legally drink raw milk from a cow that I own, but I cannot sell the milk or give it away to my next door neighbor, I am led to believe that raw milk is only bad if I drink somebody elses raw milk. How does this make sense?
      Now anyone can own a cow and anyone can milk a cow, but not everyone can drink the milk unless they own the cow and no one can work at milking the cow for a fee generated from the milk produced.
      It is the governments position that unless I own the cow and milk it myself I cannot have the milk unless the milk has been blessed by the Milk Marketing board. I say cow shit! Either is is good or it is bad! You can’t suck and blow at the same time.
      Fact is that Schmidt acknowledges there could could be a problem if proper proceedures are not followed and is prepared to address the problem by providing a set of guidlines to prevent people from getting sick. This approach is the only logical means to address the problem. At the very least the people that make the choice can make an informed choice and in doing so reduce the odds.
      If Raw Milk is handled properly then there is very little chance of a problem, it is when irresposible people get involved at the thought of making a fast buck that a problem develops.
      For the Government to apply one set of rules that apply to some and not to others while chastising those that mmake the choice is just plain stupid and provides them means to abuse and ultimately cause the death of someone trying to make their own decisions.
      We pay the simple serpants to protect us not to loop their way arround the liability.


      • Thank you. You sure know how to tune a gal in.

      • thevulcanscienceacademy says:


        We support your position on the raw milk issue as it is based in logic not emotion.

        We do, however, question the logic in attempting to convert the terminally narrow minded one at a time. It equates to spending advertising dollars trying to sell bibles by advertising on Little Mosque on the Prairie.

        The list of restrictions placed on freedom of choice in your society by the argument that tax dollars support the government imposed medical system is legend and growing constantly. It would seem logical for those using that argument to insist that mandatory sterilization of mental or physical defectives be imposed in order that the social welfare system is protected.

        Utilizing an argument comparing the operation of a motor vehicle while unable to exert proper control to choosing to drink raw milk, is illogical and demonstrates a desire to impose on others the choices you have made.

        Regulations controlling the use of substances that impair the ability to control a motor vehicle are logical and necessary in your society to protect yourselves from the dangerous choices of others. To protect yourself from the possible dangers of raw milk, you need only not drink it. To enact controls to prevent others from drinking it because you don’t think they should, is illogical – if the myth of a free society is to be maintained.

        We wish you luck in your endeavors but suggest you concentrate on a wholesale, rather than retail approach to changing minds.


        Consider allowing your friends and neighbors to live their lives, free of your rule and your specious justifications for imposing your will on them.

        Live long, and prosper


    • mschmidtpc says:

      Bikeatthebeach you sound more confused than I thought you would be.
      I do not see any logic in your last post.
      If I follow your logic and the Government logic I would ban cars because every day people get killed by cars. No alcohol should be allowed.
      However traffic is not banned it is regulated, alcohol is not banned but regulated.
      give me a better reason to consider your arguments worthwhile discussing.
      Do I know you???????????????????????????????????????????????

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