United Socialist Republic of South Bruce Peninsula

A Close Copy

Comrades it is being proclaimed that it has become necessary, for the common good that, our wonderful and wise leaders shall outlaw laughing and conversing in any city facility.
So Council shall pass PW.4.3 and proclaim into law on Tuesday February 7, 2012:
(See Agenda 10.3)
The following behaviours and activities are prohibited as indicated:

All Facilities
Conversing, laughing or otherwise talking or shouting in a loud and disruptive manner

• Using Town facilities for other than their intended purpose including but not being
limited to loitering, sleeping, changing clothes, personal grooming or cooking (unless
considered appropriate for the permitted activity)

• Failing to provide proper supervision of those under an individual’s care and control

• Blocking aisles, exits or entrances

• Shoving, pushing or rough-housing

Use of utilities including hydro outlets, telephone and internet connections without the express permission of the Town (unless considered appropriate for the permitted activity)

• Use of obscene or vulgar language

• Entering into staff work areas which are not open to the public (unless expressly
permitted by the Town)

Taunting of any individual or group by means of baiting, ridiculing, threatening gestures,abusive or demeaning language

• Throwing of any object, directed in any manner as to create a safety hazard

All Indoor Facilities
• Using wheeled recreational devices such as skateboards, roller skates, roller blades,
bicycles and scooters inside Town buildings except in designated areas

• Picketing inside Town facilitiesCouncil and Committee Meetings (regardless of location), Ross Whicher Centre and TownHall

• Wearing, carrying or displaying in any manner, statements which may be found to be
defamatory or to contain obscene, abusive, threatening or profane language or content

• Moving, altering, rearranging or use of furniture or equipment, including electronic
devices without the express permission of the Town

• Sounds from electronic or computer devices or any other instruments or amplificationdevices (unless considered appropriate for the permitted use)

• Approaching a Council, Committee or Local Board table while a meeting is being
conducted (includes while the meeting is in recess or on break)

• Signs which block or impede visual sightlines unless they are to be presented as part of a
delegation to Council, a Committee, a Local Board or to a member of staff inside Town

At the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer and the Mayor,

This tells a story!
I wonder if one could sue you if you broke these rules???
Are we getting ready to start yet another legal action with taxpayers dollars???

My god isn’t there better ways to waste Council’s time??

Careful now this indicates that they will begin outlawing thouoghts that are contrary to the Chosen ones policy du jour!!!



9 thoughts on “United Socialist Republic of South Bruce Peninsula

  1. it’s a hyperlink, can you not click on it?

  2. riddlerray says:

    Bruce: The “link” works for me.

  3. The sentence itself is a hyperlink – is it not a different color for you? I apo logize for starting a new thread with each reply, but I don’t want to have a wordpress one, and the twitter login makes you start a new thread. This is a neat blog. I didn’t even know about it until there was something on reddit, I think it was.

  4. cgammie says:

    At the February 7 TSBP council meeting, by-law 17-2012, (agenda item 10.3, PW.4.3, facilities conduct policy) was defeated. Check against the minutes, but I believe only Councillors Turner and Kirkland voted in favour of the by-law. John Close was absent.


  5. biggbob says:

    I understand the vote was 5/2 to defeat this policy. Way to go to the Council members who voted it down!!!!!

  6. cuvava says:



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