Long Time No Write

Yes it has been a while!

The last year was a roller coaster ride for me and as a result I failed to write or pay attention for the matter to this blog and my readers!

Sorry about that but shit happens!

I have been reluctant to write as during the last year every comment made has been scrutinized by my lawyer as a possible problem as it relates to the outstanding lawsuit with the town and Rhonda.

Well that is enough now!

The lawsuit launched by the town against this blog, through Rhonda Cook under the guise of protecting her is alive and well and on going.

Gammie and the Littles settled with Rhonda, Rhonda has settled with the town and I remain on the hook for my sins of speaking out.

The light at the end of the tunnel is Examinations are scheduled for mid April and I will be publishing answers in this forum as I receive them from the other side.

It will be nice to know what the arrangement is between Rhonda and the town and how many tax dollars has been wasted to shut me up.

No I have not been posting! No I am not afraid! Yes I am continuing to fight on a different level.

The fact remains that as a result of my posting I have lost 16 weeks at Duffys because of red tape created. This translatesĀ  into $700,000 in lost sales.

I have paid double building permit fees for Duffys. Every thing done was legal. BetterĀ error on the side of caution!!!

The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings!