Look What Came In My Mail Box This Morning!


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  1. thedodge says:

    I take offence with anyone who tries to make Craig out as somehow against education. It is a dirty offence that does not bear scrutiny. I found that in my case that what we call a post secondary education never comes served on a platter and requires some hard work, personal sacrifice and ambition. Even with my apprenticeship I could see that personal opportunities opened up .

    Our educational system is full of support for those with ambition and a willingness to work towards goals. Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) and Co-op education are well sponsored in high schools along with other programs.

    We taxpayers are already paying for an educational system run by professionals. Why then is the Economic Development Committee trying to create a redundant system within our community at some additional expense to taxpayers who already pay for the same thing?

    The answer lies in the draft strategic plan which literally says that training and creation of a skilled and educated workforce within the community will somehow attract development. This is just a template statement and all strategic plans have one of these even in a city of 100,000 or more.

    Some folks on the EDC have taken this to be a ureka moment forgetting that educational professionals in our high school system aready are paid by us to run the programs and they know what they are doing unlike the EDC.

    Sure, colleges and universities are always searching for new income streams and distance education is a growth business for them. All it requires is an internet connection. If contacted by the EDC saying they have tax dollars to promote their programs why not give a positive response and get a free pass to promote their business?

    What Craig did is voice his objections that spending tax dollars to promote higher education was not legally allowed under the municipal act and based on my knowledge of the education system and the fact I already pay educational taxes I also object to this.

    For this Craig was verbally slandered by the chair of the EDC and he asked for an apology to be read into the minutes. That was not done and the EDC is being very unprofessional in this conduct as a committee of Council. It is a slander on all of us who are members of the corporate body of the Town.

    Based on the content of the above letter I surmise that there is little will on the part of the mayor or some parts of council to reign in the EDC and have them follow the municipal act. Ontario has colleges and universities from Owen Sound to Thunder Bay to Ottawa and Windsor and St. Cathrines. Those who want to will attend and they may go some distance to get a program of interest. They will get help and guidance within the secondary school system. Upon graduation they will find the world is their oyster and they will go where life presents the best opportunities. This fact seems poorly understood within the EDC.

    At yesterdays EDC meeting I thought the Allenford member, Dave Summerton had the best grasp on reality and he was a man of few words which was refreshing. He said “There seems to be a malaise in the area. The attitude is that nobody wants to support them. (local businesses) Everybody just wants to jump in their car and go to Owen Sound. We have to know what is wrong.”

    Well apparently the EDC does not know what is wrong. Perhaps instead of going off in odd directions time might be well spent figuring it out. Then they can pass some free advice out to the Chambers. Meanwhile those who want to do, who want it in the face of any adversity, who are ambitious in life and personal goals, will get what they want and live where they want to. The EDC has no real solutions. The hotel and accomodation industry already knows that high service standards bring their customers back.

    What we got from the EDC Chair was that he thinks he has the power and freedom on a Council committee to bad mouth any citizen who questions his activity. Even worse it looks from remarks by Councillor Turner at Council meeting that Council supports EDC changing actual meeting minutes so they are less than accurate.

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      So, camera boy, what you’re saying is that it was Craig who called Georgian College and pissed people off but that’s OK because everything Craig (or you) doesn’t like is or should be declared illegal!
      I thank you for the clarification and I will sleep better knowing that sueman and cameraboy are watching out for my liberty.

      “If contacted by the EDC saying they have tax dollars to promote their programs”
      Just one little thing – can you show me the line in the town budget that gives the EDC any tax dollars to spend with Georgian College?
      Better hurry though. Isn’t today the day for Craig to make good on his threat to sue the town for passing the “illegal” budget?

      the Martian

      the Martian

  2. 2censworth says:

    What is the best way of viewing the documents? I can’t even read them zoomimg in and wearing my 10 power specs

  3. beachboy63 says:

    JT can’t hide behind the DarkSide pseudonym … once an ass always an ass and easy to spot by the loathsome rehetoric. He ain’t got the guts to post on here anymore. Personally I hope Craig does sue the ass off the Town and wins.

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      Dennis?? Really??
      Oh well, I’ll play.


      I’m pretty sure JT knows how to spell “gist” even if Ctaig and Darthwhoever don’t!!

      the Martian

  4. cgammie says:


    Your look-what-came-in-Bruce’s-mailbox “post” is typical Darth-Martian. Off-point and chockfull of lies.

    The first issue that I raised in my April 18 e-mail to council was that the words in the February 8 EDC minutes, namely “Mr. McMillan discussed that ….. it was most unfortunate that one individual would be trying to sabotage efforts to enact positive changes such as trying to bring higher educational institutions into our community to benefit our citizens and students” were in fact never said, or implied in the February 8th EDC meeting. They were added after the meeting. This makes the minutes a fraud. And it also makes the minutes illegal, a contravention of section 239 of the Municipal Act.

    You responded by suggesting that I altered the electronic audio recording that is on http://www.saublesewer.com, by removing the “sabotage statement”.

    Your response is ridiculous.

    If the “sabotage statement” or similar words, or even words to that effect, had actually been spoken at the February 8th meeting, it would only make sense for me to keep the audio recording intact as evidence of defamation.

    There would be no reason for me to remove the words from the audio recording.

    And since the audio record has some defamatory words in it, and since the fraudulent minutes were not made public until about six weeks after the audio recording was posted on about February 10th, how could I possibly have known which defamatory words to leave in the audio record and which defamatory words to remove from the record?

    The audio record is clear. There was nothing even resembling the “sabotage statement” in the EDC February 8 meeting. The “sabotage statement” was clearly cooked up and inserted into the minutes after the meeting to try to discredit me and damage my reputation.

    Darth, if you (or Mayor John, or Jay) think you can provide credible evidence that the “sabotage statement” was actually made, let’s see it.

    Until credible evidence is produced, Jim Turner’s April 17th comment: “We can’t argue the fact that it happened”, and John Close’s comment: “That was the gist of the conversation. Do we sweep it under the carpet and not be transparent?” are just more darkside lies.

    By the way, I was not present for the April 17 council discussion of the February 8 EDC minutes, so my “frantic waving” that you insist Councillor Jackson missed was, just like everything else you “see”, a figment of your imagination.

    The second issue that I raised in my letter to council was that the “sabotage statement” in the fraudulent February 8 EDC minutes is false, and malicious, and defamatory.

    Your response, namely that “you certainly ‘outed’ yourself as a divisive and negative force in the community”, is ludicrous.

    I never said anything, positive or negative, to anyone at Georgian College, or to any member of the EDC, about higher education in our community, or about education at all. And I never did “try to sabotage efforts to enact positive changes.” The “sabotage statement” in the February 8th minutes is false, a complete fabrication.

    Darth, if you can produce some credible evidence that I “tried to sabotage efforts to enact positive changes such as trying to bring higher educational institutions into our community to benefit our citizens and students”, let’s see it.

    Until such credible evidence is produced, I remain grateful that that I have the strength and endurance to stand up to all those darksiders, like you, who do nothing but try to bully the good citizens of the town into silence.

    I am told that the ‘Darth response’ was delivered to Bruce’s mailbox by Jim Turner. Given that I e-mailed my April 18th challenge only to council and clerk, I think it’s clear who the “Darth” is that penned the response.


    • I don’t know that Turner delivered anything, I wish I knew for sure!

    • Alice says:

      Thank You

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      Much better than the last alias you used and much longer than your current regular one.

      It is obvious you can’t hold a candle to the man you’re trying to be – he only drinks Bacardi!

      the Martian

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      Why Craig, how unfair of you, using hearsay, inuendo and accusing people without proof of any kind! It’s so unlike you.
      I didn’t write or post that particular piece – wish I had! “Bruce” showed it to me over coffee and I laughed my little green ass off!
      As for the people you sent your bullshit email to? Far fewer people had access to a private letter hand delivered to council and it showed up in Bruce’s mailbox and on this blog!

      Just one teeny little question: If you never said anything to anyone at Georgian or tried to sabotage anything, how do you know the minutes weren’t reffering to someone else entirely who actually did – which would make the minutes not “a complete fabrication – making what Turner and Close said acurate?
      So if you didn’t do anything, SHUT UP and let the guy who did do some bitching!

      Those minutes were posted for anyone to see and to this minute, you are the only person to associate your name with any phone call!
      Events have proven that you can get into enough trouble using your own bad judgement. Maybe you should stop taking credit for someone else’s !

      OOPS!! I’m deeply sorry Craig. I forgot that Councillor Jackson said it was you they were talking about too. “Ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend?”

      the Martian

      • cgammie says:

        Marty: I did not suggest that you penned the “Darth” letter. I suggested that it appeared that a councillor penned it and left it with Bruce. My April 18th letter that got into Bruce’s mailbox may have been delivered by a third party, but if it did it came to the third party via a council member or the clerk. My suggestion that the person who delivered the copy of my letter, along with the response from “Darth”, was likely Councillor Turner, was informed speculation, no more.

        I sent my April 18 letter to only ten people. Council and clerk. You have no idea how many people received that “other” private letter. So you could not possibly know that
        “far fewer people had access to [the other private letter]”.

        You asked “If you never said anything to anyone at Georgian college or tried to sabotage anything, how do you know the minutes weren’t referring to someone else entirely who actually did..?”

        Nice try Marty, but in fact I did not claim that I never said anything to anyone at Georgian College. Not that it’s any of your business, but in fact I did leave a phone message for someone at Georgian College. But to be clear, my message had nothing to do with higher education or about sabotage.

