I have an Idea!!

Bruce the Blight

Bein as most up here has gots a chain saw or two kickin round, I was a thinkin that we could all get ta gether an cut a trench from Owen Sound down ta Southampton. Say about a mile wide!

When we get this done, we could declare independence and use the wind turbines ta move Bruce south ta where it is warm. Be great fer the tourist as they wont have as far ta drive.

All the sewage p[roblems would be solved as we would leaqve a trail behind as we moved south.
Hell we could turm the turbines in the opposite direction an move back here in the summer months and south inthewin ter, shave shit loads oon gas as we wouldn’t havta drive our cars south.

This would probably conform to the Green Energy Act and we would get funding from the Pinko’s in Taronna.

The bes part is we could call our new found Country Bruce cause I is parshal ta the name!!!

Old Carl and the boys would have their Turbines an we wouldn’t have ta put up with all the hot air up here in da winter!!!

We could make it a tax haven an get all them folks hidin money from the revnuers ta invest up here an we wouldn’t be payin HST.

Hell of a plan!!!! Eh!!!!!

We could even cut loose “Super Close” and the boys when we got south and leavem dere!!!

At 20% productivity and .64 per Kwt hour we could resell it ta the Mericqans an make a fortune. Course our great grand children will be payin da bill so who cares!!!

I is a thinkin it would be a hell of a deal!!!

McDinky motto “Do as I say” cause if you don’t I will do it anyway!!!!!

Git out to the meetin and stop this stupidity!!!!!



Craig’s Commentary 6 August 2012

Re: August 7, 2012 Council Agenda
The pdf version of the full agenda package is at:
An Html version is at:
Following are some comments on a few select agendas items.
Agenda Item 4.4 Litigation or potential litigation including matters before
administrative tribunals affecting the municipality or local board (Native Land Claim)
This item should not be in closed session. It’s important for the people of the Town of
South Bruce Peninsula to know about the native land claim. There is absolutely no
justification for keeping the people of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula in the dark.
This item should be in “open”.
Agenda Item 8.1 FS37-2012 Water Meter Readings for June
In May Chief Financial Officer Tracey Neifer put in place water rates that were illegal
and unethical. In Sauble, the “May Rates” were at least ten times higher than the cost to
treat and pump the water. People were at risk of losing their homes.
Because the “May Rates” were so unacceptable, starting June 1 council put Sauble billing
back to the old flat rate of $83 per month until a defensible metered rate could be
developed. Wiarton billing stayed on the Wiarton “may rates” which were lower than
those in Sauble.
Agenda item 8.1 is misnamed. It appears to be about meter readings, but it’s really about
water rates.
In her report FS37-2012 Tracey Neifer analyses the implications of the following rate
structure for Sauble:
 No base rate
 Up to 18 cubic meters – $.90 per cubic meter
 Anything over 18 cubic meters – $4.11 per cubic meter
Ms. Neifer’s conclusion is that at these rates there would be a monthly deficit of $20,000.
She is correct.
But the report adds nothing to the discussion, because nobody is seriously considering or
proposing the rate structure above, or even anything close to the rate structure above.
The rate proposal seems to have been put in the report as a meaningless straw man
argument, placed by Ms. Neifer just so she could knock it down.
Agenda Item 8.5 FS41-2012 Opt Out of Business Tax Capping
The town wants to lobby the Ontario government into allowing the town to ignore the
provinces Business Tax Cap.
This is a waste of time. The cap was put in to protect certain businesses. The province
won’t likely take that away from the ones that are benefitting just for some municipal
treasurer’s “convenience”.
Agenda Item 8.6 BOWMAN37-2012 Policy for Wind Turbines
There is lots and lots of evidence that the provincial government’s minimum setback
standard (turbine to residence) of 550 meters is grossly inadequate for prevention of
adverse health effects.
The federal government acknowledged this and have begun a health-effects study.
The provincial government says that as long as the minimum setback is applied, there are
no adverse health effects.
The provincial government is wrong. The provincial government is in denial. The
provincial government stand is outrageous.
Applications have been filed with the Ontario Government to install 275 turbines on the
Bruce Peninsula, almost half of them in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.
There must be a moratorium on new turbines until the health effects can be properly
Wind turbine developers can get Provincial approval without municipal support, but it is
very difficult.
That’s why the wind turbine developers will be asking councils to support their windmill
Council must deny these requests when they come.
Council should also consider very restrictive by-laws, per the Bowman proposal.
Agenda Item 8.9 EDC04-2012 Strategic Plan Committee
The Economic Development Committee wants Council to form a strategic plan steering
committee to carry out the implementation part of the strategic plan.
The request is just an attempt to get this new “steering committee” populated by members
of the Economic Development Committee so that they can “steer” staff into
implementing the agenda of the Economic Development Committee, (which is not the
town’s agenda, and which is contrary to the town’s agenda).
Staff work for the town, not the members of the economic development committee, and
not to any committee.
Council should keep it that way.
Council should deny the EDC