The Airport Flies Again!

Tis an interesting note that the Town of South Bruce Peninsula is prepared to let the airport go to Georgian Bluffs for a lagoon!

Who says the Wiarton Airport isn’t worth shit??

Georgian Bluffs got 800 acres of land and an International Airport license for shit!!

Yes over the years the airport has cost us all bucks! But to give it away to the Evil Empire for some dirt seems to be a little one-sided for a deal.

Just two years ago Mayor Gwen Gilbert secured an offer of $2,000,000 for the Airport and Georgian Bluffs killed the deal. Gee I wonder why??

Wow 800 acres and a chunk of dirt along Highway 6 with an international airport for a lagoon and highway frontage. HMMMMMMMMMMM! What the hell is our council thinking??

To rent a hanger at Buttonville Airport will cost you about 25 grand a year. Do the math!

Godda hand it to Mayor Barfoot, he hooked a live one with the last election in Wiarton. Stupid is as Stupid does!!

The deal is not done but it appears that it is going to be. That is if we let it.
The mayor of the Evil Empire brags about getting Westjet to fly to Wiarton. This will give us benefit. Jobs and tourists and another way to get people here. This is a good thing!

Fact of the matter is that Georgian Bluffs will get the taxes either way.

I think we are missing the boat! The airport is a great asset in the long hall if it is worked properly.
We will get the floor scraps if this deal is completed but I guess that is better than what we get now!