        You suggest that Councillor Jackson and I are the only ones who think that the EDC chair was talking about me on the February 8th audio record and also in the “sabotage statement” captured in the draft minutes.

        Several people whom I know have listened to the audio record and are aware that I did leave a phone message are confident that I am the one referred to in the February 8th meeting audio and also in the draft minutes of the February 18th meeting.

        And it is clear to any honest person who listens to the audio that what was in the draft minutes does not even come close to what was said in the meeting.

        The “sabotage statement” in the minutes was made up after the meeting, it was inserted fraudulently into the minutes, it is about me, and it is absolutely false.

        There is no other plausible explanation.

        I repeat Marty, that if you, or Darth, or the minutes writer, or the EDC chair, or Mayor John, or Jim, or Jay think you can provide credible evidence that the “sabotage statement” or anything close was actually said, then let’s see it.

        Until such is presented, then the John and Jim statements in the April 17 council meeting are not just inaccurate – they are wrong.

        And I repeat, Marty, that if you, or Darth, or the minutes writer, or the EDC chair (or Mayor John, or Jim, or Jay) think you can provide credible evidence that the “sabotage statement” is true, then let’s see that too.

        You say “events have proven that you can get into enough trouble…..”.

        There have been allegations for sure. But false allegations are so easy to make – even Jim Turner can generate them (see the “denialist” letter of November 29). But none of the allegations made against me has been proven. Because they are all false.

        So what “events” are you talking about? And how do any of these “events” “prove” anything? And what exactly is the “trouble” I am supposedly in?

        (I ask these questions knowing full well that when I challenge you to back up your lies and ridiculous claims, you rarely, if ever, choose to respond to my challenge, instead just answering with more lies and ridiculous claims.)


      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        “instead just answering with more lies and ridiculous claims.”
        Now that’s why I don’t take your bait Craig!
        Every time you’ve been proven to be at best the owner of a very poor memory at second best a manipulator of words and at third best a flat out liar, you claim ‘it didn’t happen the way everybody else says’ or ‘the article on denialists was about me even though I deny being a denialist’ or ‘I made the call but I didn’t say what everyone says I said’ and last but hardly least ‘I didn’t threaten to sue I just said I probably would and still might but that’s not really a threat’!

        My responses to you just offer a launch pad for another barrage of your unguided missiles, a platform for you to shout “more lies and ridiculous claims”.
        You hang yourself better than I ever could so I think from now on I’ll just do what most others do and ignore you!

        Now that’s not to say I’ll ignore your lies and ridiculous claims.
        I’ll be right there every time you make a misstep with truth.
        I’ll show up every time you step past the boundary of common decency.
        Every threat, outright or implied, to sue anyone will be exposed.
        I’ll put a $ figure on every delay you cause the citizens of TSBP with your antics.
        The next time you shove a wooden stake into the groin of a citizen who disagrees with you at a public meeting I’ll post the video.

        But Craig, don’t even think of crying foul because I’ll only be doing to you what you claim you’re doing to the elected, employed and appointed representatives of this town, namely, expose them for what they really are!

        To show that I have no animosity towards you personally, only your crap, I offer this free sneak preview of your future: your place may be the first on the list in Sauble Beach for a septic reinspection so I suggest you start saving now to bring it up to standard.
        Alternatively, I guess you could demand the town put in sewers!

        the Martian

      • cgammie says:


        I had hopes of having a real discussion with you, about issues. Silly me. I won’t make that mistake again.


      • riddlerray says:

        Mr. Smith (Martian):

        You addressed Craig with the diminutive, familiar “Stewie”, Craig did an uncharacteristic step into your gutter by responding with the diminutive, familiar “Marty”, and you have the gall to cry foul?

        I listened to Craig’s comments as captured on the April 17 council meeting audio record, and found nothing at all about suing the Town.

        It looks like Craig has a point. You make up claims well, but when challenged you won’t back them up.

        I’m wondering if all your claims are false?


      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        Why riddlecraig I’ve never cried foul about anything you said!
        I may have cried dumb
        I might have cried lies
        But never foul – I’ve always left crying foul to you.(or umpires)

        As for Stewie, who knew the S of S. C. Gammie meant Stewie?
        I was referring to the crazy little oval-headed cartoon baby on TV who spends all his time bitching at everything.

        Speaking about lies – listen harder riddlecraig and you’ll hear yourself!
        Anyone who wants to hear Craig state that he would take the town to court/sue/charge/challenge or otherwise hassle everybody if they passed the budget, it was right after his rant on the illegal because he says so hiring of the CofC to run events for the town during the public budget meeting portion of council.
        Listen for brother Dodge to get stymied, hear Ana get shot down, listen to the long,long, long, long, long list of complaints from Sally, Don’s congrats on the strategic plan and a few more not so memorable.
        But definately don’t miss the challenge to council, the attempted intimidation, the total misunderstanding of one party legally contracting with another because he doesn’t like it – it was truthfully the highlight of an otherwise boring night.

