Re: June 4, 2013 Council Agenda (Craig’s Commentary 3-16)

The pdf version of the full agenda package is at:

An Html version is at:

I have no particular concerns about any agenda item. (That’s a first.)

There are however a few items of interest.

Agenda item 8.5 MLEO06-2013 Power of Entry

The staff recommendation is:

“Pass By-Law as presented to allow Officers to perform their lawful duty to enter and to inspect in order to confirm or deny any alleged infraction of Town by-laws.”

I believe this by-law is necessary. I hope the privilege of entry will not be abused or used for ulterior or improper purpose. No power of entry by-law can permit fishing trips. You need reasonable grounds to go on a property.

Agenda item 7.2 3:00 pm Victoria Serda, Community Foundation Grey Bruce-Eva Leflar Memorial Tree Planting Grant

Everyone wants money from the treasury. Council needs to be reminded that the money in the treasury is not theirs. It belongs to the residents.

Council should respond accordingly.

Closed session agenda item 4.5 Litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board AND Advice that is subject to solicitor client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose (Litigation Update)

On November 20, 2012 a resolution was passed banning me from town hall property. The pretext for the ban was the false allegations that I had commenced legal proceedings (plural) against the town and that I had deliberately and willfully tried to record a closed session.

I immediately applied to the superior court of justice to have the illegal resolution quashed.

On May 23rd Judge Clayton Conlan of the Superior Court of Justice issued an order that I am to be permitted to attend council meetings again.  So I will attend the June 4 council meeting.

I expect the court order is at least part of the “litigation update” closed agenda item.



4 thoughts on “Re: June 4, 2013 Council Agenda (Craig’s Commentary 3-16)

  1. thewackyone says:

    Power of entry by-law . Is this the towns response to people sending notices to Genivar, to prevent Genivar from coming on their property to do the septic inspections. I suspect that it is exactly that. I know of several property owners who have sent notices to Genivar and many others who intend to do so.

    • cgammie says:


      The power of entry by-law proposed by staff was rejected by council June 4.

      But your concern is still absolutely valid.

      It’s not really Genivar that we need to be worried about. The Genivar people understand that they need to do the inspections according to the Ministry guidleine.

      It is town staff we need to be worried about.

      It is staff that are insisting that they need to have the power to come looking for problems.

      It is town staff claiming they already have entry powers that they do not have.

      The concern is that Genivar reports to staff.

      I still have a no trespass notice out on staff. It will be effective until the septic inspection by-law is made right.

      I have not yet decided whether to rescind my no trespass notice that I served on Genivar.


  2. Alice says:

    Great News Craig!
    I am glad the judge sided with you and against the idiots at town hall.
    Was the act of banning you from council illegal? What was the reasoning behind his judgement?

    • cgammie says:

      The judge did not make a formal judgment. That Judge convinced both parties to try to resolve the matter out of court. The judge ordered council to have a special meeting to consider and decide whether to keep the resolution that banned me. The judge ordered that the council provide reasons for their decision. The judge ordered that the resolution banning me from council meetings be suspended until council provides its decision and reasons. The judge made it clear that if the matter is not resolved out of court to my satisfaction, then the matter would go right back to court and the judge would decide.

      The special meeting will be very public.

      Shennanigans will be revealed.


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