So Check this out


When you look at the second chart it is easy to understand why Rhonda drove the bus!!

The proposed Chart should solve a lot of problems provided Adolf Close and his musketeers don’t snow the rest of Council on any given issues!!

Good job Marlyn!!!



So Who Exactly Hired Rhonda???

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So the fact of the matter is that “The Old Boys” cut the deal to hire Rhonda in the first place.

It is the same group that brought us the Medical Center and are and have been pushing the sewer issue as well and the wind generator proposals!

It is interesting to note that the play all started when Uncle Carl Noble became Mayor.

When Gwen Gilbert was elected thier focus changed somewhat as Gwen made moves to disturbe the pot!! Push Gwen out put Rhonda in and bob’s your uncle!

When Gwen was out and replaced with John the Spinless Close, (Carls buddy) stir in Billy Walkeras MPP propose Kirkland as the replacement for Miller when he retires and you have the perfect storm developing.

Now if we think about it just a little and look what happened and the manner in which it was reported, we have to review where we are.

It seems that Rhonda was set up as a patsy to take the heat for the litigation and it is inferred that that was why she no longer is employed by the town.

The reality of the situation is that, that was not why Rhonda no longer works for the Town!!

It is my opinion that if you dig down deep enough, the fact of the matter is that Rhonda knows where all the bodies are burried!!! As well as who is who in the Zoo.

Rhonda was Carl’s best friend for a long time!!! The Rhonda supporters on staff have also been there a long time! So if Rhonda becomes the patsy just maybe we won’t look any deeper!!!

Let me think about this for a minute….. what if Rhonda takes the hit and the law suit goes away, that will shut everybody up and the “Boys” can get things back on track!!!

If there are two or three Rhonda drones left driving the bus at town hall, the old boys would still have their inside track secure!!!

Now this may just be theory but, it is very much possible!!!

We should all be demanding to know what the result of the investigation that took place regarding the MPW and Rhonda!!!

I mean the in camera meeting last Friday took over four hours, Why????
It certainly had nothing to do with the Blog or the lawsuit, it did have everything to do with the labouur dispute!!!!

The press release leaves a lot of unanswered questions that we need answered!!!!
For example What did Rhonda get for leaving????


Rhonda’s Gonda!!! Blast from the past!!

Who da thunk!!!
Note Gwen signed it and so did Rhonda!!!
What does CONFLICT MEAN????



It is Really too Bad!

Bruce the Blight

Ya No Rhonda I tink really dat Rhonda had the best intentions at heart!

I no dat y’all mite be tinkin dat I be a tad nuts but I do respect her tansity!

Yes in my overall opinion she was a “Pinko Commie” but she put her heart and soul inta what she was doin!!

Too bad it was from da dark side.

S0 s i is just a wuderin wat dis is gonna cost us in da end.

Today is da tomorrrow we woried bout yesterday!!!


Sunshine List 2010

Thanks to the Owen Sound Suntimes
Sun shines brightly in health, education, police sectors
Posted 11 months ago
About 230 people in Grey- Bruce whose paycheques come from Ontario’s public purse made $100,000 or more in 2010, according to a quick read of the latest provincial sunshine list.

The annual Public Sector Disclosure list, first introduced in 1996 by the then Progressive Conservative government, contains many of the usual suspects.

Dr. Hazel Lynn, the medical officer of health with the Grey Bruce Health Unit, was the top-paid public servant in Grey- Bruce for the second year running. Her pay — $290,140,62 in 2010 — is set by the province, which picks up 75% of her base salary. Lynn shot to the top of the heap in 2009 after the province called for a $100,000 increase in her salary as part of a plan to attract and retain medical officers of health.

Maureen Solecki, the president and chief executive officer at Grey Bruce Health Services, was not far behind with a 2010 salary of $243,749.60. Thirtythree employees of Grey Bruce Health Services were on the list including three nurse practitioners and three registered nurses.

The local judiciary’s compensation ranked high in Grey- Bruce as well. Ontario Court justices Julia Morneau, George Brophy and Robert MacKenzie all earned salaries of $250,149.81.

The Hanover and District Hospital had eight employees, including three RNs, on the list while the South Bruce Grey Health Service had four.

The Bluewater District School Board, with 78, had the most sunshine list members. At the top of the heap was its superintendent of secondary education Alana Murray-Lawrence at $155,631.45.

The Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board had 28 people on the list led by director of eduction Bruce MacPherson, who earned $166,781.07.

Half of the 10 city of Owen Sound employees earning $100,000 or more in 2010 were police officers. Then chief Tom Kaye’s salary was $153,142.21.

All four West Grey sunshine members were police officers and two of the three from Saugeen Shores were cops. Hanover Police Chief Tracy David, at $117,819.46, was joined by CAO/clerk Michael Dunlop ($113,618.62) as that municipality’s members.

South Bruce Peninsula paid two CAOs — Malcolm McIntosh and Rhonda Cook — more than $100,000 each in 2010. The chief administrative officers of both Bruce and Grey counties and Brockton, Kincardine, Meaford, Saugeen Shores, Blue Mountains and Georgian Bluffs were all on the list.

Bruce County had 13 sunshine members in all, including two Brucelea Haven RNs. Grey County had 10.

Municipalities with no employees earning $100,000 or more include Grey Highlands, Northern Bruce Peninsula, South Bruce, Chatsworth, Huron-Kinloss and Southgate.

Carol Mitchell, the MPP for Huron-Bruce and the province’s minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs, made $164,359.68, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson earned $129,254.04 and Bruce- Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch had a salary of $116,550.

The 2010 list had 71,478 civil servants provincewide making $100,000 a year or more — an 11% increase from 2009. The top earner was Tom Mitchell, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, who had a salary of $1.325 million.