        Speaking about take to court/sue/charge/challenge or otherwise hassle, I hear the latest episode in your continuing bout of crazywas to take the BIA to court on a charge of spending their own money the way they wanted to – conflict of interest I believe you called it – because you still don’t get that it’s their own money they’re spending not yours
        So lets look once more at the people you have attacked/threatened/charged/etc. and the result
        Council members – Police reports
        EDC Chairman – Police reports
        Former council member – Police report
        Town staff – police report – lawsuit – outcome not determined
        Citizens – tresspass order issued and you told to get the F**K off his property
        And now volunteers – court date set and approaching
        Quite a list of accomplishments dude – are you proud of yourself?

        People of Wiarton, ladies and genlemen, boys and girls
        Step right up and watch the crazy guy attack the BIA volunteers who got rid of your parking meters, paid for the new steetlights and yes children, the nice people who bring Santa to town for a parade every Christmas.

        It’s probable Stewie was a bit of a misnomer and I apologize to Stewies everywhere
        The GRINCH is more fitting.

        the Martian

      • riddlerray says:

        As usual, the Martian spouts nothing but groundless, unsubstantiated claims about Craig. He claims that Craig “Attacked/threatened/charged/ council members, EDC Chairman, Former council member, Town staff”, and that all of these resulted in something really really bad. That really bad result was …. (drum roll) …………….“police reports”.

        Let’s see all those damning police reports. Any charges made ? No. Any hearings or trials set? No. Any convictions or findings of wrong by a competent tribunal? No. All of the allegations are false. Unfounded allegations mean nothing. Anyone can generate false allegations. Even Councillor Turner. (Especially Councillor Turner.)

        The lawsuit by Rhonda against Craig will not go to trial. Rhonda withdrew her claim against Craig. Why? Because it was groundless and she could not possibly win. And without the taxpayers funding her groundless suit she stood to lose big time. Hear that Martian? Withdrawn. Groundless just like your allegations.

        There is no trespass injunction order on Craig and Martian knows it. Martian’s claim is false.

        There is a notice of application naming certain BIA board members as respondents. But there is no lawsuit and there is no “attack” on BIA “volunteers”, and Martian knows it. Martian’s claim is false.

        Martian makes interesting claims but does not and cannot back up most or all of what he says. Because almost everything or everything he says is false. He is a liar and a fraud.

        So sue me Martian. But you will have to come out from hiding first. And you may find me less forgiving than Craig or Rick or Orma or Bruce.


      • dirtbagjimbo says:


        You haven’t been paying attention.

        Even though everyone knows that martian is Jim Turner, we can’t say so on this blog.

        It’s fine that martian can pretend not to be Jim, but councillor Turner cannot be criticized here.

        The fact that martian is a liar, fraud, and coward cannot be extended to councillor Turner.

        jetman45 said:

        because allthe annonymous posters

        amartiannamedsmith said:

        to wave annonymity

        Simply amazing that those two have problems with the same root word, isn’t it.

      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        Ray, Craig – whatever you want to call yourself today.
        I’m reasonably sure the collection of police reports describe threatening and escalating aberrant behavior on your part over a long period of time which makes it a whole lot easier to get trespass orders.

        Did BIA volunteers stop being volunteers when they volunteered to be on the voluntary board. Did they stop donating their time and start getting paid? Don’t they have a court date to answer your bogus PITA charges. (That’s Pain In The Ass, BTW)

        Is your memory so short that you don’t remember being shown a trespass order and getting thrown off at least one property so far?
        Was your pocket not just a little heavier with 3 more trespass orders on Tuesday May 1 2012?

        Are you denying you served the EDC chairman, you old denialist you? Do you want to tell everyone how many $$$ are involved?

        Let’s see – 5 for 5 so far.

        Sue you? Sorry Ray, no one sues the mentally unstable – you get them help!

        Well (at least the dirtbag part seems appropriate) – you’re back with a nnew name and acting like you’re a thesaurus! Root words -really?

        I’m sure the councilor just meant annoying mouse poster annd how do you know us Martianns donn’t spell everything with two Ns just to see if a blog-tard is onn his toes?

        I think it’s you who hasn’t been listening – I never said I wasn’t a liar, fraud, and coward!</b?
        I also never claimed to be anointed, infallible or any other one of the 50 or so things morons like you have claimed I am either.

        Say what you will but have fun doing it. Me, I'm having a ball!

        the Martiannnnnnnnnnnn

      • oink says:

        Oh what a tangled web we weave,
        When first we practise to deceive!

