Craig’s Commentary Volume 2 Number 28

Re: June 19, 2012 Council Agenda

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Following are some comments on a few select agendas items.

7.2 Marie Wilson, Nuclear Waste Management Organization-Deep Geological
Repository Project

The Nuclear Waste Management Association is looking for a place to put its high level radioactive waste, including spent fuel, and also its low level radioactive waste. Mike Smith, Mayor of Saugeen Shores (Port Elgin, Southampton area) is keen to take the waste in Saugeen Shores. But the people of Saugeen Shores are mostly vehemently opposed.

So Ms. Marie Wilson, of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, is going around to Towns near Saugeen Shores and is looking for some support for Mayor Smith.

The purpose of her delegation to TSBP council on Tuesday June 19th is to try to get support for Mayor Smith from TSBP council.

TSBP council should not be taking a position on whether Saugeen Shores takes the Nuclear waste, and certainly should not be taking a position in support of Mike Smith. TSBP council represents the people of TSBP on local issues only. It would be fraudulent for TSBP to take a position on Nuclear Waste in Saugeen Shores. It would be fraudulent for TSBP council to say they represent the people of TSBP on this issue, or that they represent the views of the people of TSBP on this issue.

The people of TSBP can speak directly to the decision makers on this issue.

It is also improper that Marie Wilson of the Nuclear Waste Management Association is given 20 minutes to present while citizens of TSBP get only ten minutes, and that’s if they can get on the agenda at all.

I am opposed to dumping any Nuclear waste anywhere in Bruce County.

8.1 JACKSON07-2012 Sauble-Amabel Water System

Those on town water systems have been of flat monthly rates from the start. Starting May 1, everyone had to pay by the cubic meter. The bills people got for their May water use are so high that some cannot pay and have been forced to put their homes up for sale.

The situation is unacceptable.

People using the small water systems in the Sauble area were put in the high cost situation, both high capital cost, and high operating cost, by decisions made in about 2004 – 2006 by the council of 2002 – 2006, which was led by Mayor Carl Noble. The very costly systems were not necessary but were shoved through by Mayor Noble and his council supporters even though they knew or at least should have known that the projects were unnecessary and that the high capital costs and high operating costs would have the crippling financial impact on people that we are now seeing.

In the council of 2002 – 2006, three councillors, namely Gilbert, Varley, and Harron, were opposed to the costly water projects. I believe that the others, namely Wunderlich, Fulford, Kirkland, Close, and Hoath, were in support.

Noble, Wunderlich, Hoath, and Fulford are out of the picture, so it’s not much use asking them to help fix the problem they helped create.

But Close and Kirkland are still in the picture. And small water users would be justified in saying to Mayor Close and Councillor Kirkland “You helped create this mess… you need to make a very special effort to fix it!”

Councillor Jackson has introduced a motion to go back to the flat monthly rates while saner minds figure out how to sort this out without people being forced from their homes.

Council should support Councillor Jackson’s motion. Voting against Councillor Jackson’s motion will be rightly seen as callous disregard for the users of town water. Voting against Councillor Jackson’s motion will be seen as throwing people out of their homes over a problem that the water users did not create and were not at fault for.

9.1 Waterpower Group, Power Station at Park Head Dam-Support Resolution (June 5,

In my commentary 2-27, I indicated that the Waterpower Group request for a supporting resolution was based on false information. The information, provided by Waterpower Group, that the rule is that applicants whose projects receive the formal support of municipalities will be awarded priority points, is categorically false. There is at this point no such rule. It is a proposed rule, a draft rule, but it is not the rule.

A motion in the June 19 agenda repeats and is based on the falsehood. The motion in the agenda says:

“AND WHEREAS pursuant to the rules governing the FIT Program (the FIT Rules), applicants whose projects receive the formal support of municipalities will be awarded priority points, which may result in the Applicant being offered a FIT contract prior to other persons applying for FIT contracts;”

(FIT means Feed in Tariff). The motion must fail. And staff should not even be considering a motion in support of the Waterpower Group proposal until the Waterpower Group submits an apology for sending false information and sends truthful information. And council needs a lot of answers about the proposed project before it provides any kind of supporting resolution.


Craig’s Commentary Volume 2 Number 29

Re: July 17, 2012 Council Agenda

The pdf version of the full agenda package is at:

An Html version is at:

Following are some comments on a few select agendas items.

