Suicide or Herbicide????

We are all such trusting suckers up here in the Bruce and in Canada generally..

We trust the Bankers, we trust the Lawyers and we trust the thieves without challenge!

“So and so is a great leader, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us ” is the common cry!!

I was sitting with one of our local politicians having our coffee and discussing the general state of affairs of our little town, when a constituent approach us. The man was clearly upset! Without prodding the gentleman explained that Ontario Hydro was spraying herbicide in his neighborhood to kill weeds and such under their right away. It seems that while they were spraying this gentleman happened to walk thorough a cloud of mist being sprayed. Not something that I would do!

Within twenty minutes the man was whisked to the hospital emergency ward for treatment as he was blind! This blindness stayed with him for five hours after treatment.

The gentleman, the next day approached the Hydro workers still in the neighbourhood asking for the product they were using, sharing his experience with them. 

The Ontario Hydro workers explained that the product they were using as harmless as “Salt”  and he was confused and that his problem was the cause of something else.

The product, produced by Dow Chemical called Garlon RTU Herbicide, is listed below:

Now in reading through the fine print I note that the product is listed as “Highly toxic to aquatic organisms”This is nasty shit ! Why is it being used?? Why are we allowing it???

The warnings say to use respiratory protection. In the notes we are advise there is no “Specific antidote” and warnings say “Do not swallow/avoid skin contact/Avoid breathing amongst other things.

Be happy knowing that it did not cause birth defects in rats but is highly toxic to aquatic organisms and advises that it is only slightly toxic to birds.( Is that like being sorta pregnant??)

By the way the rats didn’t get cancer either in their testing.

I spoke with some folks in the business and they told me this stuff is broadleaf killer, but makes round up look like holy water!

I think it is a crime! Call your council and tell them to stop this. Call your MP and MPP and give them what for.

We live here with our children and grand children and don’t want his shit here!!!! Go back to cutting and making wood chip we do not want poison in our water!!!



7 thoughts on “Suicide or Herbicide????

  1. 2censworth says:

    I’d be talking to a really good lawyer

  2. thedodge says:

    Bruce you have the best intentions but you would increase the hydro delivery costs and they are higher than the power costs on some of my bills now.

    Garlon is a plant growth hormone specific to broad leaf style plants and having little or no effect on northern grasses. It is quite different from roundup which is a true full spectrum herbicide. Garlon is not applied in areas where there is no buffer zone surrounding aquatic areas. In action it is very much like 2,4D also a plant growth hormone not available for private use in Ontario. The latter is not as easily transported within the plant so not as effective.

    It is just as dangerous for humans to use bleach for cleaning or hydrocloric acid to clean patio stones both having an effect on skin, eye and lung tissues in concentrations which are commonly used. These are just typical examples of chemicals that one would never think of using without safety protection. One certainly does not go around spraying clouds of it just so someone else can walk through it and be hospitalized.

    If all secondary growth was removed from power line areas by hand I trust that would create new jobs in Ontario but we would all be paying about X times more in delivery charges on our electric bill. Since 75% all of people are allergic to poison ivy I have to wonder if the medical effects might be worse than the cure which is the use of
    Garlon under controlled conditions. Come to think of it I know where there is some poison ivy I would like looked after.

    I find it hard to believe that a competant sprayer operator would create a circumstance that allowed the gentleman to walk through a cloud of mist or even use this chemical in a populated area. There has to be something more to this story.


    • Dodge I am reporting what was reported to me.
      I have noticed though that along Zion Church Road, Hydro did not cut and trim this year as they have done in the past. They did spray and there is a 15 foot brown zone along the road sie that looks as though everything is dead in the zone.


  3. Amber Talbot says:

    I am so angry. We just moved to Manitoulin last winter, and started our little homestead. Pastured, non-gmo, organic, but not certified. I was selling my eggs at the roadside, honour system in a cooler. They came by and sprayed with the previous owner’s permission form on file. I am so so raging mad. That pesticide sign out front, and the dead plants to follow are FANTASTIC for business and I certainly won’t be touching certain apple trees. Putting out a sign saying that “spraying will occur on specified date” would have solved this particular problem. I’m so flippen angry right now, I can’t even begin to.. just wait for that phone call to Hydro..

  4. Amber Talbot says:

    By the way, rats didn’t get cancer, because it was based on a 13 week study.

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