Imagine that The names have changed the Story hasn’t!

Hey Rhonda and Members of Council

“The principle that governments cannot sue individuals for defamation would bemeaningless if governments could circumvent the principle though involvement in litigation brought by individuals to silence government critics. The fact that Whitcombe and Wilson are the plaintiffs instead of the County is a meaningless distinction when it comes to the threat to free expression.”

Fling a claim while hiding doesn’t work!!
Case Law is Clear!
Taxpayers be warned read this and understand why your taxes are gonna go up dramaticly if this litigation is not stopped now!!!



4 thoughts on “Imagine that The names have changed the Story hasn’t!

  1. yabder4 says:

    Manderson was a fixture at council meetings, very similar to what we have here. At least he was accepted. see his website…
    Now read his Obituary on his blog…

    From the Guelph Mercury – April 20,2011

    GUELPH — Wellington County watchdog and community activist Bill Manderson’s booming Scottish brogue has been silenced. Manderson, 74, succumbed to cancer late Tuesday night at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.
    For the past decade — until his health turned last fall — Manderson was a constant presence at Wellington County council and committee meetings. He also ran a blog – – on which he often railed against county officials. That landed him in hot water, after former Puslinch Mayor Brad Whitcombe and county CAO Scott Wilson filed a libel lawsuit against him in an effort to have certain material excised from the website.
    A year ago, Manderson claimed he could prove certain allegations of wrongdoing and said he was looking forward to trial. The allegations that gave rise to the litigation never were proven in court and the case never progressed to a trial.
    Scott Manderson was not surprised by his dad’s late-in-life activism. “He was passionate about what he did and those who didn’t share that passion certainly could feel his wrath,” Scott Manderson said. “It all came from genuinely caring about what he believed in. “He’s been like that his whole life.”

    “I think he’s always been part of my county council experience,” county Coun. Jean Innes said Wednesday, noting when she was trying to decide whether to run for county council several years ago she went to a meeting “and he was there speaking as a delegation.”
    “He was quite a character,” Innes said. “Often when I was dealing with him I thought he was the sort of man who founded Ontario – a loud, Scottish, bombastic, single-minded type of fellow.”
    Scott Manderson said while that was indeed his father’s public persona, he will remember a quieter, more caring man. “He was a good man,” Scott Manderson said. “He was a good father, a good husband and a good friend. He really cared about his community.”
    County Coun. Lou Maieron said he “will miss his wit and sarcastic humour. “He really did enlighten me to the ways of the world,” Maieron said. “I’m going to miss him.”
    Former Erin Mayor Rod Finnie said Manderson was not always correct in his assertions “but he always made you think about what you were doing. “He was a pain not just in the side but in the backside as well,” Finnie said with a laugh, “but at the same time he was someone who really believed in what he was doing. “I wish more citizens showed that level of civic engagement,” Finnie added.

  2. In perusing the smelly-welly site, it’s interesting to note that the losing law firm, by Manderson’s estimation (may be actual, I didn’t dig deeper) received 1.5 MILLION TAXPAYER dollars.

    Be assured that the losing law firm, hired by the shameful Mayor Close and cronies, will be handsomely paid, as well.

    Not to mention the cost reimbursement, again with taxpayer money, that the winners (the defendants, of course) will receive.

    Shame on you, Mayor Close. You should resign.

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