Agenda Item 5.1 Public Notice-Council Composition

Here is an excerpt from the notice:

“The Town of South Bruce Peninsula will hold a public meeting at the Wiarton Arena (526 Taylor Street) on Monday July 30, 2012 at 7:00 pm to consider the way Council is elected in the 2014 Municipal Election. ….
Council will be considering three options:
• All members elected at large with a composition of one Mayor and Four Councillors
• All members elected at large with a composition of one Mayor, one Deputy Mayor and five Councillors
• Continuing with the current ward system”

Agenda Item 8.1 DC08-2012 R-501-2012 re DC07-2012 Municipal Policing Costs (Preliminary Report)

The staff recommendation is that “Mr. Gervais be invited to attend an upcoming Council session to discuss the requirement of the Police Services Act and policing options.”

This would be a good idea if “Mr. Gervais” is a competent unbiased expert that could help decide among policing options. Unfortunately the agenda does not say who Mr. Gervais is.

Agenda Item 8.3 CBO31-2012 Consent to Sever Land-File B48-2012.54 (Fedy)

A zoning change will be requested on the grounds that “historical fill” has raised the land above the water table and so it should no longer be zoned Environmental Hazard. The change should be declined pending evidence that fill put into the lot was done legally. If not the fill should be removed.

Agenda Item 8.7 EDO14-2012 Mid-Year Economic Development Update

This item is worth reading. There are several legitimate economic development projects on the go. But of concern is the number of economic development initiatives under way that are not legitimate per the Municipal Act sections that define what economic development services a municipality can be involved in. These illegitimate economic development services activities cost money. Meaning higher taxes than they otherwise would be. Meaning poorer residents.

Meaning residents already on the edge, and already hit by a five year 38 per cent increase in taxes, and (some) already hit by as much as a one thousand per cent increase in water bills, and many looking at the threat of a $50,000 Sauble sewers bill, will simply lose their homes.

No one should lose their home. Council must control economic development services to what is permitted by law.

Agenda Item 16.2 Pat Varley Correspondence-Amabel-Sauble Water System History and Costing Report (August 23, 2011)

Almost 12 months ago Pat Varley asked some simple questions about the costs of the Sauble area municipal water systems. I would not expect answers anytime. People can find out why costs are so high from reports on my website Craig’s website

Agenda Item 16.13 CLK29-2012 Wiarton BIA (April 3, 2012)

The description of this item is: “Review of BIA by-law and report to Council”.

The BIA has been out of control for a long time. On April 3 Chris Thomas and John Close took on the task of making recommendations to fix the situation. Three and a half months later and they haven’t even looked. Excuse given? They haven’t been to a BIA meeting. Real reason? Chris and John don’t want to find fault with their BIA buddies. They had no intention of looking. Give the job to someone capable of doing it.

Agenda Item 16.20 Direction from Closed-Sauble Beach Development (July 3, 2012)

The description of this item in the agenda is “Obtain a legal opinion regarding the Dynamic Beach By-Law”. Translation: “Find out from a lawyer if provision 4 of the dynamic beach by-law (no driving vehicles on the beach) applies to the Sauble Beach Development Corporation Property between fifth and sixth west of lakeshore.”

Here’s the issue. The dynamic beach by-law clearly covers the property defined above. Joe Szewczyk has been driving on the beach on the property defined above, in clear contravention of the by-law. Several requests to enforce the by-law (charge Joe) have been made to by-laws officer Hopkins and to the OPP (who are supposed to enforce by-laws after hours). Joe has issued a no trespassing notice (not an order) to the town regarding the property. John Close, without authority from council or anyone else, has instructed the by-laws officer and the police not to enforce the by-law against Joe. Remarkably the police, who are supposed to be independent of council influence, have complied with John Close’s instruction. Meanwhile Joe continues to flaunt the by-law with some impunity. Not complete impunity as a citizen has had Joe charged (it’s in court July 23).

So what is the town doing? Asking a lawyer if it’s OK for the bylaws officer or the police to charge Joe. Ludicrous. Because the answer to that question is already known. Of course they can charge Joe. They have an obligation to charge Joe. Will he be found guilty? The answer to that is to take Joe to court, not ask a lawyer.

Council should not spend any more taxpayers money on useless legal opinions. John Close should quit interfering with law enforcement before he ends up in jail. The police and by-laws officers should start doing their jobs. The police and by-laws officers should start answering to the law and not to politicians. And everyone should let the courts do the judging.