      • dirtbagjimbo says:

        Hey Marty/Mike/Jim/dinkum/vulcan/msills/etc (but who’s counting?), you old dirtbag, howcum you get to axe all the questions, but never answer any?

        How be I just call you “Jim”, since that’s your true name.

        Anyhow, Jim,

        When you were spearheading the campaign to use taxpayers’ money to fund Pawnda’s unwinnable lawsuit, did you tell the other members of council that you were a blog admin?

        Since you’ve already demonstrated that you’re a clueless idiot, did it occur to you that perhaps there might be a conflict?

        Did it occur to you that even if the lawsuit actually saw the light of court, a judge would instantly dismiss it upon discovering your conflict?

        Does it trouble you, at all, that you are responsible for tens of thousands of wasted taxpayers’ dollars; that you are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars spent by the “defendants”, all because a) you’re the asshat of all asshats and b) because you were dissed on a blog?

        Isn’t it true that you alone suspected that callie cornfield was 2 people, and that the real reason they were defendants in Pawnda’s lawsuit wasn’t because you alone suspected they called Pawnda a mare. but rather for this:

        I don’t know how people anywhere could consider you intelligent when you continue to smoke yourself to death. Not likely. I’ll repeat ,stop wasting time through your alter egos and put that time towards moving this town ahead in a positive direction. Also remember, the residents of this town pay 95% of the taxes so start representing them and not just business and the “good old boys”. Prove you were worth electing with actions that move this town ahead, not your inane alter bullshit egos . Are you capable of that. We’ll see right here.

        Read it over, in its entirety, folks:

        That’s pretty well why the clueless and cowardly councillor spearheaded the campaign to use taxpayers’ dollars to fund an unwinnable lawsuit.

        If I were one of the defendants (and I know you tried your hardest, you lying, dishonest, integrity-lacking wimp) I’d sue you personally.

        But continue in your little fantasy world of cowardly martianhood; it just makes you look more the fool, if that’s even possible.

        Perhaps we can pick this up later; you can explain why there have been no fines or sanctions or investigations by the province, y’know, since you were *legally* required to fund the lawsuit. Liar, once again.


      • Dirtbagjimbo

        It is very important for you to crank things down a notch. You have crossed the line a few times and I a trashed your postings.
        Bottom line the Blog is suposed to be informative and a little fun as well as being informative.
        Personal attacks achieve none of the above.

        If you have got to resort to personal attacks and name calling you have already lost!


      • riddlerray says:

        Martian (May 3, 2012 at 5:18 pm) seems to suggest that “police reports” somehow prove “threatening and escalating aberrant behavior” on Craig’s part.

        The police reports describe allegations as the police received them. Putting the allegations in a report does not make them true. In fact not one of the police reports indicates that any of the allegations are true. In fact many of the police reports indicate that the allegations are considered false. And those not characterized as false are characterized as unsubstantiated (and thus unverified and thus suspect). Martian is a liar.

        Martian says all the supposedly damning police reports make it easier to get what he calls “trespass orders”. If these so-called “trespass orders” are so easy to get, let’s see some. Even one. To show everyone just how “easy” they are to get. Fact is there were no “trespass orders” issued by any legitimate authority. Martian is a liar.

        Martian says: “Did BIA volunteers stop being volunteers when they volunteered to be on the voluntary board. Did they stop donating their time and start getting paid? Don’t they have a court date to answer your bogus PITA charges. (That’s Pain In The Ass, BTW)”

        Can someone please tell what Martian is on about? Is the Martian saying paid participants are bound by the law, but volunteers are not?

        Martian seems to suggest that a request for justice in the form of a notice of legal action served on the chair of the EDC is somehow evidence that Craig “Attacked/ threatened/ charged/ the EDC chairman”.

        Can someone please tell what Martian’s point is? Is the Martian saying that the EDC chairman is above the law too? Is initiation of legal action inherently improper or illegal (or both)?

        Dirtbagjimbo said it well, calling the Martian a lying, dishonest, cowardly, integrity-lacking wimp who asks a lot of questions but answers none.


      • Alice says:

        Did it ever even occur to you that councillor Turner may have declared a conflict of interest during the blog discussions? I really don’t know whether he did or didn’t but I find it hard to imagine that he was/is too stupid to recuse himself given the circumstances.
        Alice (in Underland)

      • dirtbagjimbo says:


        The record indicates that the vote to use taxpayers’ funds for litigation against the blog and town citizens was 9-0.

        So, yes, he was too stupid to recuse himself.

      • Point well made!!
        Wonder what the Martian has to say about that!