The entire list can be found at disclosure/2011/.

Rhonda Cook 2011 $124,000.00

FOR THE RECORD 2!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Bruce

Geez it just gets better and better!

Just when I thought that maybe we were seeing light at the end of the tunnel with our leaders, they go and do something stupider!!!

It seems now we are paying a lawyer to Censor this Blog!!!(This looks like a scene from Dumber and Dumber)

It is none of your business!!!!

This nice lawyers letter was received by this office on Friday, and as a subsequent we have removed the letter as Censored. This particular posting, having been viewed 8,423 times since it was published, has been removed.

It should be noted that I have no idea where the letter in question and the subject of this lawyers letter, came from. I found it in my mail box in a plain white envelope with a request to post.

As Forest Gump would say “Stupid is as Stupid does!!”

The subject letter was a copy of a letter to the Mayor and Council from the Manager of Public Works, explaining the bad situation and working conditions experienced by her under the Direction of Rhonda Cook.

IT seems Mayor and Council, have a total commitment to sue this Blog and shut it down using your tax dollars to accomplish their mandate. In the words of Mayor Adolf Close, he wants to “Destroy this Blight of the Community!”

Adolf Close intends to achieve his objective one way or another!!! He, the spineless wonder, voted in support of Janice Jackson’s motion to stop funding Rhonda’s litigation against this blog. This is the same guy that started the fiasco in the first place.

They have pissed away between 50 and 100 grand so far as we can tell as the budget is as clear as mud!!

Now it appears he intends to try another way!!

We need a Reset Button on the last election!!!!


Council ends lawsuit funds

Great Coverage by the Owen Sound Sun Times!!!

Council ends lawsuit funds
By Paul Jankowski
Posted 9 hours ago

South Bruce Peninsula council voted in front of a standing room only crowd Tuesday to stop all funding of a defamation suit its chief administrative officer has brought against a blog and four individuals.

A resolution introduced by Coun. Janice Jackson to that effect passed by a vote of 7-2 to the applause of many of the 50 people who had crowded into the council chambers room for the vote. All but about 10 left after Jackson invited them to stay, but explained council’s dealing with the matter was over for the day.

The resolution calls for Rhonda Cook’s lawyers to be “notified within 24 hours that the municipality will no longer pay legal fees regarding this matter” and that “with council scrutiny and approval, one final invoice for legal work completed to this day be submitted to and reconciled with the municipality by March 30, 2012.

“And further that no additional invoices will be accepted regarding this claim.”

In January, Cook launched a defamation suit against John Schnurr, Western International Publications, which is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Craig Gammie and Rick Lyttle and Orma Lyttle seeking a total of $700,000 in damages for comments posted on Bruce on the Bruce, found online at

The town’s financial involvement in the case is unclear.

“We all went back over all the resolutions that were passed regarding the blog right from the moment it was brought to council and the last one we had that really authorized any funding was over a year ago,” Jackson said after her resolution passed. “It said we would pay her legal bills to that date . . . there was no resolution, no commitment at all to pay anything beyond February (2011).”

Asked if there was an understanding that Cook’s legal fees would be paid by the town, Jackson said “it was so grey. It’s been grey for so long . . . the public outcry has been very powerful and so really we had to reconsider and weigh what path we were going down.”

Jackson said council does have a responsibility to protect its employees from harassment “but there’s nothing that says we have to commit to a lawsuit and fund it.”

“When it first came to us it was a matter of identifying the contributors to the blog and, as a council, I believe we were authorizing lawyers to try and disclose the contributors and send them a letter to cease and desist. That’s really how it started and we agreed to fund that . . . and it just kind of snowballed from there,” Jackson said.

Cook said Tuesday in a telephone interview, “there was a resolution passed” by council about funding her lawsuit. “It was my understanding that they had said to proceed.”

Asked if she would have launched the suit without the municipality’s financial backing, Cook said, “I’m not going to comment any further.” She gave the same answer when asked if she would continue with the lawsuit. She was not at Tuesday’s meeting.

Mayor John Close, citing laryngitis and illness, referred questions about the lawsuit to Coun. Jay Kirkland, who with Coun. Jim Turner voted against Jackson’s motion.

“The original motion was in closed session,” he said of council’s funding of the lawsuit. “I was to the understanding we were supporting her (Cook).”

“If council made a mistake it was that we didn’t discuss the limits” of that support, he added. “But it was a nine to zero vote by council to go ahead and support our staff and I’ve had that understanding for the last year. Since council found out who is involved, minds have changed and public pressure has changed council’s decision. It hasn’t changed my decision,” he said.

Kirkland said he was unsure how much the town has invested in the lawsuit, but “I feel it’s going to cost us more in the long run with the direction we’re going now.”

“There might be counters (counter lawsuits) now,” he said when asked why.

Schnurr has already filed a countersuit against Cook and the municipality. It asks for $250,000 in general damages, another $250,000 in “punitive, aggravated and exemplary damages” from Cook and the municipality and “special damages” of $250,000 from the town for “champerty and maintenance.”

Champerty and maintenance are legal terms referring to someone not directly a party to a lawsuit bankrolling or otherwise interfering in the legal proceedings for an improper motive.

Schnurr’s counterclaim states that Cook and the town filed the defamation suit in a bid to “silence dissent and criticism” and that he, in particular, was targeted because he “is a supporter of a different political view, has voiced his doubts as to the qualifications of Rhonda Cook in performing as CAO.” The suit is, in part, a bid to stop his inquiries into the town’s hiring practices.

Statements on the blog are “fair and bona fide comments without malice . . . (and) protected by defense of fair comment,” the statement of defence and countersuit says.

None of the allegations made in any of the legal filings in the matter have been tested or proven in court.