So Check this out


When you look at the second chart it is easy to understand why Rhonda drove the bus!!

The proposed Chart should solve a lot of problems provided Adolf Close and his musketeers don’t snow the rest of Council on any given issues!!

Good job Marlyn!!!


So Who Exactly Hired Rhonda???

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So the fact of the matter is that “The Old Boys” cut the deal to hire Rhonda in the first place.

It is the same group that brought us the Medical Center and are and have been pushing the sewer issue as well and the wind generator proposals!

It is interesting to note that the play all started when Uncle Carl Noble became Mayor.

When Gwen Gilbert was elected thier focus changed somewhat as Gwen made moves to disturbe the pot!! Push Gwen out put Rhonda in and bob’s your uncle!

When Gwen was out and replaced with John the Spinless Close, (Carls buddy) stir in Billy Walkeras MPP propose Kirkland as the replacement for Miller when he retires and you have the perfect storm developing.

Now if we think about it just a little and look what happened and the manner in which it was reported, we have to review where we are.

It seems that Rhonda was set up as a patsy to take the heat for the litigation and it is inferred that that was why she no longer is employed by the town.

The reality of the situation is that, that was not why Rhonda no longer works for the Town!!

It is my opinion that if you dig down deep enough, the fact of the matter is that Rhonda knows where all the bodies are burried!!! As well as who is who in the Zoo.

Rhonda was Carl’s best friend for a long time!!! The Rhonda supporters on staff have also been there a long time! So if Rhonda becomes the patsy just maybe we won’t look any deeper!!!

Let me think about this for a minute….. what if Rhonda takes the hit and the law suit goes away, that will shut everybody up and the “Boys” can get things back on track!!!

If there are two or three Rhonda drones left driving the bus at town hall, the old boys would still have their inside track secure!!!

Now this may just be theory but, it is very much possible!!!

We should all be demanding to know what the result of the investigation that took place regarding the MPW and Rhonda!!!

I mean the in camera meeting last Friday took over four hours, Why????
It certainly had nothing to do with the Blog or the lawsuit, it did have everything to do with the labouur dispute!!!!

The press release leaves a lot of unanswered questions that we need answered!!!!
For example What did Rhonda get for leaving????