      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        Your people have a saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing” Thank Mars I’m not one of you – it’s so damned restrictive and in your case dirtbag , you don’t follow the precept anyway. Makes me wonder how you run the rest of your life (but then you and I know the answer to that, don’t we)

        If there was a unanimous vote to support a staff member in finding out who was trashing her life, I’m a little curious why you’re only mad at one? Blame them all and you’ll be nine times righter – or does that involve a little problem for you?

        You’re smart enough, for a dirtbag, and you have a sense of humor, albeit a little on the dark and twisted side, so instead of taking potshots at councilors why don’t you start campaigning to replace the one, or more, you have such a hard on for?
        What’s that you say? You’re too smart for that?
        Yeah, just like you to sit back and let people you think are stupid run your life!

        Every person at that council table, whether because of a personal agenda, a political one, or whether they were just fed up with the shitstorm the last council raised, had the parts to stand up and be counted, to put themselves out there for dirtbags like you to trash because they understood that decisions are made by those who show up – dirtbag!

        As for councilor Jimmy, if he is me and all the others you say he is and still finds time for a full time job, be a councilor and have friends and a family, well I’d seriously consider running him for Mr. Harper’s job since he doesn’t have enough to do now!
        By the way, I hear that the half of the people who knew your trash posts weren’t Jimmy were pissed at Bruce because they thought it was him!(or is Jimmy also Bruce, and the Martian and, and, …….?)

        As for truth in bloging, do what I did! Ask the chairman of the EDC if he is being sued by Craig, ask the board of the BIA if they have a court date to answer bogus charges from Craig and whether any of their members have served Craig with trespass orders and last but not least, do listen to Craig threaten the town with a lawsuit if they passed the budget. After you make that effort stop by the local Gendarmerie and ask the boys in uniform the nature of the complaints they have against Craig. Be prepared for disappointment though. I hear they won’t even tell him! (usual procedure while building a solid case, or so I hear)

        Sorry but I have to fly

        the Martian

      • dirtbagjimbo says:



        Not an entirely civil response, but relative to your norm, kudos to you.


  5. cgammie says:


    I’ve already been sued for using words from Linda Rhonstadt’s “Roll Em Easy”, and so I know I am taking a huge risk, but I just can‘t think of a better way to describe you than “and eloquent dishonesty, it rolls right off his tongue”.

    You say I chased the EDC chair around the room while he was acting as chair. I was there on April 18th. You weren’t there. I know exactly what happened. You don’t. In fact I never left my seat when he was acting as chair. Nor did my brother. In fact we did not leave our seats while the meeting was in session at all. Nor did we speak. Ask anyone reliable who was there.

    You say that you know that I threatened to sue: “Close, Turner, Kirkland, the former CAO, the clerk, the professional engineers, the Wiarton echo, the former MPW, Wunderlich, the EDC chairman and the town.”

    It is possible that my private comments may have been interpreted as a threat to sue Keith Gilbert at the Wiarton Echo (for printing your stupid, defamatory “denialist” letter), and it’s possible that I said something to an EDC member (though not really a threat of a lawsuit) about possible legal action, but for the rest of the list you are just making up more stupid lies, unsubstantiated claims, your usual fabrications. I did not even threaten to sue the former CAO, although I still might. (Sue that is, not threaten.)

    Show us some evidence that I threatened to sue the “Professional Engineers”. I have had no contact with the “Professional Engineers” for over twenty years, so I am really looking forward to seeing the evidence.

    And I am looking forward to seeing your evidence that I threatened to sue Wunderlich, and the former MPW, and Turner, and Kirkland, and the Town.

    (Hearsay doesn’t count.)

    And show us some evidence that I threatened to sue “Close”. (and don’t count my commentary words “If we sue the dark side leader and maybe others …” as a threat of a lawsuit.)

    Your standing in the hall of shame (you are currently in third place) depends on your response.


    • Alice says:

      Did somebody say smoke?
      I can’t wait to hear the ‘rest of the story’…
      Alice (in underland)

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      A man wiser than me, which makes him a order of magnitude wiser than you, said: “Never explain, your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”

      Only in third place? I must put more effort into this.

      the Martian

      • cgammie says:


        A wiser man than you I can believe. An order of magnitude wiser than I? How many orders wiser than you?

        And yes great wise one, “A man wiser than I” is correct.

        As for the hall of shame, you were in third place before your response. You responded to none of my claims that you lied. I would say that my claims stand. That moves you closer to second place. But to move ahead of Rhonda and/ or John you will have to do better.


      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        You really should have taken my advice and shut up Craig!

        Marty? Please don’t use the diminutive and presume friendship. It would mean you don’t need explanation when clearly you just don’t deserve it.

        “A man (or in your case, a truthtwister) wiser than I am” would be correct and more in keeping with your wordy nature.

        Why would I consider responding to your claims?
        Was I too obtuse with “Never explain, your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”
        Nope – hardly anything over two syllables there – it must be you!

