John Close Is Running For Bruce County Warden: Residents of Bruce County – Hang On To Your Wallets (Craig Gammie 3-20)

TSBP taxes are up at least twenty per cent in the three years that John Close has been mayor.  The increase is not all due to Mr. Close’s shenanigans, but much of it is.

 Some of the increase is a direct result of Mr. Close dipping his greedy little hands into the treasury to pay for his personal legal expenses.  Some of the increase is for paying personal legal expenses of others, which Mr. Close supports.  Some is due to giveaways to the Chambers, which Mr. Close supported.  And charging all TSBP residents to fix the Oliphant water plant, and giving $60,000 more each year to the Sauble school than required by our agreement, etc, etc.

 Now Mr. Close wants to be Bruce County Warden.

 I guess he wants to see how much damage he can do there.

 Watch your Bruce County taxes go through the roof.

 And hang on to your wallets.

 Craig Gammie


One thought on “John Close Is Running For Bruce County Warden: Residents of Bruce County – Hang On To Your Wallets (Craig Gammie 3-20)

  1. cuvava says:

    John Divinski’s June 28 article said:

    “He [Close] says he sees two main challenges in the future and one them is low water levels and its effects on Bruce County harbours.

    Close says for years, they’ve been moving people and cargo through the county’s harbours and now it just seems to be going to waste.”

    Mr. Close:

    If you are as you say so concerned about the low level of the lakes then you as a warden if elected would do something about it. That is very nice Mr. Close. I as a resident of your town would suggest to you that you should start right at home . The picture that is posted here

    is the meeting that took place in Sauble Beach community center on June 8th, 2013, organized by Friends of Sauble Beach and Oliphant . It was about lake levels and the study done up to date, and was attended by large number of your residents and various provincial agencies. Mr. Close,during question period someone asked “ where is our mayor “ ? Yes where were you Mr. Warden wannabe, and why did not you send any of your councillors to that important meeting ?

    Ana Vukovic

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