So I have not been posting!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Yes I have not been posting!!
Between Duffy’s and the Lodge and the litigation I haven’t had time!! Sorry!
I will try harder to make time for the blog!
Frankly there has not been a hell of a lot to talk about in the Political front other than the normal bickering!
The election is not far out and things will change!!

Wecome to the Son of Turner who is arriving in Wiarton this week!!



11 thoughts on “So I have not been posting!!

  1. Bruce would that be son of Judas.

  2. Jabba says:

    Bruce The Blight … ha, ha, ha!!!

    The water rate fiasco that filled the council chambers on June 19 was and continues to be worthy of discussion. The residents are getting really pissed off and are organizing themselves. I believe there is a ratepayer meeting on Saturday, July 14, 1:30pm, at the Sauble school. All persons concerned or affected by the “highway robbery” concocted by the town should try to attend.

    Then there are the ongoing litigations that the town is inolved in but won’t provide any information about, even in general terms. How many litigations is this town and council currently involved in, what are their general nature and status? Off the top of my head there is … Schnurr vs TSBP, Davidson vs TSBP, TSBP vs Genivar (fiddlehead), Gammie vs BIA, Gammie vs Turner. There are probably more … wasted tax dollars and fat legal bills. Even though it makes me sick to my stomach, I still believe the residents footing the bills should be provided with at least a general idea of how many litigations are being funded and what for.

    There is the ongoing battle betweed SBDC, the Pine Grove Park Asssociation, and the Town washing their hands of the whole affair. The “No Tresspass” order against the town, alone, should be worthy of comment.

    I believe the plovers now have two nesting areas on the beach; got to be some opinions on that … for me that means less room for filthy tourists … just check out the garbage (inluding cigarette butts, diapers, and just about any other disgusting thing you can think of) left on the beach the morning after a long weekend … left by tourist pigs who don’t give a shit about keeping the beach clean. Abuse it and leave the garbage for the locals to clean up (yep, let’s encourage more of those types to come to our neck of the woods).

    Last, but I not least, I noticed a cheque #029577 in the May 1, 2012 Cheque Distribution Report to HR-FUSION, Inc. in the amount of $7,643.19. The description beside the detail PROFESSIONAL FEES item shows (SEWER & WATER STUDY). What does a HR company have to do with the Sewer and Water study? Is this another bit of trickery from council and/or staff?

    The election is still too far away to take the foot off the gas pedal and ride this one out. We must continue to expose ineptitudes, conspiracies, misakes, bad decisions, and keep up pressure on this council to start acting in the best interests of the people who pay taxes here.

    Good to see you posting again and to know that the town has not ‘shut down this blight on the community’.


  3. Bikeatthebeach, feel free to go eat yourself.

    Yes, I made it. Now then, just WHERE the Hell did those stoplights come from? I knew the public school was gone, but it still gave me a sad feeling when I pulled into Timmy’s.

    THEN I hear that some moronic government agency introduced something called a “fisher” to the local wildlife…

    I guess nothing was learned from earwigs, starlings, or any other of the short-sighted stupidity that passes for government wisdom…

    • Here in United Socialist Republic of Ontario you shall be happy and allow those wiser from Toronto and London take care of your needs for they konow what is best!!
      Our Good buddy Mr. Close wiss dictate any thing for the common good!!!
      YOu shall obey or we will enforce to make al things well!!!


    • Spend a hundred bucks and get your name changed so you can get some self respect back.

  4. cuvava says:

    Now that appear that the dust is settle,can we talk about money ???

    Since C.A.O. and the M.O.P.W. are no longer employees of the Town but were included in the 2012 budget and that is approximately $ 300 thousand + it would be interesting to know if and in which town’s project that money will go

  5. Unlike many who post to this blog (such as….hmmm….YOU, for instance), I take pride in my name. Any self respect issues I may (or may not) have would hardly be attributable to the name I voluntarily give out when I post here. I am Jon TURNER, the son of Jim TURNER. Have YOU got a name, or are you simply proud to be known as “bike”?

    After being back here on the Bruce for three weeks now, I can attest that while the old man and I don’t always agree on everything, we can still maintain a mutual respect, and I still have NO problem acknowledging him as my father or signing with the same surname.

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