        But in the interest of truth Craig, I’ll just point out that anyone can listen to you threaten to sue the Town on the recording of the May 17 council meeting. I believe, to be specific, the threat was only to be made good if council passed the budget. They passed it, did you file or was it, like you, just an empty threat?

        Old martian dictionary: truthtwister – noun see semi-human who can’t spell “gist”….. also see denialist.

        That better? I feel second place should be mine now.

        the Martian

      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        Correction – I was, as usual, thinking ahead.
        April 17 Council for all who wish to confirm for themselves that Craig is a truthtwister!

  6. beachweezy says:

    If <adouchebagnamedturner< posts are indeed Jim Turner's and not a hoax, let me just say that I can't believe the stupidity of some people. I thought the multiple<lawsuits< and <threats of lawsuits< brought a bad name to SB but this takes the cake. An elected council member who openly uses derogatory comments about his town, his mayor and other elected officials and then become sanctimonious when writing to the local newspapers is the epitemy of idiocy and not bravery as he would like you to believe. Simply incredible

    • Alice says:

      This is the initial step in mayor close’s ‘community based strategic plan’. First order of business – better communication with residents. Quit chewing, at least we have a councillor who is willing to post here. It is what it is….
      alice (without M)

    • 2censworth says:

      I ‘m ok with anonymity, but I do not agree with impersonation.

    • jetman45 says:

      jetman45 said,

      October 27, 2010 at 9:19 pm


      “Jim, the Echo will be <lonely< without your regular letter"
      For some reason I feel sure the letter pages of the Echo won’t be “lonely” for long!
      My intention when writing to the paper was always to inform, entertain and encourage others to present their point of view.
      I happily turn that enjoyable task over to you or anyone else willing to put themselves out there as it seems I have been given the chance to “walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes”.

      Can you really believe for even one second that wasn’t a hoax?
      I can assure you that if I ever go off my rocker it won’t involve words on a blog!

      Still here, still Jim

      • jetman45 says:

        I should also have said thanks to Bruce for removing from his site a series of comments that obviously crossed a line between anonymity and impersonation.
        Thanks also to 2censworth for defining the line, Alice for the kind phone call and Cuvava for her outrage.


      • ablankityblanknamedblankityblank says:


        B-b-but, I didn’t say a name. I-I d-didn’t say a name!

        Can you suck and blow at the same time? If, as you say, the views expressed weren’t yours, how can you say it was meant to be you?

        It must have been somebody else!

        Read your own words, everywhere, Marty!

        You forgot to thank the tinker, tailor, and candlestick maker.

  7. beachweezy says:

    My biggest fear is that scammie gammie will pursue his lawsuit(s) and correctly name me as the biggest contributor to the shitstorm, hence costing me more personally than everyone else combined.

    You don’t need anyone to <cost you personally<. You are doing a good job all by your own little self.

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      Don’t tell me you’re not as smart as 2censworth!
      Wake up and enjoy the fun someone(and there’s no doubt in my alien mind who) is having at your expense.

      the Martian

  8. beachweezy says:

    I don’t who’s who anymore… people signing in under different nicks however, I’ll be the bigger person. Jim, if you are reading this and I offended you by believing that you would stoop that low, I apologize. I may not agree with everything you do or say, but you have the right to your opinion and actions.

    • Here Here Mr. Speaker!


    • jetman45 says:

      No problem – I understand your confusion. I was lucky enough not to be fooled since I knew all along it wasn’t me!

      After a conversation with Bruce about the hoax postings, he was kind enough to remove them, not entirely because he knew they did not represent my views but also because allthe annonymous posters here deserve his protection from imposters.
      You should know that Bruce and I share a relationship based on, as he terms it, mutual disrespect. On the other hand, I prefer to believe that deep down under his rough, tough, unforgiving, unyielding, mercenary exterior lies a heart……….of some kind!

      Funny thing though – every time I talk to Bruce I find myself humming “Life ain’t easy for a boy named sue”.


      • ablankityblanknamedblankityblank says:


        You said,

        Funny thing though – every time I talk to Bruce I find myself humming “Life ain’t easy for a boy named sue”

        Understandable, coming from you.

        One should only use taxpayers’ funds (and shamelessly vote to continue to do so) to pursue vexatious, frivolous, meritless lawsuits.

        I’m pleased that you can spell “gist.” However, there mere thought of “annonymous” must have shivered ye timbers, no?

        forever yours,

        the tinker, the tailor, the candlestick maker

      • amartiannamedsmith says:

        The time has come the walrus said
        To speak of many ……Ah screw it! You’re too easy.
        You can’t even get who you’re quoting right so you’re not worth my time – or anyone elses.
        Go pick another name to play with. Why not try “Yourself”!
        At least the real Jim, and to give credit where credit is due, Craig, have the manparts to wave annonymity.

