Who’s Who in The Zoo????

  I keeps gittin emails from folks wantin ta know who be apostin on dis har blog. The reality is I don’t know who is who!

Contrair ta wat folks think. I don’t rightly know whose a postin what from where. The best I can do is the IP Address of the ISP that the poster is usin.

Hell the town and dere lawyers, don’t seem ta be havin much luck in gittin ta Old Bruce here. I even gave dem my real address.

The fact of the matter is that as far as I am concerned the Martian is a short fat bald guy with bulgin eyes an a ray gun on his hip! Who he is ain’t none of my business. I do know dat he has a sense of humor more than what I can say for sum! Not to mention any names of the  female  “Man with a bow! ” 🙂

Taint no one can trace who a poster really is without some really slick gear none of which I own!

So some folks can huff and puff but there ain’t no way in hell any normal person can trace who posts what on this blog.If they say they have proof of who someone is then they’s “blowin smoke” out the business end of a horse!

This here blog provides semi true stories, believe it or not, some of it made up and some I forgot. The truth of the story is held by he who reads, the way he see it is not up to me!

To the grave I will go with the identities found here, they will never know of this,  there is no fear!

So post what you want

I ain’t gonna tell

If you are offended

Then  just go to…




2 thoughts on “Who’s Who in The Zoo????

  1. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Not bald – I’m just evolved
    Not so fat – not where I’m at
    Not too short – I can report

    Bulging eyes you got it right –
    they just improve my great insight

    Who I am they want to know –
    guess again “Man with a bow”

    Where I am they’d like to find –
    I’m just a figment of “Bruce’s” mind


    the Martian

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