The Rope is Forming A Noose!!!

THe Sun Time Folks Are Really Reporting The News!

Great work Paul!!!

Councillor calls for municipality to stop funding CAO lawsuit
By Paul Jankowski
Posted 1 hour ago

A South Bruce Peninsula councillor wants the municipality to cease any further funding of a lawsuit launched by chief administrative officer Rhonda Cook against the Bruce on the Bruce blog.

A notice of motion presented by Coun. Janice Jackson at Tuesday’s council meeting — but not read aloud as is the usual practice — reads:

“That effective immediately, the Municipality will cease to fund the blog lawsuit on behalf of Rhonda Cook.

“And that the lawyer(s) representing this case on behalf of Rhonda Cook will be notified within 24 hours that the Municipality will no longer pay legal fees regarding this matter.

“And that with Council scrutiny and approval, one final invoice for legal work completed to this day be submitted to and reconciled with the Municipality by March 30, 2012.

“And further that no additional invoices will be accepted regarding this claim.”

Under council procedure the motion should be voted on at the next council meeting, scheduled for March 20, Jackson said.

She said she isn’t asking for further deliberations by council about the matter.

“I’m clearly asking for a vote to end it immediately. There’s no discussion, I’m not asking for that. We’ve had plenty of that already.”

Jackson speculated her notice of motion might not have been read aloud “just because there’s been so many closed session conversations about this issue that, I don’t know, maybe it’s getting foggy what should be in closed and what should be in open.”

Cook launched a defamation suit in January against John Schnurr, Western International Publications, which is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Craig Gammie and Rick Lyttle and Orma Lyttle seeking a total of $700,000 in damages for comments posted on Bruce on the Bruce, found online at

South Bruce Peninsula Mayor John Close would not comment earlier this week on the municipality’s financial involvement in the lawsuit.

Council, however, agreed in February 2011 to pay the legal costs to that date for identifying contributors to an unnamed blog. Minutes of a special council meeting held Feb. 12, 2012, quote Coun. Jay Kirkland, who was chairing the meeting, as saying the towns proposed legal budget for this fiscal year includes $60,000 for “blog.”

Schnurr, in a statement of defence and a counterclaim filed Feb. 23, asked for $250,000 in general damages, another $250,000 in “punitive, aggravated and exemplary damages” from Cook and the municipality and “special damages” of $250,000 from the town for “champerty and maintenance.”

Champerty and maintenance are legal terms referring to someone not directly a party to a lawsuit bankrolling or otherwise interfering in the legal proceedings for an improper motive.

Gammie has also filed a statement of defence, which does not include a counterclaim.


17 thoughts on “The Rope is Forming A Noose!!!

  1. yabder4 says:

    The “champerty and maintenance.” is brilliant! Kudos to you! Any case law authorities for this aspect? Would make great reading.

  2. cuvava says:

    I have a few questions and comments.

    Why was Councillor Jackson’s notice of motion not read aloud for the Council and the public present at the Council meeting of March 6, 2012 as the procedural policy states?

    Why was the Mayor hesitant to read it, and why did he not read it?
    Was he buying time and if so why?

    The longer this goes on, the more of our tax dollars is spent on the lawyers for Mrs. Cook’s law suit instead of using that money on the needs of our Town for maintenance of our roads, fixing existing sewer and water, upgrading parks, community centres, garbage collection, improvements to our recycling service, ditching, culverts, lighting, I can go on and on. Our tax dollars are for services.

    I for one congratulate Councillor Jackson and the other Council members who support her and her motion that will be hopefully passed at the next Council meeting on the 20th of March, 2012. As for the three amigos it is time to cut the cord.

  3. JIGGY says:

    Too bad our local rag doesn’t report on the news!

  4. beachboy63 says:

    Finally a councillor with the guts to do the right thing.
    Thanks Janice … I only hope your motion passes.

  5. rundgrenknows says:

    Finally, a little democracy weeding through the hypocracy.

  6. thedodge says:

    I see democracy as under pressure in our Town until the CAO position is eliminated. That position in this Town has a history of problems dating back to a time shortly after the space was created. It has become nothing short of a conduit of power from the elected top and constitutes an end run around democracy. Other municipalities may be well run and a CAO position much needed but I would not apply the term “well run” here.

    Kudos to Janice (and Marilyn) for putting in place the means to end another ugly chapter in our history. But the history book is still being written and it is full of ugly chapters. We need to get to smaller government that spends where appropriate and delivers basic services well. We need a government that welcomes oversight and input not one that tries to filter it, restrict it or SLAP it.

    Since 2002 in this Town government, I have seen egos and subterfuge, manipulation and supression, pettiness and misguided largess all contribute to a history we are all familiar with. For me it started with the unposted invoices suppressed before the 2003 election. Some here will remember that.

    This litigation against residents is the lowest we have fallen and I count the costs to two private citizens for a land zoning change that never came about as the second lowest level. Before that was a long slippery slope lasting longer than a decade.

    We have a ways to go and there is a heap of lost years that are gone forever. I am hoping we add to the pile on March 20 ending another ugly chapter and bringing to an end another lost year of man hours and of wasted money.

  7. cuvava says:

    Here is the one from the left field ! VUF VUF VUF VUF

    Would you know anything about windmills in TSBP ?
    I know that at the last Council meeting, on the agenda, there is a new proposal and change in building permit fees, that include a proposal for windmill fees that were not there before.
    Do you know what is happening or what is going on? and does the Mayor or Councillors know??

  8. beachboy63 says:

    It is my understanding that Janice’s motion could have been voted on at the last council meeting but Janice delayed it at Marilyn’s request. If councillor Bowman is “on side” why in the world would she want to delay this? Just another 2 weeks of wasted time and money if you ask me and an opportunity for the Mayor and his cronies to try and persuade their colleagues to vote against the motion.

    • I don’t have an answer for you, but you are right. I can hear them now saying that they will all get sued personally if they support the motion!
      The reality is they cannot get sued for doing their job and that is a fact!!!

      I will check this out though!


  9. thewackyone says:

    We don’t need the CAO. Could use a solid MPW though. Looks like light at the end of the tunnel. As I sit here in the Florida sunshine I cannot escape the water BS . According to the new rates as stated by the suntimes Either $ 3.57 or $5 for the first 7 cu m and $10.77 each cu m after. Average family of 4 probably will use 1cu m per day. According to these figures the cost to use 30 cu m per month would cost $307.71 A yearly sum of $3692.52 Sadly I can not install a well or a sand point because of bylaws for those of us on community wells. Sadly selling our homes will become a nightmare. They will not be lining up to purchase when they see what it will cost. This on top of recently paying $7300 for improvements to community wells and continuing tax hikes . I have no idea how many seniors will be able to cope with these costs.

    • Sad statement but true!
      The tail is wagging the dog!
      Soon there will be no one left up here for the bandits to service!!!

    • thedodge says:

      This is for thewackyone. Actually sand points are not regulated so any homeowner can put one in. Best policy, don’t ask, don’t tell. You cannot, however, get a drilled well permit that is correct. In theory one could put in a driven point and hook up downstream of the meter and unhook the metered feed at that point. One cannot backfeed the public system so you have to blank it. It must be tough to pay the rates and have a neighbour across the street getting free water from a driven point. That happens at Sauble.

      Sorry to hijack the thread. See you all on the 20th.

      You might as well come home from Florida as summer is here.

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