        Even me
        Mike Smith
        the Martian

  9. Bruce,

    I would like to reply to your “scolding” of dirtbagjimbo, but the nature of wordpress won’t let me reply directly without establishing a new account, and it’s not something I’m inclined to do, so the twitter option will have to suffice.

    I understand that I’m new here and that I have very little “cred”, so to speak, but I’d like to express my opinion on the matter, regardless.

    I’ve been following the blog for a couple of months. I saw a story on reddit or digg and decided to check it out, since I am a resident of the town. Albeit a casual follower of the politics involved.

    I missed the kerfuffle with someone “impersonating” Councilor Turner, so I don’t know how mean spirited that post was, but I think it must have been over the line, since it was deleted. And I don’t know if you changed dirtbag’s comment, so I can’t address whether it was over the line.

    But in all honesty, I can’t see how dirtbag’s comment is any more severe than anything the martian guy has said about Craig. I don’t know if you have ever “scolded” the martian over the course of three years, but it appears to me that he often wields a vile and derisive knife and gets free reign.

    I realise that it’s your blog and that you are the sole moderator, and I commend you in that regard. It certainly isn’t a task that I would ever choose to undertake.

    However, the link that dirtbagjimbo provided to the callie cornfield posts also shows you scolding her for comments. And yet, the martian, whose comments on that page were also vile and derisive, escaped unscathed. And even though I haven’t read 95% percent of the blog, it seems to me that he just continues with the insults, especially towards Craig. And whoever else he doesn’t agree with.

    So, I’m not even suggesting that the martian should be reigned in, just that fair is fair. Goose and gander and all that jazz.

    Thank you for listening.


    • Ralph
      Thank you for your input!
      You are right I do have a tendency to give a fair amount of space to the Martian. What you don’t see is the face to face grinding I give him on a regular basis.

      The Martian and I have a mutual disrespect for each other, but I will say that when I was in need he was there and no one else would pick up the ball and as a subsequent he has gained some wiggle room. Now that does not mean I support everything he writes says or does it only means I let him get away with some things that are perhaps more than I would allow others.

      As for Craig, I talk to him regularly and I do give him as much or more slack than I give the Martian. There are a number of things that Craig and I disagree on as with the Martian. But I respect Craigs determination and candor!

      The dirtbag on the other hand, went too far! I do not know who he is albeit I do get a kcik out of his direct approach. I did receive a number of phone calls regarding his Rich Little escapades and decided that it was out of line and deleted his posts.

      When my readers make a point I pay attention to them as a rule.

      I do appreciate your contributions and hope one day that we can have a coffee and perhaps agree to disagree on things as well as compare notes.


    • dirtbagjimbo says:


      I have zero issues with how Bruce runs this blog. He has warned me, and I can accept that and attempt to modify my behaviour
      Further to this, Bruce has indicated that the lawsuit thus far has cost him tens of thousands of dollars. I am certain that he will legally recoup the dollars, as will the other wrongly-served “defendants” (ultimately at taxpayers’ expense (thanks again, Jim!)), but he and the others may never recoup the lost sleep, frazzled nerves, uncertainty, and public humiliation caused by this worthless, misguided mission, spearheaded by the too-stupid (Alice’s words!) councillor.

      In this sense, the “scolding”, as you call it, has the “appearance” of Bruce being a bit gun shy. However, as the internet meme goes:
      “Bruce, I *see* what you did, there!” (wink, wink)

      I have tweeted you a link to the “impersonation” posts. I backup this blog on a daily basis, so *nothing* is permanently deleted. The internet never forgets.

      Whilst I am surprised that anyone considered the parody an “impersonation”, what is more telling is the fact that some readers actually thought it was the councillor. Which is extremely telling. However, the councillor is certain to consider the loud “whoosh” over his head to be a jet aeroplane, and dismiss the readers as dummies, demonstrating the same disdain and contempt he has for the taxpayers as a whole.

      The fact that the martian (the councillor) is *special* matters not. He’s like that old fart in the corner at family gatherings, you know, the one with the drool and spittle on his face. The one with Tourette’s Syndrome, who calls himself Uncle Mike, but is actually Uncle Jim? He’s soiled himself, but we’re not concerned because the VON will be by in a couple of days to clean him up? Yeah, that’s him.

      Seriously though, Ralph. Who do you think is most affected by his words on this blog? It’s almost sad that an elected councillor can be that pathetic and not see the damage he has done to himself.

      I said, *almost* sad.

      So don’t concern yourself with Bruce and I. I’m just a troll (or counter troll, or anti-troll, however you wish to call it.) My sole purpose is to counter the councillor troll, and if Bruce *censors* my attempts, then it’s up to me to try, try again.


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