Once Upon A Time….

Bruce the Blight

in a place not far away, just east of the sun and west of the moon, there was a kingdom where all the Plovers had free rein and the peasants worked to provide for the kingdom and all was well.

The kingdom was ruled by the round table of lords appointed by the worker drones of the community and they were trusted by the masses for the lords were there to protect their interests and manage the kingdom.

The lords were presumed to be the pillars of the community for they were wise and educated and with their combined wisdom and that of their appointees all would prosper and things would be good.

The market square was quaint and pleasant and the vendors sold their goods, paid their taxes and beamed with pride at the community they had built. But alas they were so successful that the square was so busy that there was no where for the people to park their chariots and this was cause of great grief.

The lords of the day pondered the problem and on October 30, 1995, the lords entered an agreement with a Baron of the kingdon (Mansil Nixon) to rent some land from the Baron to provide parking for the chariots and all would be well.

The Barron, a wise man agreed to rent the land to the kingdom for $1.00 per year provided the kingdom would assess the land at nil during the term of the agreement and so it was written and proclaim as law and marked as By-Law 1995-40 and once again all was well in the kingdom.

The lords in their wisdom decided to write agreements with the adjoining landowners to protect the kingdom. So the lords went forth and entered into an agreement with Globe Realty Holdings Ltd.(Royal Bank) and they would pay the $1.00 and the property would be assessed at nil for the purpose of taxation. And so it was written as by-law 1995.43 and all was well.

The chariots were parking and the everyone smiled until one day when one of the merchants said gee I would like a lease as well and so the lords in their wisdom wrote a new agreement with the merchant Sun Media (Wiarton Echo) on June 28, 2011, and they to would pay $1.00 and the property would be assessed at nil and it was proclaimed as law By-law 48-2011 and so it was written and all was well.

But yet another merchant Sarah Hamilton and Timothy Panchyshyn (The Green Door) declared that they too should have an agreement at $1.00 per year and an assessment of nil and yet again the lords in their wisdom agreed and it was proclaimed as By-law 48-2011 on April 26, 2011 and so it was written and all was well.

But yet again another merchant came forward and demanded an agreement M & M Rinehart Holdings Inc. (Rankin Trading Post) and again the lords declared it fair and reasonable and declared it to be law however the lords in their wisdom decided to rebate the taxes paid to the merchant as part of the agreement and so it was written and proclaimed as By Law ops no by-law on April 3, 2012. however it was reported and so it will be written we think.
And all is well in the kingdom.

But alas the peasants got restless and noted that the Kindom had paid to Mansil Nixon on March 1, 2012 $19,751.98 as a rebate. But wait a minute Mr. Nixon is deceased. How do you pay a dead man a rebate??

And oh wait a minute a further sum of $4,155.21 was paid to Bowes Publishing Limited as a rebate on the same date. HMMMMMMMMMMM wonder who that is as we have no agreements with Bowes!!!

Regardless the merchants in Sauble don’t get rebates or free parking nor do their customers but yet in Wiarton they get free parking and we paid 20 grand to provide the free parking on a contract that says the taxes are NIL!!! What is wrong with this picture???
Guess I missed that creative accounting class!!!

Mayor Close must have stayed up late to make this one dance!!! So in Sauble the tourists pay $15.00 per day and the merchants pay their taxes and in Wiarton they don’t pay nor does anyone else except the taxpayers who it appears are getting ripped by paying taxes that were not assessed to a dead guy and a company we do not have an agreement with.
Guess they could blame Rhonda oh but she doesn’t work here any more! Maybe it was the Manager of Public works… oh she doesn’t work here either!!!

Is all well in the KIngdom???? NOT!!!


20 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time….

  1. Sounds like Asaps fable.

  2. rundgrenknows says:

    Hey, do we all pay our fair share of propery taxes? Elected politicians being exempt of course. Right?

  3. beachweezy says:

    Just curious. How long has this been going on and why is it surfacing at this time?

    • Looks like the payment to the dead guy goes back a fair ways but the other go back a couple of years.


      • biggbob says:

        Wonder if and who cashed the cheque???
        This will have to play out, but right now is smells of fraud to me!

      • biggbob says:

        since 1995, and the Town just realized that the taxes should have been exempted-it seems the land has changed ownership and the lawyer uncovered it. mmmm competent staff –right!

  4. cuvava says:

    Message to the rate payers of the Town , Please keep yourself informed, it is easy and it is your town and it is your money.How to find the information that Bruce is talking about? And if you wish, you can ask question to your elected officials, you can e-mail them or call them.Here it isIt is easy if you have a computor. # 1 Go to The Town of South Bruce Peninsula web site# 2 click on -Council & Committees.# 3 click on- Agendas.# 4 click on -Accounts Payable Listings.# 5 click on- 2012# 6 click on – February 2012. When it opens, you can see who was paid and how much and for what, scroll down to see the details.If you want to read the by-laws that bruce is talking about, when the town’s web opens click on by-laws. Uunfortunately you can only see from 1999-2012 and if you wanted to see them before 1999 you have to ask the town for it and they can e-mail it to you.

    Ana Vukovic

  5. cuvava says:

    Bruce Thank you for this post Re : Wiarton leasses.I did little research on my own and with help of another town’s resident, and what we found It was quite suprising to say the least. The by-laws, leasses and recent payments for thousands of dollars that were made to former and present property owners in between the former town of Wiarton in 1995 and now in 2012 and there is one more indentical by-law and is waiting to be passed. In the exisisting by-law/lessone of the paragraghs says that the town lease the proprety for one dollar per year, and the following are excerpts from 2 other paragraphs.”That the Lessee (The Town ) shall only be permitted to use the lands as a parking lot for use by members of the public, including customers and employees without charge.the next paragragh says:”That Lessor ( Property owner ) and lessee ( the Town ) covenant and agree that the value of the lands, for purposes of municipal assessment and taxation purposes, SHALL BE NIL AND THAT SUCH ALLOCATION IS FAIR AND APPROPRIATEMy question is: Why would the town rent the back lots on the east side of the Berford st.stores if the Berford st. is parking free on both sides since 2001??Even the parking meters were removed some time ago. And I am not aware of any sign that says that the public parking is at back of east side stores.Now lets talk abouth NIL MUNICIPAL ASSESSMENT! All the Lessors or there tenant are members of the Chamber of Commerce and BIA which are given grants, annually, by Municipal and Provincial goverment and this NIL municipal assessment is extra thousands of dollars in ther pocket. If this is legal and as the last paragragh says: IS FAIR AND APPROPRIATE than every Comercial entity in the Town of South Bruce must be entitled to the same treatment, especially Hepworth and Sauble Beach.


  6. cuvava says:

    Interesting, here is one more less on 17th. of April council’s agenda waiting to be passed.https://southbrucepeninsula.civicweb.net/FileStorage/535A3628F05E4AA39145C4B4368A263A-WorkspaceBy-Law%2053-2012.pdf

  7. beachweezy says:

    Cuvava, would you know if <severance payments< would be listed in the Accounts Payable in light of the fact that the sessions were held <in camera<, and because it relates to staff matters, therefore confidential?

  8. silcozot says:

    OK Bruce ya lost me by the third paragraph, ok 4th, get to the point cause some of us have A.D.D

    • In a nut shell:
      The town is rebating taxes to some property owners for a parking lot.
      Even though it is not legal to do so.
      The proplem is that the leases say it is $1.00 per year the town is paying the property taxes with tax revenue.
      Further they forgot to py the taxes for several years and as a result we aid 25 grand to catch up.
      The issue is that the parking is free but yet at Sauble the parking has a daily charge to the public.

  9. cuvava says:


    It depends on the agreement and how the payment is structured.If a lump-sum severance payment(s) are negotiated, then it/they should appear in the payable journal at the time of payment. Payments could occur over an extended period of time and the cheque(s) may be made out to a lawyer’s firm and not the actual person receiving the payment.
    If the agreement is for the employee to continue to receive wages for an extended period of time, then these payments would not show up in payable journal. Employees’wages are not included in the public payables journal but the payments would be included in a lump sum on the budget sheet under administration wages. Gross annual wages are documented on the Provincial Sunshine list if the employee is making over $ 100,000. annually.
    If the position is filled with another employee while the ex-employee continues to receive wages, the municipal budget should reflect this additional expense and an adjustment should be made under the column of administration expense. Minutes should reflect the decision made by council to change the budget.
    It is interesting to note that, because council has not yet this year’s budget and budget deliberation discussions have now bee completed (around the table that is),they could continue to adjust the numbers for different departments until the final vote, and only a citizen with a sharp eye would figure it out.


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